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Disney 2015 - Part Four!

Oh, what a lazy day it is when we have to pack up and say goodbye to this happy place. No one ever wants to get out of bed. There are several reasons for this, haha. But mostly, the realization that we have to go back to the "real world" makes us linger just a little bit longer.

So that's what we do. We linger as long as we possibly can on our last day. I like to try to book one more experience for us before we leave so that there is something to look forward to. This year we were set to have brunch at 1900 Park Fare, a restaurant inside of the the Grand Floridian Resort.

The Grand Floridian is a deluxe resort, and it's the deluxe of the deluxe, ifyouknowwhatimean. In other words...we ain't ever staying here. :) But, we can visit! That's the great thing about staying on property at Disney. You can hop around to any resort you want to check things out, eat at the's great.

This also happens to be the resort that the Tanner family stayed in on those Full House episodes, and once we walked through the doors we had to find that piano that Uncle Jesse serenaded Becky with. ;)

As soon as Eric saw it he said, "Don't touch that!" Apparently he has more of an inkling of what this thing is worth. ;) So imagine the horror....

Whoopsy daisy, Mr. Reagan. Let's just step away from the Steinway....

This really is a beautiful resort, harkening back to the Victorian Era. During the holiday season, this is the place you can find the giant gingerbread house that is featured on the travel and food channels all the time. If we are ever here for Christmas, we will definitely make a special trip over to check that out!

But we weren't here just to take in the sites. We were ready for Mary Poppin's Supercalifragilistic Breakfast! (That is really what it's called. Ha!)

Antique carousel decor and a huge band organ continue the Victorian feel in the restaurant. It's sort of...upscale whimsical, if that's a thing! Of course everything at Disney is kid friendly. It was almost a comical contradiction when we were in these surroundings and then these guys started coming out!

At the Supercalifragilistic breakfast we met the Mad Hatter, Alice, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and of course, Miss Mary Poppins herself! Our kids had NO idea what to do with the Mad Hatter. He really is a goofy guy, and they were speechless. Look at Reagan, like...what? :D Who is this dude?

But soon a big cuddly guy came around the corner, and our kids definitely knew what to do then!

 Now look at that face!

And there is my child...with no shoes on...just keeping it classy. 

Next up was Alice, and our girls immediately jumped up and started talking her ear off. She easily matched wits with them, super friendly and bubbly!

But soon she noticed that someone in the corner was trying to hide from her. Reagan was being shy in the booth and wouldn't come out to say hello.

Evie: He's just not that interested in you.
Alice: He's not interested in me?!
Evie: He's just not into princesses.
Alice: But you see, I'm not a princess!

And she proceeded to crawl into the booth with him. We were DYING.

Shy he was, but clearly enjoying this attention.

Reagan went scurrying under the table, and then Alice said, "Well that's not fair! I can't fit under there!"

Never ever in any character meet have we had someone get that animated with our kids. We were laughing so hard! Thank goodness Alice is NOT a princess, because obviously she doesn't have to be nearly as proper as they do. This may be my favorite meet yet!

If I were ever able to be a Disney face character, I'd be Alice. (And it's about the only one I could be, cause I'm short. Haha.)

Pretty soon this big guy came bouncing around the corner. 

Reagan LOVED him once again! Tigger swiped Reagan's Mario doll that he had been carrying around all week, and he ran away with it. We got it on video. :) All of the characters here were so playful! 

Finally, Miss Poppins herself came over for a visit, which was practically perfect in every way. ;) No, but really...adored her! She was so sweet with the girls.

We were able to tell her that we were having a "jolly holiday!"

The food here was pretty standard american fare, which was totally fine with me. Like many character meals, it was a buffet. In the evening you can come back to this same restaurant, and instead of these British characters, you will find Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Evil Stepmother and Anastasia and Drisella. I definitely want to come back for dinner sometime! I hear those step sisters are a hoot!

Although the food was traditional, there was one item on the menu that this restaurant is known for, and we had to try it. Strawberry soup!

I thought it was very good, Eric thought it was just okay, but Reagan couldn't get enough of it! It was thick and sweet and very...strawberry-y. Haha, you'll just have to come here sometime and try it for yourself!

After brunch we had just one more stop to make before leaving Disney property. We always let the kids pick out their souvenirs from the trip towards the end, so we were headed back to Downtown Disney to let them do a little shopping.

I have to stop everything here to gab about something at Downtown Disney that was so ingenious to me, it practically was magical. The parking garage. I'll tell you what. 

I'm sure this exists in other places in the world, but I had never seen it before, so I'm giving Disney ALL the credit, haha. When you pull into a normal parking garage, you might have to search a while for a spot...go up and down the rows, maybe even up a level or two before you can find a space. But in a Disney parking garage it "magically" tells you where to park. There is a sensor on every single space in that entire garage that can tell if there is a car parked there or not. So as you drive in, there are screens that tell you how many available spaces are open on each level, and then...there are screens on each row that tell you how many available spaces there are in that line. There is literally no searching for a spot. It was amazing! I just couldn't get over it. :D 

Downtown Disney is much more manageable during the day than at night. It's not nearly as crowded. It is, however, HOT. Haha. At least at the beginning of September, it is! So we made our way straight to the World of Disney store.

It takes a long time for our kids to choose just the right thing. :)

This kid may just need that hat for Christmas, because I thought it was adorable, haha! Reagan had a very hard time choosing between a Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear. He chose the Buzz...and then experienced his very first buyer's remorse on the way home and cried, "I want McQueen, I want McQueen!" It was a little sad, actually, and a little cute. I think he may be getting a McQueen for Christmas, too. :D Definitely made narrowing the list down easy!

The girls chose little animator doll sets. You know, anything with a bunch of tiny pieces is fabulous.

I love that so many of the people who work at this store look like they could be your grandpa. Some people "retire" and then go to work at Walmart. Then there are the brilliant people who "retire" to work at Disney. I'd choose that one. ;)

After this we made our way back to the magical parking garage and officially said our goodbyes. Oh, but wait! I almost forgot. That morning before we left our hotel, Eric called guest services and booked a little something that Disney calls a "bounce back offer." If you book your next trip before you leave your current one you can get a special deal. So.....

We are all set to come back next September! We're booked for free dining next year at Port Orleans Riverside (woot!) and because we actually know about this trip well advance, it's going to be one EPIC adventure at the World! :D Eeeee...I already can't wait, and practically have the whole thing planned already. So who's going to join us?? Haha!

So this year when we said, "See ya real soon!" we really meant it. Until next time!

Thank you so much for following along on our magical trip!

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