Thursday, September 3, 2015

Disney Week is Crazy

Hello there, friends! Checking in quickly today, because I do get so tired of neglecting the ole blog for too long. So...happy September!! :)

This week has been nutty. Anyone who has ever taken a trip before with a gaggle of small children knows how difficult it can be to get everything together. It's a chore...a huge chore. Well. Not only do I have the task of preparing our family of six for a vacation, but this vacation is a SECRET (for two more days) which means I have to sneak around to get anything accomplished. There are only certain hours of the day I can even think of packing anything. And trying to get the house clean and keep it clean without being able to remind the children WHY it's so important that the house stays clean, well...this week has been nutty. :)

Today is actually my big push to get the house spic and span from top to bottom, and tomorrow I focus on packing everything up, once and for all. We leave on Saturday morning, and that is when the kiddos will finally find out that we are going. Not only do we have the Disney portion of our vacation to worry about, but we also have the road trip part, which is an entirely different beast unto itself. But the snack bag packed!

This is what sits at my feet for over 16 hours in the van. I can just chuck things back at the children when they get too noisy. Thank the LORD for portable dvd players, that's all I'm gonna say.

I've been shopping till I drop on amazon, collecting all of our last minute items. (A baby pool float - a necessity, for sure!) I have spent the last few weeks tracking down just the right outfits for our adventures. We've sent our video camera off to be repaired and got it back. Woot! We are still holding our breath that a hitch or something gets here on time so we can fit all of our luggage and two double strollers in or on our vehicle - a vehicle that still needs to be cleaned, by the way. We've done A LOT, but there's still so much to do. I'm not used to this last minute stuff!

Added to the madness is the fact that Eric had to make a New York trip this week. When he told me last week that he would be gone for even a very small part of this one, I pouted big time and said "Don't even talk to me!!" Haha. But it was fine. We were fine. And Eric got to experience the US Open while he was there, which is pretty cool even for people who don't give a rip about sports.

Eric is probably going to make me delete this portion of the post, so if you get to read it, congrats! :) But I was cracking up yesterday when I got an urgent text from him letting me know that one of the dining reservations we've been scouting opened up.  (I missed it, by the way...apparently dining reservation openings don't last for five minutes right now!) But he had been leading a meeting in New York when the text alert came through and he STOPPED the meeting to message me about it. :D Everyone there just assumed it was a family emergency. Well...IT WAS. This  is definitely an emergency! Hahaha. I love him. He is the best husband.

Here is nice tranquil picture for your day....

A breathtaking view that Eric sees way more than he actually wants to.

Anyway, yes, it is cleaning day, and I really can't spend another minute on here. I just wanted to say "Hello! We're not dead!" Just in the Disney-zone, which is a very stressful but very wonderful place to be! I really really hope you'll keep checking in with us as we share some more fun memories with you! Have a magical day. ;)


Heather said...

I really hope you are going to record the moment you tell these kids they are going to Disney!! I have a pool float if you didn't get one.

Adrien said...

Definitely will be doing that!! :)


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