Monday, September 28, 2015

First Fall Weekend!

Parts of this weekend feel like a blur! Almost like they were weeks ago instead of just days ago. Eric is in Boston, and I pathetically miss him like crazy already. We were SO spoiled over these past few weeks to have him with us. Now it's like my brain has reset and I'm not used to having him away for long. And added to the sting is the fact that at one point we thought Charlotte and I might be accompanying him on this trip. We chose not to go when Eric's schedule turned out to be a little fuller than we expected. Boo.

It was homecoming weekend in our small town, a place that fits the stereotype of just about any small town USA location. So obviously, people take the homecoming football game pretty seriously here, haha. Even we Roberts join in on the festivities. It was also the weekend of Eric's 10 year high school reunion.

On Friday we popped in for part one of the reunion, which was near the football game. This was a get together intended to be the precursor to the "real" reunion, and the whole family was invited to attend. So we schlepped our crew to a very gracious hostess's home to say hello before heading over to the game. :)

Of course we being who we are, we made it to the field at half-time and enjoyed listening to the band while the kiddos danced around. I'm not sure there was much football viewing from us. But we did make a trip to the concession stand of course, which is really the highlight for the kids, haha. It was a fun evening of strolling around and running into that small town sort of way, ya know. I'll miss this place when we move, for sure! (No, we are not moving super soon...I know I always confuse people, haha. Next year!)

Saturday was gorgeous, and once Eric came home from work we set out for an evening of food, friends, and fun! We grabbed dinner with Miss Charlotte in tow before dropping her off with my dad and heading to the local winery for Eric's reunion. Most of you know that Eric and I were not in the same class...I was two years ahead of him...but there are so many people in the class of 2005 that I just adore. New friends and old! So while I was only a honorary member, I still had a great time catching up!

I obviously wasn't hopping in a lot of photos since it wasn't my reunion, but we had to take this picture. It was just too funny.

Neither of us wanted to leave, but eventually we had to get going to pick up our kids. On our way home Eric said, " may not like this but...."

I tensed up. After the summer we had I have come to DREAD those words. :D

"...I was wondering if maybe we took the kids home and tucked them in, then I could go back for a little while and hang out."

I had to laugh. What did he think I was going to say, no? Haha. Duh! Yes, go back! I didn't blame him for wanting to catch up a little more, and I am more than used to doing the bed time routine thing on my own. He ended up carousing until late into the night, so I assume he had a good time. :)

Also this weekend was a quaint fall festival a couple of towns over. Our family stopped in for a while to soak up some good fall vibes.

Grace met some new friends and insisted that she help them with their lemonade stand. This is all she wanted to do the entire time. We had to pry her away!

There were little games and craft stands and food and the typical festival kinds of things you would expect to find. We really enjoyed it!

I guess I can't wrap this one up without mentioning the blood moon solar eclipse event that everyone was buzzing about last night. I had kids running out of the house in their underwear to catch a glimpse around bed time. :) I did try to snap a few pictures, but like most of the world, mine didn't turn out the greatest, haha. It was kind of a cool ending to a very fun weekend!

Eric and I realized that the last time we went out together with NO kids whatsoever was last July at our friend AJ's wedding. Last July as in, 2014.  (Unless you count the occasional doctor's appointment!) This is why we would like to be done having children. ;) This nursing mother who cannot pump bottles is sooo ready to have her grown up life back. And I sure do love the fella I'm married to. I am looking forward to many more evenings out with him, and I'm super thankful to grandparents who kept our kids this weekend so we could enjoy some time together!

I cannot BELIEVE we are saying hello to October this week! Our favorite month of the year. Good times ahead!


Cassie said...

he came back and headed straight to us and said "i have the best wife ever, she let me come back out. she is the best!" it was so cute!!

Adrien said...

Aw, haha! He's a sweetheart. :)


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