Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

We have a couple more days until the start of the BEST season there is, but it sure does feel like Fall around here already. This weekend was full of activities that get my crunchy leaf, pumpkin, blue jean, campfire loving self into a tizzy. For those of you who join me in the "I've always loved Fall!" camp and not the bandwagon crazed group that's taken over the internet over the past couple of years (turning pumpkin into it's own food group), high five. The time has come. Our spirit season is soon to arrive. ;)

Friday night found us at the school for the annual Fun Fair. Eric and I did the parent thing...standing in lines for food...standing in lines for activities...chasing kids and standing in lines. What we do best.

Our girls get the biggest kick out of seeing mom and dad at their school. Kind of like the reverse of seeing a teacher outside of school when you're a child, haha. I'm pretty sure Grace said at one point, "What are you guys doing here??" Uh, we brought you here, kid. :)

Eric played hunter-gatherer, and we enjoyed our yearly chili, hotdog, and nachos dinner. (Hey, you people really showed up to eat this year! My mom said they easily served TWICE as much food as last year!) Eric looks like he's wearing a yamaka in this picture, which is kind of hilarious as he also looks like he's about to tear into a couple of hot dogs. ;) A little jewish irony to lighten your day.

The girls had too much fun playing on bouncy things....

Eric took the two younger ones for a stroll and disappeared at this point. I stood in those lines for what felt like forever wondering what the heck happened to my husband. Turns out he took Charlotte out of the stroller and she pooped all over him. So he had to book. :D Yay parenthood.

The girls always have to do the cake walk. If we're at any event and there is a cake walk, Evie and Grace will be the first to beeline. So they hopped right in and once the music stopped....

....Evie won first thing! The music started again, and what do you know...Gracie won the next round. I was thinking this was great, we were even. They both chose their cake and decided they wanted to keep playing. The music stopped and Evelyn won AGAIN. Third round in a row went to a Robert kid. It was at this point that I said, "Okay okay, I think we're done now." Haha. Our luck was hot, and we did not need that much cake! :)

Poopy Eric went through the DQ drive-through and picked up sundaes, which is how I eventually lured the girls out of the fun fair. It was a fun start to the weekend!

On Saturday I worked on continuing getting our lives back in order post-vacation while the girls went to a swim lesson and then to the Butterfly Festival with their grandma. They walked in the door that afternoon, hands filled with butterfly paraphernalia. Butterfly slinkies, butterfly fans, butterfly glasses, butterfly notebooks...there were butterflies on their faces. The theming here was clearly conveyed. :)

Chasing butterflies!

Eric and I had date night that evening where we ran the usual errands and I got my fall candle shopping on. We are ready, I'm telling you. The next day also found us running errands after church, because that is our life. There was an amazing deal on something Eric wanted, so we both came home with new gifts for ourselves. 

I would just like to note here the disparaging difference between his "toys" and mine. :D I kid, we've been needing another iPad for Eric to take on his travels for a while now. The kids sort of...ahem...claimed the other one.

While we were shopping the oldest three kiddos were soaking up some fun at their first trip to the local pumpkin patch for the season! They brought home some pumpkins to begin our annual collection. I can't WAIT to have a family day at the pumpkin patch next weekend! My favorite.

We were able to take a nice long walk with the setting sun, and then we came home for a movie night. It was perfect! All of this family time lately has been good for the soul. Eric and I promised each other that, to the best of our ability, we were going to make up for lost time this Fall. So far, so good! 


Amber Nicholson said...

You guys are awesome. You do so much fun stuff with your kiddos and do an amazing job chronicling it for them for the future. Love keeping up with your family through your blog!

Heather said...

Ugh. Don't get me started on pumpkin spice.

Adrien said...

Thank you, Amber!! :)

Hahaha, Heather! I mean...I do like a good pumpkin treat here and there, but I blame pinterest for making the world's head explode ALL things pumpkin . :D

Cassie said...

the butterfly exhibit was really cool - glad the girls got to go.

see you this weekend at the big class reunion?!


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