Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Party in the Park

Friends and fun and yummy treats!
Pumpkin painting, trick-or-treats.
Picture taking, playground fun.
Fall is great for everyone!

We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with friends putting on a fall party for our kids. After a month or two of collaborating, we were finally able to get together to celebrate the season. It was an unusually warm weekend...we couldn't have picked a better one for an outdoor party! The sun was shining, the kids were adorable in their costumes, and most importantly I think they had a really good time. That's exactly what we were going for, so mission accomplished!

Like many October days, this one was very windy! Warm, but windy. So trying to set up for the party of a disaster. :) I had several decorations that were never even taken out, because I could barely get a table cloth on a picnic table much less expect cardboard things to stand on tables or hang from the roof without being blown away. But I don't think the kids noticed. They rarely do, haha.

The best part about this day was that it was a collaboration of a lot of creative people. No one person "threw" this party. Lots of dads and mummies came together for our boys and ghouls. Ha! From the snacks to the treat bags and favors, to the pumpkins for painting and the adorable photo booth...everyone chipped in! I wish ALL parties were this way. :D Anyone want to come throw a birthday party for me in a couple of weeks??

I loved that we were in a park for the day. We had some organized activities, but in between the kids were perfectly content to entertain themselves. It was a great setup! Evelyn has asked me every day since if we can have more playdates. ;)

There was pumpkin painting....

My children painted themselves as much as the pumpkins, I think!

There were some festive tunes....

And there was a trick-or-treat scavenger hunt, where the kids followed clues to discover treats hidden around the park.

I absolutely adored the photo booth, put together by Miss Erin Landgraf. I think she totally outdid herself! (And now she has one really cool decoration to use forevermore, haha.) So glad she took this idea and ran with it!

I loved getting to see everyone and all of these adorable kids. I feel like we don't get together nearly enough! And all of the kids do get along so well. If there weren't already a thousand things going on at this time of year, I would say, "Hey, who's up for a Christmas party?!" Haha! Friendsgiving? ;)

I can't say thank you enough to everyone who donated something to this day. Thanks to my cousins Pam and Bob for bringing the pumpkins and grilling hot dogs for us! Thank you Stephanie and Jackie and Christine for the trick-or-treat goodies! Thank you Heather and Sarah and Ashley for adding yummy cuteness to our snack table! Thank you mom for the lemonade and ice and for ALL of your help with snacks! Thanks to Erin for making sure we had an awesome spot to take pictures. Thanks Meagan for the hot dog buns and condiments! Thanks Eric for ensuring we had some hopping tunes (and for watching kids while we set up!) way one person could have pulled off this day!

The idea was that anyone who was interested in helping out could come and be a part of this day, so if you couldn't join us this time, maybe there will be more opportunities down the road! Trust me, with this group, we could come up with any excuse to throw a party. (I have a really really fun idea for a photo shoot this Spring, by the way. I'm DYING to use some of your kids and your creativity, so...let me know if you are interested!! I will send you a link for the idea.)

And because I couldn't resist, I did put together a short video of all of the fun we had!

Happy Fall, Ya'll! 


Heather said...

Thanks again for YOUR hard work Adrien. This wouldn't have happened at all without you :)

Adrien said...

There was definitely a wonderful excuse for this one! ;)


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