Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Little Scarecrows

I actually didn't mean to "save" this post for the first day of October, but awesome! :) Worked out just fine.


Wrong season, I know. I just really wanted to call someone a filthy animal today. (Also, don't kill me, I'm in full-on Christmas shopping mode. Haha.)

So way back in the summertime I had this idea to dress my kids up as scarecrows, and every day I would ask myself, "Is it close enough to fall yet? Is it close enough to fall yet?" I was really digging this idea, you know. Finally, one early September day I decided it was kind of cool enough and almost fall enough to satisfy my urge. I would have shared this much sooner, only we left for Florida and blah blah blah....

Only some of my children thought this was as amazing of an idea as I did. Darn those kids and their own opinions! Sigh....

I have learned that with 3+ children it is much much easier to take them one at time, dress them, and take pictures of them. So that's what I did. And first up was Charlotte. (Who is seven months old today!)

I was so pleased when this cutie pie let me take make up and draw a little nose on her face. I do feel a little bad that my six month old girl owned not one stitch of plaid or anything resembling a she is wearing her brother's old shirt...her brother's old jeans...even her brother's old hat. Basically, my beautiful baby girl looks like a boy. :)

I tried to stick a flower in the hat to girly it up, can barely see it, haha.

I love this kid SO much! She has the spunk and lungs of big sister Evelyn and the temper of big sister Grace, which is a lethal combination to be honest, but is still kind of hilarious for now. Mostly she's just happy! And very kissable.

Now Reagan on the other hand was having no part of this. He ran away crying when I dared to dress him. "Don't you want to be a scarecrow??"

No. No he did not want to be a scarecrow. Luckily I know my children pretty well and had a trick up my sleeve. It was lunchtime and I had an idea.

"Hey Reagan. Let's just put on these clothes..."
"Noo, mom."
"Now listen. I don't want to take a picture of YOU. I want to take a picture of your pizza."

His eyes lit up.

"My za?"
"Yes, your pizza. Let's go outside and take some pictures of your pizza."
"Oh, alright."

Don't ask me how I knew he would go for that, I just knew. Unfortunately that meant most of his pictures looked like this.

Every time I would put the camera up to my eye he would put his pizza right in front of his face. The little stinker! Too smart.

I did manage to sneak in a couple of close-ups. That was all I needed. ;)

I take what I can get! 

When the girls came home soon after this Grace was ALL about my idea. She was totally into it. I got so many pictures of her. She still humors her mama!

We could have been out there all day long! 

Thank you, dear.

And Evelyn. Well. Let's just say she's getting a little too cool for school. Her six year old self sort of sighed and appeased me, haha. She did like her scarecrow nose. ;)

I don't know how much more time I have with this one before she completely outgrows my antics. 

But these poses...all her. ;)

At the end of the day I got the few pictures I wanted. I don't know if my children will find these endearing someday or totally face-palm at the site of these, but I know one thing...I'll always treasure my little scarecrows! 

And here's one more cheer for OCTOBER. We made it!!


Heather said...

Hahaha...those pizza pictures are KILLING ME!!

Sara Simpson said...

So adorable!!!

Adrien said...

Eric can't stop snickering at those pizza pictures. Hehe. :D


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