Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What a Weekend!

Well, I am just tired. Really, I can barely move today. It wasn't just that we had a busy weekend, but I was fighting allergies the entire time...actually, I was trying to pretend my allergies didn't exist and I just kept on truckin because there was entirely too much to do! Now I pay. But it was all worth it!

Our family enjoyed an extra long weekend with two days off of school...I guess the closest thing to a fall break our district gets! So our weekend really kicked off on Thursday afternoon, when Evelyn and John had family night at Kids for Christ.

There was singing, and when there is singing you can bet your boots my daughter is going to act like a goofball. Oh, Evie. :) There was much cuteness throughout the land. Or halls, or whatever.

On our walk back to my parent's house that evening it was a sweet and serene scene as the sunset cast the perfect autumn glow on our small crew. But look a little closer and you will see all of the lovely dander floating on the breeze which sought to make me miserable for the next several days.

Eric was busy busy at a work conference, so I was on my own on Friday. I was achey and tired...I was wishing away a full-blown sinus infection. And ALL Gracie could talk about all day long was how much she wanted to go to the firehouse that evening for open house, because it was fire safety week, and "popcorn and soda!" and we can't miss all of that. So I took some medicine, said my prayers, and carted all four children to the fire station for the evening.

I'm glad we went. The kids had a good time, and I ran into several of you lovelies, which made the evening bearable with a four to one ratio, haha.

The kids enjoyed visits from Sparky the dog. "This is just like Disney World!" And yes, there was indeed popcorn and soda. Gracie girl knew what she was talking about.

Saturday was full of the usual running around. We were up bright and early to make snacks with my mom for a little party we were planning for the next day. The girls then went skipping off to a fall festival with their grandma Joan while I went home to get ready for date night.

This is the evolution of picture taking with my husband. He has a low tolerance for such things...

We were both feeling like crap at this point, but fake it till you make it, kids!

Because on Sunday there was a little something fun for the whole family, which we had been looking forward to for quite some time. About two months ago I asked the Facebook world if any local moms (or dads) would like to get together to do a little fall party in the park for our kiddos. And it turns out, there were several interested parents who thought that sounded just swell. So we got to work and threw a picture perfect little party for our kids.

This turned out to be a great day, and it totally deserves it's own blog post, so...tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll blog it, tomorrow! ;)

Yesterday was Columbus day, which meant no school for us, BUT...it also happened to be a very important person's birthday.

My mom turned 50 years old! Happy Birthday, mom! Eric left yesterday afternoon for New York, so the kids and I joined my parents and a few other family members at my parent's house for a barbecue to celebrate. The weather was so warm it was almost as if we hopped back in time a month and were enjoying a summer evening! The kids ran themselves silly.

I ended up getting a massive headache and was down for the count, but did still somehow manage to get the kids home, bathed, and put to sleep without much fuss. I love that the girls are at least old enough now to understand, "I am on my own, and I really need you to cooperate with me tonight." Just saying that seems to put them right into big girl mode, and they do what I ask of them with surprising ease. ;)

Now Lord, grant me the strength to get through this week. Haha. Thankfully Eric will be home tomorrow evening, so really it's just about surviving until about 9:00pm tomorrow. Then I can crash. And crash I will. We are gearing up for two more birthdays in our family and there are still lots of traditions we have to keep in the next couple of weeks. October is packed, and that's how we like it!

Happy week!


Cassie said...

We are so sad we missed the Halloween Party. Coming back into town on Sunday I saw the kids running around out by the soccer fields and was super bummed! But from what I hear it was GREAT!

Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!!

Adrien said...

Thank you, friend! I missed you guys! :)


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