Monday, October 5, 2015

Windy Weekend!

Well it's an absolutely gorgeous fall day in the neighborhood today, but this weekend it was downright c-c-cold. At least, cold from a "we just got done with summer, right?" point of view. :) But it wasn't the temperature so much as the chilly wind that swirled and whirled in the October air. I love it, but not so great for babies!

The three big kids got to get out of the house with trips here there and everywhere with grandparents. There were festivals and swim lessons and trips out to eat and shopping. Reagan got to spend lots of time with my mom and John while the girls spent time with Grandma Joan. They were all nice and busy on Saturday. Meanwhile, Charlotte and I stayed cozy and warm at home on the overcast day with the candles lit, haha. Eric and I took the two youngest ones with us on Saturday night to run errands. Everyone was happy. I didn't cook a lot. Good times.

On Sunday we had plans in the afternoon to take our big annual trip to the pumpkin patch. But...still cold. And we could have roughed it, but neither Eric nor I wanted to. (Especially, again, with a baby!) We'll chance getting another, nicer day later in the month. Instead, we swapped out plans that we had for the future, and we spent our day in a movie theater. The kids were not sad. :)

 Evelyn was getting into the "spirit" of things by making herself into a vampire. She's our goofball! Every family needs one of those, right? Position filled here. :)

Months ago, when the first previews for Hotel Transylvania 2 came out, we knew we just HAD to go and see it. Our kids love the first movie. And McDonald's has gotten a little extra business from us lately thanks to the toys in the Happy Meals. I have to admit, I think the movies are super cute, myself. But I do enjoy that kind of thing, because there's a little bit of weirdo deep down inside of me.

We took 24 pictures in this spot. Twenty-four.

I still had a bag of quarters in the diaper bag from our trip to Pizza Planet, so the kids got to try their hands at a few games before we grabbed our popcorn and settled in for a movie of thrills and chills...but mostly just lots of laughs. :)

Love Grace's look of concentration, haha.

Our verdict: Kids loved it! I thought it was cute, but not quite as good as the first movie. And Eric isn't into Halloween or anything to do with it whatsoever, so he pretty much suffered through for the sake of the family. I definitely think it's worth seeing if your family liked the first one! And if there's a little bit of weirdo in you too and you haven't seen the first one, do that. :D

Eric isn't traveling to New York or Boston - yes! But it is his work's annual conference this week, so he'll be gone some evenings for that, anyway. Haha. Can't catch a break! And speaking of Eric....

My husband has been deriving much pleasure from picking on me lately. It's a cross between a celebrity roast and a sixth grade boys locker room this house. He says it's because he loves me so much. But I've been towel-snapped, mocked in a high-pitched voice, and had the lights turned off on me while in the shower so much that it's time I get back at him. 

He's going to love that I shared this video with you today.

Makes you want to go to business school, doesn't it? You're welcome, dear.

Ha! He's cute.

Happy Monday! ;)

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