Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend 2015

I feel like it's been a long time since I have said this, but I really wish I had a giant rewind button to push on this weekend. Please oh please can we start it over again? It may be Monday today (November, say what??) but my heart and head are somewhere around last Friday. :)

The kids didn't have school on Friday so Eric planned to take a day off of work. We had a lovely family day from sunup till sundown. It started with pancakes and sausages and strawberries and being lazy which is definitely NOT something that happens around here very often in the mornings when Eric is home. We always have some place to be. Either Eric is working or we are dashing around to get ready for church. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time we were able to just be. But we took our time getting ready for a day out with the kids. We went out for lunch and shopped till we dropped all afternoon.

Since we were already out and had all the time in the world to do whatever we pleased, we decided to drive just a little further down the road and check out neighborhoods in the area we are planning to move to in the next year (O'Fallon, MO-ish). It's definitely going to be a change from the small town life with family down the street that we are used to! But I think I'll get used to being 10 minutes from everything for once, haha. And really, the area is kind of like a small town on steroids. Nice and neighborly people but with way more conveniences. ;)

We arrived back home just in time to go to the block party on the edge of town that our church was hosting. There was chili and hotdogs, bounce houses, campfire s'mores, cookies and breadsticks supplied by BC Bakehouse (yum!). It turned out to be a picture perfect fall evening, and our kids ran themselves silly. I have NEVER seen Reagan as hyper as he was that night, haha.

Of course it was very dark, so difficult to get pictures. But you get the idea!

It was great bumping into some of you there! 

And then there was Saturday...Halloween. By the end of the day Grace melted my heart when she walked into our bedroom and said, "Sometimes mom tries really hard to make a day today." Aww! But my sweetie must have forgotten about all of the craziness that happened earlier in the day.

The lowest point had to be when I seared my hand on a tray of mummy dogs...I have never felt such pain. I have had four babies, and I have never felt such pain. I overheard one of the children say, "Mom is crying like a baby." Thank you kids, thank you. I virtually lost all use of my left hand after this. 

Have you ever tried to change diapers with the help of your feet? I have.

Let's just say it made for a long rest of the day. :) THANKFULLY I had some supplies on hand that helped immensely with the healing and pain in my hand. A little aloe and some peppermint oil and by that evening my hand was almost good as new. Really, it was like magic. Even the blister disappeared. I was shocked! 

But adding to the mess was the fact that I couldn't find several accessories for our kids' costumes. They were just...gone. I had them for weeks, and then of course on the day we needed them, they were nowhere to be seen. Charlotte's entire costume...the one Evie wore when she was a baby...missing. I kept that thing for six years...Charlotte wore it just a few weeks ago...but on Halloween - gone. Ay yi yi. She was still cute, though. :)

Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year I had a little more time than usual to make a substantial meal before heading out. It made me feel a *little* bit better later on when the kids tore into their candy stash! But soon they were bouncing around and ready to head out for a night of fun!

We made all of our stops to close family first. We usually get a family picture at great Grandma Robert's house, but she had other plans this year and visited us early, so my mom snapped our annual Halloween photos!

I thought I should also share one where Reagan doesn't look like he just swallowed a lemon. :D

We really lucked out with the weather this night! It was supposed to be cool and wet. The evening was mild and stayed dry for us. Our kids were comfortable all night long in their short sleeves, which is practically unheard of! It made for a great night of trick-or-treating.

Trick or treat, great Grandma Linnertz!

 Still loving those light buckets! Still going strong! (And still getting stopped every five minutes with people wanting to know where we got them, haha.)

We just couldn't get over the perfect weather and kept pressing on! But we sufficiently wore out the youngest among us!

This was the first year ever that the kids were just fine going home at the end of the evening, because they were exhausted! I would say that's a pretty successful Halloween. ;)

We came home and enjoyed some dessert, one of my mom's freshly baked pumpkin pies. It's a Halloween tradition! All of the fun overshadowed some of the negative things that happened earlier in the day. We definitely enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this night!

On Sunday we were happy to all be able to be together for church. It seems like the last few weeks people have been ill or gone and only part of our family was able to go. We came home afterwards and had lunch before embarking on a day full of errands. We rarely take all of the kids with us, but we took our time once again and carted them here there and everywhere. I am FINISHED shopping for the girls for Christmas and about halfway there for Reagan. Pretty excited about that. 

As I type Eric is preparing to head to the airport for a few days in New York. Nobody is thrilled about it. So yeah, if that rewind button could show up now that would be great. ;)

Now it's November and I am SO ready for all that's in store. I mean...the freezing cold weather can stay away for as long as possible...and I'm not crazy about the mounds of snow I keep hearing about...but there sure are a lot of fun traditions to look forward to. I can't wait to share our holidays with Charlotte for the first time! Bring on the turkey and the holly - I'll take it ALL! 

Have a happy week, friends. :)


Cassie said...

man i hope your hand is ok! it was making mine hurt just reading it.

we had a great little halloween evening too. i loved the weather!

have a great week.

Adrien said...

Thank you, friend! One little scar is all that remains. :) Thank goodness!


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