Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Happenings 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year, here at home and all across the country! 

We don't share a lot about Eric's trips to New York, but they continue still (and are about to ramp up again before Christmas) and Times Square is looking awfully festive these days. 

It is very rare that Eric gets a lot of free time in between meetings and business dinners, but occasionally he can sneak away to have a little fun. Here he is at Aladdin on Broadway a couple of weeks ago. He really loved the show, and as soon as he came home we listened to the soundtrack and have been humming the songs ever since. :)

But finally this weekend our whole family was able to get out and do something fun and festive together. It was Holiday Happenings, which means craft fairs and chili cook offs and of course, the annual light parade. 

It was COLD. It usually is. Haha. But last year I recall blogging that the temperature was just perfect for our night of fun. We didn't get so lucky this year! So we bundled up, kept the kids in the van for as long as we possibly could, then slipped in just minutes before the start. 

Our kiddos were rocking around the Christmas tree in the town square! 

I backed up to get a photo of our unusually bundled baby (our kids don't typically wear coats in their car seats!) and as soon as I did, I managed to capture the exact moment that Reagan face planted into the concrete....

Poor little guy! It wouldn't be a normal event without someone getting hurt, ay yi! 

But he did perk up soon, because it was time for the parade to begin. We like to find a spot near the square usually, because it's the best lit and most decorated part of town!

Various business, churches, and services deck out vehicles and floats in lights and often pass out little trinkets or candy. Our kids were ready with their glowing red buckets! As a child I always thought it was strange that parades existed in some places without candy. Not in this town! If people are parading down the street for any reason, they are gonna give you something. Haha.

How's it going, Ev?


We parents hung out in the back and let the kiddos have their fun near the street. 

There were several great floats, swirling fake snow, and some holiday tunes blasting...just another great light parade! Red Bud Utilities always has a great float. This year they went with a Star Wars theme. (Which we loved. We've been binge watching all of the Star Wars movies here!)

Most of the memories we made this night were captured on video, so stay tuned for a Light Parade vlog later this week! 

Because our Saturday night was spent parading it up, Eric and I had a day-date after church on Sunday. We enjoyed lunch and shopping, the already crazy. Black Friday sales have started early for a lot of stores. Traffic is nuts, parking lots are full, stores are bustling. Merry Christmas. :)

Meanwhile the three oldest kids went with their grandparents to a rock show! Not the kind with wailing guitars and pyrotechnics, like, a real rock show hosted by the St. Louis Mineral & Gem Society. Haha. They loved it! They came home with their very own rock collection and boy were they enthusiastic about those rocks. 

It was a great weekend, even if we nearly turned ourselves into Robertcicles. Seems like some of us will do whatever it takes to keep traditions alive and well. Just don't talk to Eric about it. I see everything through holly-rimmed glasses during this time of the year. Eric swears he is NOT a grinch...he just doesn't enjoy 75% of the normal holiday activities most people participate in. :D He humors me, because he knows I love it. And that's just one reason why I love him. :)

I have several videos in the line-up this week. I have no clue if anyone actually watches them, but I have them! Tomorrow we are sharing some of our picks and reviewing kids' holiday clothing for the year. I hope you'll visit us here throughout the season as we share all of our memories. Have a great day!

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