Monday, November 16, 2015

Holidays in the In-Between

Posting this here, because I really don't want the picture representing this post to be of my husband's undergarments. :D

We're in the lull between seasons here. Other than Thanksgiving gatherings with our families our fall festivities and traditions are over, and we have a busy busy Christmas season to look forward to. Last week was a nice and restful time for us as we gear up for the holidays. In an attempt to get our lives in order before Christmastime I've been spending most of my free time organizing all those spaces that most people don't ordinarily see and throwing away a lot of stuff. We took just a couple of boxes to the thrift store this weekend (there will be many many more!) and I already feel lighter. I may share more about our cleaning out process later on...if I can pluck up the courage. That post might be titled something like, "Oh my gosh we're HOARDERS!"

I just won't feel right hauling out the holly this year until our home has reached a certain de-junked status. I've even adopted a new way of folding as per the methods in "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." When Eric opened his drawers for the first time after the switch last week he had just one thing to say....

"Oh. How very Soviet."


This picture was taken after Eric packed his bags for New York. There were even more shirts tightly filed in there...and a little more neatly. :D Also, he doesn't have enough undershirts. He bought more this weekend, claiming he will get rid of some of the other ones. "What?"

This folding method works great though, I must say. I used to not be able to fit all of my undershirts and leggings into one drawer. Now I have room to spare....

The trick is to fold into small rectangles and stack vertically, not pile up horizontally. 

Anyway, I think that's about enough of our drawers. I refuse to post our totally awesome and organized underwear on the internet. :)

As we hover in this in-between time our towns have sort of an identity crisis...gourds and hay bales still sit on some porches alongside the twinkle lights and garlands of the holidays in store windows and on the streets. It's a grab bag of seasonal fun. And even though we are still sitting among leaves and pumpkin decor in this house, we have been getting our Christmas craft on. Have to be prepared you know. :) The girls have been helping me make wreaths. 

Much more sparkly in real life, haha. We girls love the sparkle. :)

This is how I'm tempering my strong desire to bust out every holiday decoration we own at the moment. Not yet...I can't just yet. I have to keep telling myself this like a mantra. Must. have. house. clean.

It is also how I'm taking my mind off of of the awful things happening in our world today. Not just in Paris, but in so many places. As a wife I always worry just a little bit any time Eric has to travel away from us. I always pray for his safety. But in light of recent events, it's a little more unnerving sending him off this morning to the epicenter of the free world. When you close your eyes and think of New York City...that's where Eric is. Not in the obscure places, but in the heart of it all. Thankfully he assured me before he left that he's staying a little further down the street these days. So I pray for a very uneventful week there and everywhere. 

We've had sweet times just being together and hugging our babies. I'm sorry there isn't anything more interesting to report, but that's because we're busy fueling up and preparing ourselves for a crazy ride. Crazy in so many ways. Work, holidays, and all that those things entail. A lot is happening. Eric is going to be busy busy with the conversion. I'm going to be trying to maintain my sanity. And we're going to try to have a lot of fun in there, too. The holiday festivities start THIS weekend in our tiny town.

The train is pulling out of the station, and it's only picking up steam from there. And I refuse to let any person...any evil...steal our joy this year. If there is one thing the enemy wants from us, it's to encapsulate us in a state a fear. I refuse to play that game. This was definitely my favorite picture of all this weekend:

As I prepare my heart for the season this year, I pray. Not just for the innocent people being victimized by evil all over the world, but for the ones performing that evil. I will pray for the enemy. I will pray that maybe, somehow, something will happen to them that will turn their heart around. I can hope that love wins them over. Because ultimately love wins. That's why Love came to this earth. And that's why we celebrate. And they can't take that from anyone. They can murder and victimize and steal a few battles through underhanded and dirty means. But they will not win the war. 

As I spend this time in the in-between, I quiet my spirit, fill my cup up with love to sustain me, and pray for a peaceful and joyous holiday season. 

I'm sort of in love with this season of the in-between. It is well with my soul. :) 

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