Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I am eating leftover cherry AND pumpkin pie as I type this...because no self respecting lady should have to make an either/or decision when it comes to pie. Thanksgiving rocks.

We had a great long weekend with family...the calm (if you can call it calm!) before the storm of the next couple of weeks. The acquisition that Eric has been leading comes to a close this week. All the travel and nights away and stress we've had for the past six months comes to a head over the next few days. He will be gone for part of this week, come home for one day, then he leaves again. Just going to hold our breath and try to get through it so we can enjoy the rest of our holidays when it's all over! And seriously...hallelujah! Let's get this thing done already.

Our Thanksgiving was spread over two days. On Thursday we enjoyed hanging out with Eric's side of the family, and on Saturday we gathered with mine. In between was a Black Friday spent doing absolutely NOTHING during the day, because most of my Christmas shopping is done, and according to the ads, I got better deals on things a month ago, haha. (For real...just shop early. The sales are better.)

Thank goodness the weather held out on Thanksgiving Day and we didn't get the rain they were predicting. The kids spent most of their time running around the playground, in the leaves, on grandpa Greg's quadricycle...they were full of energy! They came in only for brief moments to eat. :)

Of course the kids are usually much too interested in playing to eat more than three or four real bites of food. :)

Charlotte was a bit under the weather for her first Thanksgiving, but she was still her cute self! 

And they're off....

At one point Eric and I looked at each other and realized the kids were out of our sight more than half of the time, and we weren't worried for their lives as a result. :) Things are definitely different with older kids! What a fantastic change...we can get a little bit of our own lives back, haha.

Eventually the children do realize they are hungry, and it's much more fun to eat food on a stick. Appetizers are the most substantial meal of the day.

I just love these guys...and I'm so thankful for them.


Then on Saturday it was time for dinner at my parent's house! Eric works every Saturday, so we got ready and met up with him there a little later. 

Charlotte was taking a snooze, so the three big kids gathered for a picture before we left. (And a little preview of what we did the night before!) Please notice the cranberry chicken salad lid under the Christmas tree. Apparently we are very thankful for cranberry chicken salad. (Who knows!) And my son insists on always having his vest buttoned up to the very top, haha. 

Ah, here's that sweet baby!

Feeling much better this day than she did on Thanksgiving Day! 

Santa baby. :)

Another feast prepared by my mother! While I was in charge of the cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and veggie tray on Thanksgiving Day, I always try to ask my mom what to bring to her house, and she always says "Got it, got it, got it" to everything I suggest, haha. "Just bring the cranberries and some plastic cups." :D

Mmm...some of that delicious pie before I ate half of it. We were sent home with two whole pies. They are almost gone. Not ashamed. My mom makes great pie.

I am very thankful for the life that we have. For being so close to family, for our church and our community. I am so thankful for a warm house to live in...even if we are busting at the seams. This is likely the last holiday season we will have living in this town...the only place our kids have ever known. The holidays will look a little different for us this time next year. A LOT will look different for us this time next year. So for now, I am soaking in the familiar and enjoying it all. I am thankful for all that we've been given, and there is much to look forward to!

I have a lot to share from the past couple of weeks and I am so backlogged on posts, because our computer is having some technical difficulties...(ahem...I've just about run it out of space again!) so hopefully I will be playing some catch up here this week! It's the most wonderful time of the year. :)

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