Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Evelyn's Christmas Program 2015

When we found out the date of Evelyn's Christmas program at school this year, we began praying for a little bit of a miracle in order for Eric to be there. He was set to come back from New York on the same evening, and in order for him to make it, there needed to be no delays whatsoever. If there's one thing we've learned over the past seven months, it's that no delays on a flight from New York is a little bit of a miracle in and of itself, haha. He really wanted to be there, but we were all pretty much accepting of the fact that it just might not happen.

For Eric to make it to the program he would first have to make it through rush hour traffic and then the hour long drive from the airport to the school. Still...we were hopeful! And Evelyn was ready to sing her little heart out.

We were at the school pretty early, but soon they were calling all first graders to take their spot in the bleachers. 

Evelyn was cracking me up! Apparently the kids were told they weren't allowed to wave at their parents. I'm sure there was a reason for this, but okay. So instead Evelyn would smile at me and mouth very dramatically I CAN'T WAVE AT YOU. Haha. I'm not sure that was any less distracting. :D And I'm pretty sure that's what is happening in this picture while the other kids were doing their little "quiet down" exercise....

That's my kid, front and center. :)

It was 6:25 and Eric still wasn't in his seat. Five minutes to go, and I texted him, "They are about to start." Meanwhile he was finding the very last parking spot at our old church building across the street, and he literally ran to the school in his suit. My heart did a cartwheel when I saw him walk through the door of the gym. He sat down one minute before the program started. Yay!

Evelyn was busy jabbering with her friends (I don't know the boy on her left, but she sure was talking his ear off!) when she caught sight of her dad sitting next to me, and she gave us a classic Evelyn expression. Ahaha...she was SURPRISED! for one second, then turned back to her friends acting like it was no big deal...hey, my dad is here and all is right with the world, let's do this thing. That's Evie!

Of course I captured the moment on video, and have it right here in a short clip for you:

We were dying. The whole program was so very cute. The elementary school has a new music teacher this year after decades with the former teacher (our beloved Ms. Black!) and I was very curious about how different this program would be from year's past.... Well, it was pretty different! When we walked in and noticed there was no piano in the room I knew we were in for a change. The kids performed songs to pre-recorded music, and there was much more emphasis on the hand motions and expressions. It felt very much like the Christmas musicals our church used to do when I was a kid. 

The girls had been singing Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for weeks, so I assumed we were in for more of those standards, but nope. Most of the songs were completely new and original. It was definitely entertaining. The new music teacher did a swell job. :)

It also happened to be John's program last night, and I did manage to sneak a couple of photos of him without his hands over his face. :)

He looked so cute in his little tie...which he totally resented my mom for making him wear. :D 

But who am I kidding, it was half of the town's Christmas program last night, haha! So many of my friends had kiddos in this program, too. We saw them all, and I thought they ALL looked so adorable!! And they all did a really great job. 

When it was over Evelyn was finally able to reunite with her daddy.

We took a few pictures before making our exit. My dad was at home with all three of our other kids, and I had no clue how Charlotte would be for him, haha. (Thanks dad for watching them for us!)

I hope to share more of this program in a future vlog, and Grace will take her turn later this week! Once again, we are hoping Eric doesn't get called back to New York between now and then. If he does, he'll be making a mad dash home on Friday morning. ;) 

I loved being in the Christmas programs when I was kid, and I think I love being the parent even more. So fun! Have a great day!


Stefanie said...

Oh! Her reaction is priceless!! I love that you got it on video!

Cassie said...

i totally cried a little in that video! she is so happy to see him. yay for a good daddy!!

Adrien said...

I was glad I got it on video, too! Thought I needed to slow it down a bit though to truly capture the fleeting moment, haha!


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