Monday, December 14, 2015

Grace's Christmas Program Weekend

Eric is in the process of updating my computer and this thing is running slow as molasses. I almost didn't blog today, but man, if I didn't I would fall even more behind than I already am. So we're just going to drag ourselves through!

On Friday Grace got to take her turn at the school's Christmas program. Both of our oldest girls are creative types...Evelyn is the artist, and Gracie is the performer. She takes these things very seriously. :) The girl LOVES to sing! Thankfully Eric did not have to go back to New York last week (and likely not until the new year...hooray!) so he took a half day to come and see Gracie do what Gracie does best.

It was cuteness overload. 

She knew the words, she knew the motions, she had it down. We expected nothing less. All of the students were adorable once again! As a mom, I just live for this stuff. My favorite! Every year that I sign my kids up for school, I daydream of Christmas programs and field trips as I scribble information on a million sheets of paper. I don't think much has changed in my head since I was a kid. :)

And once again, we stopped for a picture before we left that afternoon. 

Another of my favorite parts of these days is that we get Eric home with us unusually early, which means we typically go out and do a little something fun that night with the kids. Last year we took a trip to see Santa, and this year we decided on dinner and some shopping. The kids were thrilled just to hang out at the mall for a little while. It really doesn't take much, haha.

Evelyn turned to me and said, "There's a JC Penney here mom, what do you say?" :D She LOVES JC Penney. I have no idea what it is, but we were happy to oblige her, haha. It was a really good night. When the kids got gum balls from the quarter machine Grace exclaimed that it was the best day of her life. She says that all of the time. Every good day is the best day of her life. :) 

On Saturday morning we were up and out the door to continue our goodies baking with my mom. There were still cookies to be baked and other favorite holiday treats to be made. We still didn't get it all done!

The kids' favorite is always cut out sugar cookies. They love the decorating. But holy moly...what a mess we made! We cut out some cookies and mixed up some icing....

Then we let them have at it!

And it got messier and messier and messier. 

Yummy? :)
Let's just say, this mom doesn't eat a lot of the sugar cookies, haha.

In addition to some more cookies, we made one of my personal favorites, cheerio bars.

Better than rice krispie treats. Way better!

Stopped for some chicken 'n dumplings...because despite my jokes, we don't actually gorge on sugar all of the time. ;)

Then we tried our hands at dipping some pretzels. 

It was another successful day! We swirled up enough sweetness that I'm pretty sure cotton candy clouds were beginning to form overhead. That's when you know you are doing it right.

Saturday night was date night, and on Sunday we spent the morning at church and the afternoon cleaning the house. I hadn't been home much over the past couple of days, and you know how that goes. You can't afford to go too long without doing laundry in this house. It's an every day event. :) 

I cannot believe we have begun the last week of school before Christmas vacation for the kids. I feel like they are getting an extra long break this three whole weeks. I clearly remember years that we went to school all the way up to the 23rd of December and were right back on January 2nd. They get out on the 18th and don't go back until January 5th, lucky ducks!

So I'm taking advantage of these last days of our normal schedule before I have all of the kiddos home all day every day, and of course throwing in the craziness of the holidays. But it's the best kind of crazy there is!

Have a sweet day!

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