Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Light Parade and Thanksgiving Vlog


My children tag-teamed me last night.

Why do they always decide to play the keep mom awake game when mom has stuff she has to stay up to do while the children (are supposed to) sleep? It's like they know.

We are in full-fledged, mischief-in-the-night, Christmas tradition mode over here. The kids are LOVING it. I need a nap. :)

Today we are rewinding the clock to the night of the Light Parade and our Thanksgiving holidays. I wanted to post this over the weekend, but we were having computer issues...and the video I had already edited and finished was deleted.


It's a punch in the gut when you spend two hours of your life working on something that just...disappears.... So I tried again, and today's vlog is my take 2 of the start of our holiday fun!

Cold nights, bright lights, good food, jolly mood!

Today is our annual cookie baking EXTRAVAGANZA! Hope the kids don't have too much homework. We're spending our entire afternoon and evening testing the limits of my mom's oven. ;) And we're sending our love to New York where Eric will be for the next few days. All I want for Christmas is Yoooouu! Yooouu, baby! Haha. Eric hates that song. :D

The tree lighting at Rockefeller Center is tonight. Send us pictures, dear! 

And everybody else - happy Wednesday! 

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