Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rocking Around the Robert Tree

It's officially officially o-fficial. We have definitely, unquestionably, without a doubt, outgrown this house. I know I've joked about it before and alluded to it plenty of times in the past, but over the weekend it became painfully obvious that it wasn't a joke anymore. Between furniture and baby gear I spent about an hour playing Tetris with (extremely heavy) sofas, trying to finagle a spot for our Christmas tree this year. I really wanted to put it in front of the window...but no dice. I finally decided to stick it in a totally random spot along a wall...the only place I could get it to fit. Now our living room is a holly jolly maze-o-fun which you can navigate between couches and ottomans and exersaucers and baby swings.

I'm not sure if our tree has ever been in the same place more than twice since living here. Big Bertha has spent many a holiday with different vantage points over all of our festivities. I like to think it's a nice change for the old girl. And that's another thing. Poor, poor Bertha. Poor old Bertha. She was a pathetic thing last year. I am honestly embarrassed looking back at pictures of how awful she looked. Half of the lights out...and apparently I had no energy to do anything about it or even care. We did our best to fill in the gaps this year...give her a little dignity...but I foresee Christmas tree shopping after the holidays this year. Eric and I bought that tree nearly a decade ago...so she has served us well. Maybe we'll keep her around for good measure. She can be our basement tree when we move. ;)

I was pleasantly surprised when Eric didn't make much of a fuss at all about carrying up our behemoth friend from the basement and putting it together. :) After I messed with the lights and strung the beads, the kids completely took over. I just manned my mom station calling out, "Er...why don't we space those out a bit" at regular intervals and trying not to twitch too much when four of the same ornament were placed on the same branch.

Evelyn climbed to new heights trying to get a few ornaments at the top of the tree. I didn't even yell at her for standing on the couch arms. ;)

Charlotte had fun rolling around in glitter and fake pine needles. Seriously, why do even fake pine needles shed so bad? If there is such thing as a non-shedding Christmas tree, you just go ahead and let me know. And if not, someone should get on that, stat.

We have gotten to the point now where we've collected so many ornaments from so many places that I've forgotten where some of them came from. Before kids I was much more particular about having "matching" ornaments...now I love the hodge-podge that comes with years of living. It's like a scrapbook of memories...on a giant shrub. Our kids love discovering and re-discovering all of the different ornaments, too. I love hearing their gasps and their laughter when they find a favorite. In those moments I can remember those same magical feelings from when I was a kid, and boy does that get my traditional glad tidings tingling.

In the end we're not winning any awards for the most posh or put together Christmas tree, but we definitely get a beloved honorary member of the family for a month. We keep our tree on all day long every day of the season. It makes everything a little more cheery and makes coming home even more fun. I love it! It is quite possibly one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

Now that we have finally reached December we can look forward to many nights watching movies and eating cookies by the glow of twinkle lights. The kids will want hot chocolate every.single.night. We'll stay toasty warm and eat way too much popcorn. And I'll swat Reagan away from the Christmas presents he's trying to sneak open for the twentieth time while no one is looking. Just another December in the Robert household!

One last year, sweet Bertha. One last year!


Heather said...

I love your tree!! I don't enjoy the perfectly decorated, matched trees nearly as much as the fun ones with all of the jolly ornaments. It just gives it a more Christmas feel!

Adrien said...

Thank you! I totally have to eat my words for making fun of my mom growing up with her colored lights and mismatched ornaments. I love it ALL now! Having kids changes a lot. :)


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