Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's been a YEAR! :)

Well hello there! :)

Or as Grubby Longjohn would say, "Howdy! How ya'll doing, ya'll?!"

Someone...I know someone... has to know who Grubby Longjohn is.  That was for you, friend. Whoever you are.

Anyway. Clearly we have not died, because here we are!

I can't tell you why I was gone for so long...yet...because once again we are living in a vague world that is annoying and it's a big part of the reason why I haven't been blogging, because "Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets suck when you blog." No, that didn't rhyme, I'm out of practice. I'm sure I'll be able to tell you eventually. Until then...crazy.

Eric is in New York and the kids are currently enjoying a snow day, so here I am. Forcing myself back on the wagon. I do miss it, it's just so incredibly easy to fall into a pattern of... laziness. :)

We left you before the holidays, which were great! My sister was home and we went to all of the usual parties, ate way too much food, went to the movies, all that fun stuff.

It kind of makes me sick to think about all of the things we skipped over here. But the time has one wants to see 500 pictures of Christmas. I'm like, seriously counting the days until Easter. Spring cannot come soon enough for me.'s just a few more of the fun to fill in the gaps.

Reagan the...bear Shepard? King? What was he? We still do not know - cute, I know that. :)

We have also celebrated some birthdays! John just turned eight...EIGHT. I remember turning eight. That doesn't seem right. And cousin Austin rang in his sixth year with a food fight birthday party.

I can't exactly say it was good, clean fun. But it was a blast. 

And obviously no permanant damage was done.

Speaking of birthdays, we have a first birthday coming up much sooner than I would like to think about around here. Boy, do I have my work cut out for me. I better get on that pretty soon.... I've got the theme, I've got lots of ideas, but I can't invite people to the party in my imagination, unfortunately. 

I didn't get a chance to talk about the New Year and all of those sorts of things like I usually do. What does 2016 hold in store for us? TOO MUCH. Haha. So much. So much change. But even we don't know where exactly we will end up...we are at the mercy of a few variables that will hopefully fall into place over the next couple of months. We are definitely moving. We are definitely doing a bit of travel. It's a weird place to be when you know things are going to happen but don't have all the details yet. Waiting waiting waiting....

And just to add in a bit of our current life...

These kids have been waiting forever for a real snow. Reagan is obsessed with snow angels, fluffy white stuff or not. He'll lay on the living room floor, "I'm making a snow angel!" He'll find a pile of blankets, "Hey look, I'm making a snow angel!" Well finally that kid was able to make a bonafide angel this morning....

The last big snow storm (much bigger than this one!) that we got was the night that Charlotte was born. She is our little ice princess. However, she seemed a bit suspicious of her surroundings today, giving it a good ole dose of side-eye. 

I suppose when you can't play in it, it's just cold and wet and not very appealing, haha. Yes, daughter. This is the junk that nearly caused me to give birth to you in the car. That's an exaggeration. But it did take us two hours to get to the hospital, and I labored about 90% of the way on that long ride. You just had to be the first of four children to actually come on your due date, didn't you? :) Geez, I love this kid. She's the best baby. 

I asked Eric how I should end this post and he thinks it should be with a promise of more to come. Haha, that's what he wants, anyway. :) Well, I can assure you that there is more to come. When, I do not know, but it's coming. Thanks for being awesome, friends. I miss you!


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