Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend

This post is coming a little late, because this was happening yesterday when I normally would have been blogging:

We were waiting around for the delivery man to bring us the first part of our home gym. This was all of the weight lifty, squat rack thingy, muscle people stuff. Clearly, I know nothing about strength training, and Eric promises to help me out there. I'm more excited about the rowing machine and the Assault Air Bike that's still coming...which...I don't know, the sound of something assaulting me doesn't exactly sound appealing, but I am promised it will be a good work out.  This pregnant lady will gladly sit on a bike.

It's not every day that a semi shows up at our house. :)

I personally think it's hilarious that we are getting all of this stuff right before we move, but Eric insisted that it couldn't wait, haha. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited, too. The main...well really the only reason we are messing with it is because, with Eric's insane schedule, he often has to choose between extra family time or any time at all at the gym. He works out a couple of towns over, so he's gone for a few hours when he does a full work out. Now he won't have to choose, and it won't take him nearly as long. And I can join him, too. It's a win-win-win.

Now that you know way more than you ever cared to about our workout habits, what did we do this weekend?

Well there were plenty of googly eyes and sweet nothings exchanged between my sweetheart and me. Got all dolled up and did our normal date night thing. That was special. :) We ended up staying home on Valentine's Day and not venturing out at all because of the weather.

We always get the kids just a little something for love day. This year it was a sweet and practical gift.

A box of chocolates and new Camelbak Eddy water bottles. Haha. They knew these were coming, because they each picked out which design they wanted. They were actually pretty darn excited about it. And they drank extra water that day. ;) We've ditched all of the old sippy cups and random parts...thank goodness. These will come in handy when we start walking regularly again! Come on, Spring. 

Since we bunkered down for the day indoors, Eric and I officially began the first steps of moving...the great de-junk of 2016. It's something we've been meaning to tackle throughout the whole house anyway ever since reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But now that we're going to be packing up our lives again, it's even more urgent to get rid of stuff that's dragging us down. And, was a lot of stuff.

This was what we pulled out of the kitchen cabinets, pantry, and laundry room area. It doesn't include the three big boxes of stuff we took to the thrift store. 

So if there's a picture to sum up our Valentine's Day, that would be it. Romantic, isn't it? :)

I used to love the fact that our kitchen has an obscene amount of cabinet space. Now I know it just meant we could hide an obscene amount of crap we didn't need. Our new kitchen will thank us. 

We did keep up with tradition when we made our annual heart shaped pizzas for dinner. The kids LOVE doing this every year. They especially like taking the extra dough and making their own mini pizzas. Kids are so easy to please!

I'm including this one, because Reagan's face cracks me up!

If you ask Eric this was probably one of his favorite Valentine's Days ever, haha! He can't wait to get back from Boston and New York this week so we can continue the cleaning party. :)

On Monday we attended the memorial service for my Uncle Charlie who passed away recently. I always talk about how Charlie was more of a grandpa to me than an uncle, but I sometimes forget just how many other children could say the same. As it was mentioned in his service, no kids ever wanted to leave Brenda and Charlie's house...there was far too much fun and spoiling there. Charlie was a special kind of guy, caring and gentle and quiet. He was sort of like Mr. Rogers, only in t-shirts instead of cardigans. :) He was lean and lank and his short dark beard always reminded me just a little bit of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe there's more than one reason that Lincoln is my favorite president. :) We will miss Charlie, but I pray we will see him again someday. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the number of friends and family who gathered together to say goodbye...he definitely meant a lot to a lot of people. 

We are so looking forward to a warm up around here as we inch closer and closer to the weekend. The girls ask me nearly every day if it's Spring yet. Instead of cheers there were groans on V-day when it was snowing. "But I thought Spring was coming soon!" said Gracie. Haha. In between enjoying warmer temperatures we will be busy digging ourselves out of the basement and hauling even more junk out of here.

How many more bags do you predict, Eric? I say 115, but that's probably under-shooting. :)

That's our life at that moment! Hope yours is swell. I'm just content to have all of my valentines around me, happy and healthy. It doesn't really matter what we spend our days doing. Date nights or cleaning dates. Going out or being lazy. Just very thankful for the blessings we have been given. Love to all!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

It's no secret that we are history lovers in our little nerd family. We especially love American History, and we enjoy learning about the lives and stories of past presidents and leaders most of all. There is SO much to be told, so many cool stories, that there simply isn't time to discuss in school...but that's not really the point I'm trying to make today. The point is, we get a little excited when it's one of our favorite president's birthdays, and today would be the day that our most favorite president of all was born...207 years ago. Happy 207th Birthday, Abraham Lincoln! Thank you for being born.

We have traditions in our family with naming our children. All of our daughters have flowers for middle names...Lily, Violet, and Rose were our picks the first three times. And it was decided long ago that all of our sons would receive the names of some of our favorite presidents. We weren't able to get very far with that one, haha. But...we do get to take a stab at more time. :)

Yesterday we found out, with what we're calling 99.9% certainty, that baby Robert is a BOY! Woohoo! Haha. He was definitely not shy during the ultrasound. Even before anything was made official by the ultrasound tech, Eric and I were pretty sure we knew what we were seeing on our own. :)

And now we get to use the name we've been reserving for a few years now. We're giving this baby a DOUBLE WHAMMY presidential name. Meet Lincoln Theodore Robert. 

Do you see that brain? This kid is definitely going to be sitting in the oval office some day...just saying.

We're totally excited for all of the adorable nicknames we get to call this child...Link, Teddy, Stinky Linky...just kidding on that last one. But little Link. He's so cute. I can tell already.

I can tell you some others that are also super excited about the news. Our kids! Even Gracie was hoping for a boy this time around. And one of our children is especially happy for a little more balance in the force.

You're not alone, buddy!

We decorated the dining room blue yesterday while the girls were in school. I failed to take a picture, but there were streamers and blue stars hanging from the ceiling. As soon as they walked in the door Evelyn shouted, "It's a boy!!!" She knew right away. 

We haven't known the gender of one of our kids so soon since Evelyn, when we also had an ultrasound around this same time and they took a good guess. I'm thrilled to know. I can start preparing things that much sooner, and since we are likely to be moving at some point before he is born, it will be nice to have things prepared ahead of time. 

At our appointment we were measuring a full week ahead, but they still decided to keep our original due date for now - August 16. I'm honestly not super trustworthy of the dates, so it's very possible we may be seeing him a little sooner than that. Thank GOODNESS he can't possibly come in the middle of a snowstorm...I mean, I really hope not. :) I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't mind having my babies in the heat of summer. I much prefer it to bundling up like crazy!

Another thing the ultrasound confirmed was that we are definitely not having twins. Eric would not stop bugging me about that. "I'm just mentioning it over and over so that we're not so shocked if it happens." Haha. I mean, I know I'm showing super soon this time,'s the fifth child I've carried this far. Totally normal, right? I'm trying to convince myself that consuming double the calories I usually do has nothing to do with that. 

So yes, while the rest of the world is swirling in pinks and reds this weekend, we are seeing BLUE! A great Valentine's Day present for our family. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Let's Talk About Being Pregnant

Well now I think most everyone knows that we are expecting another little Robert child in this family, and what is hilarious is that I'm fairly certain we have friends and family who are less shocked about it than we are. :) Eric and I still have moments of complete disbelief. We're having another baby. 

So let's start sort of at the beginning, which actually begins before this kid entered the picture. We definitely did not plan this pregnancy. In fact, we were seeking out, researching, and getting recommendations of doctors who could help us ensure that this would never happen again. :) In true Robert family fashion, we perfectly exemplify the saying, "We plan, God laughs." Before we could take any permanent action on our own, He just slid another one in there for good measure.

It was December 13 when we finally tested...a Sunday. We had been suspecting for a while, but I was just in complete denial over the whole situation. Normally when I think I'm pregnant I'll take a darn test every day.  I just want to know one way or the other so I can plan my life accordingly. Not this time. I put off facing reality as long as possible. When we finally did get a confirmation that our suspicions were correct, all we could do was laugh.

Well...I walked around in a sort of stupor for a few days. Then I laughed.

And then, much sooner than I would have liked, I got sooo sick. And so tired. And I spent the holidays feeling like complete crap. That is, of course, why I dropped off the face of the planet. I am normally one of those moms who runs around like a crazy person when my kids take a nap, trying to get anything done. But for the last month I have turned into a champion napper, taking any excuse for a rest when I can get it. As a result, this house is a mess, and we still haven't really caught up on things since Christmas. So please, don't come over. Just don't. Haha.

I don't have a lot of pictures to show you today, but I can show you this beautiful little bottle. In desperation I researched any and every thing possible to help with morning sickness. I started taking a B-6 supplement, and it SAVED my LIFE. :) Didn't completely kick the queasiness, but it knocked it back a few levels, making life more bearable. I know most of my friends and family are D.O.N.E having kids, but if you are not...highly recommend! Now if only there were a magic energy pill for pregnant ladies....

We kept our little secret as long as we possibly could. We didn't even tell the kids, because last time they spilled the beans to anyone who would listen. In fact, they had just found out we are expecting the morning that we made the video to share. Grace did let it slip to at least one person within the following 24 hours, because the girl cannot keep things to herself. :) But Evelyn took the secret so seriously that even after we told my parents, she still played dumb...afraid to admit that she knew anything at all. Haha. But it was definitely time to tell. I am already showing so much that it's just becoming impossible to hide it anymore!

All of the kiddos are on team BOY this time around, I think for some pretty obvious reasons. And they are all excited. The afternoon that they found out, Grace came up to me, put her hands on my belly, and said, "I think this is the baby you were supposed to have with Charlotte." My darling five year old melted my heart. She was only four when that happened, and the fact that she even remembered and was thinking of it just made me smile. From the mouths of babes.

Then there is my funny little Evelyn who came bouncing into our bedroom saying, "Charlotte will be SO happy to have one of her own species!" :D Speaking of that, Charlotte is two months older than Evelyn was when I was pregnant with Grace. It's going to be like the experience we had with our first two all over again, which was actually kind of awesome. It's not a bad gig having kids close together, honestly.

Big sister! 

No, the reason for the freak out in the beginning is just because our life was already slated to be a little bit nutso this year...this just added another layer on top of what was already set to be a busy year. We have definitely already had to rearrange a few plans. And as you might guess, the motivation to move is even more expedient. We are a little crazy, but even we have to accept defeat here. We just do not fit in this house...and we're probably breaking fire codes or something.

The vacation that we booked for September...yeah, that cannot possibly happen. Not unless I want to take a two or three week old baby to Disney World. (No thanks.) But. Once again, we are crazy, so we're not completely ruling out a trip later in the year. I'll take a three month old, no problem. ;) I could do a whole blog post on that topic alone, haha. Believe it or not, it's Eric's idea to still go, and am I going to say no to that? No stinking way. :D

Eric's job continues to be busy. Traveling is...well...sort of indefinite. Yay. I keep hearing that the trips are going to be less frequent...and...still waiting on that one. ;) But, jobs buy houses and we're about to have FIVE kids, so "New York New York!"

We have an appointment on February 11 to finally get to take a peek inside! It took us a long time to get to the doctor this time around. Partially because we were stalling and we considered finding a new doctor a little closer to home. By the time we make it to the ultrasound it may actually be possible to see the sex of the baby, especially if it's a boy. We're going to be craning our eyes, haha! I have to admit though...there would be some pretty big advantages if this baby were a girl. Poor Reagan would remain woefully outnumbered, but dividing up bedrooms sure would be a lot easier down the road! :)

I think I may be on the upswing as I inch closer and closer to the finish line of the first trimester. I had a really good day yesterday - felt great! Today...back to being so so tired. I thank you all so much for your kind words and support in the last couple of days. There are a lot of people in this world with strong negative opinions on bigger families. That makes me incredibly sad, but it is what it is. So it's very nice to know we are surrounded with wonderful people who join us in celebrating new life. This is not what we planned, but as always, we have never regretted a single instance when our plans were trumped by something greater. We readjust our ideas and move forward!

But believe me. We'll be making sure this does not happen again. Baby Robert, you are IT!


Happy day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Very Special Valentines!

Well, since this is the first post in the month of February, here's a big 'ole happy love month to you! We are trying really really hard to get it together around here after the last month and a half or so...and to kick off what will hopefully be a new chapter very soon the kids made a video for today. They were busy busy over the weekend, and I hope you'll watch. They made some very special valentines to share with YOU!

I will have A LOT to talk about tomorrow. ;)


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