Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

Wasn't Christmas just a few weeks ago? This year is just flying right by for me! Hard to believe it will be April by the end of this week. :)

We had a really great Easter weekend, and the weather held out for a surprising long time. It was downright beautiful on Saturday, and I was so pleased that Sunday wasn't a complete wash out all day long. It made for a wonderful last Easter in this house...one of the last holidays we will spend here. I'm not getting sentimental yet. Not letting myself go there...haha.

On Saturday morning we met up at my parent's house for our annual egg dying.

As usual this was an activity that started out strong. All of the kids were excited. Then slowly but surely, as we get about halfway through the 4 dozen eggs or so, kids start trickling off one by one to play until it's just the adults left dipping and dying. :) Charlotte was mostly annoyed that I tried to put her down to do something with my life, but grandpa Roger did manage to make her smile.

Charlotte loves her Papa's. I don't know what it is...can't get enough!

That afternoon we loaded up for Easter at my grandma Linnertz's house. The kids were super excited for their first egg hunt!

It was a packed house at grandma's! Nothing better than yummy food, lots of cousins, and plenty of sunshine. 

On Easter morning (Happy Resurrection Day!!) the kids had fun looking through their baskets, getting dressed, and having an egg hunt all before we left for Sunday school. Our Easters are always packed!

Once again, they were chomping at the bit to go after those eggs! Gracie especially loves this stuff...we can't move fast enough for her. 

The entire time we just couldn't help but comment that next year will be so much better if we are able to get the house we have a contract on. (It's not 100% finalized yet!) We will actually have a good yard and more space to run around!

Charlotte's face just cracks me up. :D

We had a great morning at church. The night before I overheard Eric and the girls from their bedroom talking through the entire Easter story. Sometimes you wonder what "sticks" with a kid and what goes right over their heads. But our girls could tell you the story and the reason we celebrate forwards and backwards and inside out, haha. During the service on Sunday, Gracie looked up to me and whispered, "We're apart from God."

Not really sure where she was going with that, I whispered back, "Our sin separates us from God. That's why Jesus came to die on the cross for our sins."

She smiled and said, "Mhmm. So we can live forever with him."

"That's right."

"Jesus is alive," she said. "And we can be with him in Heaven and the New Earth."

I smiled at my smart cookie, and then she cracked me up when she asked, "Uh...are we going to be babies in Heaven?"

"Haha, no," I said. "But we'll have new bodies that are never sick or tired or hurt."

We had our own little Easter lesson in our row during the church service...don't mind us. I have no idea what was going on everywhere else, but I know that Gracie girl got it. :)

After church we had lunch and some more fun at great grandma Robert's house.

Here the kids received some more baskets and small gifts. I caught Evelyn in the corner reading her card out loud. I love having a kid that can read now, it's so great. :)

We had a delicious lunch before heading out for yet another egg hunt.

We still have friends and family who are surprised when they notice that Charlotte has red hair. :) She sure does, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere!

Amy organized a game for everyone to play. I can't remember what it was called, but the idea was that you had to hit hard boiled eggs together, and you wanted to be the person who walked away without having a cracked egg. 

We were set up in a bracket, and family members went head to head, haha.

Hey, there's little Lincoln saying hello. :) I kept thinking to myself all day that I looked like an Easter egg.

In the end it was the two youngest players left in the game!

And Tessa took the prize. :)

Then it was time to hop skip and jump across the street to my parent's house for the last Easter gathering of the day.

The kiddos couldn't wait to look in their buckets. :)

It was here that Charlotte enjoyed her very first Peep!

By this time in the day the air had suddenly turned cool and we knew the rain, which had stayed at bay all day long, was soon on it's way. So we wasted no time in running out for the third Easter egg hunt. All of the kids were just as excited for this one as they were for the first, haha. They never get tired of it!

We had another delicious meal after this! Stuffed, I'll tell you what! As the kids were going through all of their new loot, I asked Eric if he would take a picture with me. I got a typical response. :)

Ignore my face, this just cracks me up!

Whew, and now I'm Easter festivitied out for another year. We need a wheelbarrow to hold all of the treats in our house, haha. I think it's going to have to slowly start disappearing so this mama doesn't eat anymore Reese's eggs! 

I hope that YOU had a happy and blessed weekend, too. He is Risen! From our family to yours, here's a belated "Happy Easter!" :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Boys....

...talkin' 'bout, my boys - my boys!


We checked up on Lincoln yesterday, and everything looks great! No funny cord issues like last time or anything out of the ordinary. We discovered he is a "poser" and because he was being quite the entertainer yesterday we ended up with a roll of photos so long it's nearly as tall as I am. The sonographer made me take the pictures out in a envelope so she wouldn't get in trouble for giving us so many, haha. He is "One of the most photogenic babies I've ever seen!" Which I would like to think is just because he's such a beautiful kid, but I think it was more a commentary on the good views she was getting. ;)

Ready for some of those bad pictures of pictures?

We caught him eating a snack and watched him opening and closing his little mouth and swallowing - it was sooo cute and so cool to see! Talking to all the parents out there, but you know that moment when it finally hits you (like for real) that there is a real person in there? That was it for us this time! Watching him eat totally did it.

Here he is mid-munch....

I always think the profiles of babies on the inside look like Peanuts characters. If I was any good with photoshop, I'd morph my child into Charlie Brown.

There's another cute little boy in my life that had a big week last week...I couldn't NOT document this one! Reagan finally got his chance to do something he has watched two sisters do before him. It's that time of the year for preschool screenings, and Reagan could not WAIT to "go to school!"

He was so pumped. It was all that he could talk about for days....

We dropped Charlotte and Grace off to hang out with my dad for a while and then began our walk to the school. That's when I discovered what kind of a day we were going to have at preschool screening. Reagan was very quiet. Then I heard him sort of whimper.

"What's wrong, buddy?"

"I want to go to grandmas!"

Haha. The child suddenly lost all enthusiasm for going to school once he found out his sisters got to stay with grandpa and he didn't. I had about two minutes to pep talk him into how much fun this was going to be. Was I successful?


We made it through the vision and hearing tests. Then when it was time for the main part of screening he sort of mumbled some answers...halfheartedly scribbled some lines for pictures...then absolutely refused to stand on one foot. At one point there were three of us trying not to laugh and asking him to please show us how to stand on one foot. He just stared at the ground. I'm probably not the best cheerleader in times like these, because I think just it's so funny. I cannot stop laughing.

One of the only colors he would identify...pink. "I bet I know why he knows that one!" Yep, he lives in a world of it.

No matter what anyone said or did, by about the halfway point he would just not say a word. He was done done done. Wouldn't even take any cookies. Then AS SOON as we walked out of the room and saw some kids in the gym across the hall, my dear son looked up to me and said clear as day, "Hey mom, there's some kids playing ball!"

So he wasn't struck mute after all!!

The little stinker proceeded to talk my ear off all the way down the hall and out of the building. It was like he was holding it all in, and of course no one else was around to hear it. :) Preschool is going to be interesting with this one!

Now, I know Gracie is not a boy, but she did want to show you something today.

She was very proud to find a four leaf clover in our front yard. :)

It is bittersweet knowing that we are moving and our kids will be going to a different school next year. It's terrifying knowing that Lincoln is supposed to be born the same week school is likely to start, haha. It's going to be a very crazy time of transition for us. Even I don't know exactly how we're going to handle it. Just another uncertainty in our lives...what else is new?!

It's inspection day, by the way. I'm a little jealous of Eric who gets to go over to the house for a couple of hours this afternoon. Hopefully he remembers to keep me posted on everything! We also have a friend coming to guide him on some of the home improvements that we would be planning. A lot hinges on today...so we'll see how it goes!

Happy day to you friends, and I'm very pleased to officially be able to say Happy Spring!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Charlotte's Golden Birthday Party

We were finally able to celebrate Charlotte's golden birthday this weekend with an appropriately themed Little Golden Book birthday party, fit for a princess. :) It was just a small gathering of family, but I really enjoyed putting this one together for our youngest daughter.

I had so much fun repurposing old books to make many of the decorations. Such an easy way to do almost any birthday or even baby shower theme! If there has ever been a book made with the theme or characters your child loves, then you can easily do this, too!

^ I searched high and low for this particular book, and I definitely didn't cut this one up! Apparently it's super popular and out of print...thank you, eBay. Hold on to those classic Little Golden Books...some of them are worth a little something. :) We managed to track down an original copy from 1972 to display. Now I treasure it!

The birthday girl's birthday throne.

Book page wreaths are very popular on etsy (and are not cheap!) but they are easy enough to make yourself. I loved doing this project!

So many things you can do with the pages of old books! From banners and wreaths to posters and pinwheels. I used title pages from some of the classics to make this banner, which sat above our drink table. Use your imagination and I think you could do just about anything. :)

Unfortunately, the birthday girl wasn't always feeling it....


Charlotte had been so crabby for several days prior to this, and she is super clingy to me right now...even more than usual. We suspected she might be getting some teeth. Sure enough, the day after this her first little tooth came popping out of the bottom of her gummy mouth! I think it must have been waiting for us to have her party. ;)

We just told her it was her party, and she could cry if she wanted to. Haha.

Once again we kept the menu very simple with just a few snacks and an order of pizza, wings, and breadsticks. It's fairly crowd pleasing, especially for kids, and it couldn't get any easier.

And once daddy showed up, Charlotte perked up big time! She has really grown attached to Eric lately, missing him terribly when he has to leave us during the week to travel. His homecomings are especially sweet. ;)

Too bad it's blurry, but you can finally see her little smile. :)

The big kids had fun running around and playing in the bounce house. :)

And I did manage to sneak a couple of photos of Charlotte...not screaming. 

She refused to wear the headband, and chose to make it a bow-tie instead, haha.

Soon it was time to sing Happy Birthday, and Charlotte decided to swipe some icing a little early. She enjoyed it while we serenaded her.

She got some help opening up all of her birthday presents....

Because this is pretty much what she felt about all of that....


For all of the fussy faces she's making in pictures, I do think Charlotte enjoyed her day...even if those darn teeth were bugging her. I know our kids sure had a good time! It was a sweet little party for a sweet little girl. :)

And here's a zoom out of part of our birthday area...have you ever tried to make a gym look cute? Haha. It's not easy, but we tried!

There's something special about first birthdays, and I thought that this one would be the very last that I would ever have to plan. We all know how that turned out! Looks like there will be one more around the corner for this mama. And speaking of the very youngest of the Roberts, we are taking another peek inside this afternoon to check on Lincoln.

I cannot believe we have reached the halfway point already! This summer is going to be super busy for us as well, and I have a feeling this entire pregnancy is just going to fly by. :)

Thank you so much for checking out Charlotte's Little Golden Book first birthday! We love you, friends!


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