Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Charlotte is One!

It's Charlotte's GOLDEN birthday today! She is one on March 1st, which according to the latest birthday fad, means this is an extra special birthday for our youngest daughter.

(If you haven't heard about the golden birthday thing, you have a "golden" birthday when you turn the age of either the day of the month you were born or the year you were born. Charlotte is the first of our babies to reach a golden birthday! Eric thinks this is totally dumb. Haha.)

But of course this special occasion has influenced her birthday party theme this year - which won't be for a few weeks yet! Dare I say it? It's my favorite birthday theme yet! ;)

What can I say about this little girl, except that it has been a JOY...an absolute joy to be her mama this year. She was the best baby! So happy, so content, so easy peasy. If all babies were like her, I'd probably have like five of them!


Charlotte is called all kinds of things around this house. She is the queen of nicknames. Charlie, Charly (Sharly), Char Char, Rose, Charlie Rose, Beauty...she's probably really confused about her name. We can't help it, she's so darn endearing. All sorts of little pet names for this baby.

Like most of her siblings before her, Charlotte doesn't have a single tooth in her gummy mouth yet. We have very late teethers around here, which is fine by me, because they keep that baby look for so long! It won't be long before she seems to turn from a squishy baby to a wobbly toddler over night. It really is a remarkable transformation when our kids get their teeth and start walking all at the same time!

She has the cutest dimples, and she's holding on to that strawberry colored hair...hooray! She is our child with the peaches and cream complexion, which she'll probably hate on days at the beach, but we just love it.

Charlotte has been the biggest blessing to our family. Every single one of us just adore her. Even Reagan will look at her and say, "Charlotte is SO cuuuute!" Evelyn loves that her baby sister shares a very similar disposition to her own. Both were very smiley, happy babies. "We're twins!" she says. Gracie is chief babysitter. She loves taking care of her and mothering her. And Eric. He is in BIG trouble...the way he looks at this baby. Whatever she wants.... :)

When I think back on the last year and those first months of life, I will always remember this little squirt....

I remember thinking that she looked like a baby bird every time she opened her eyes for a few minutes and peeked out into the world. :) Charlotte was the sleepiest baby ever. I can only hope that little brother Lincoln will follow in her footsteps!

Aww...take me back to the the peach fuzz days, I miss it!

Charlotte's favorite thing these days is...food. She is pro-food. Whatever you are eating, you better be prepared to hand some over. She will growl at you...and I'm not even joking, growling is her preferred way of communication. That, and "Daddadadada...." Having no teeth does not stop this child from gnawing pretty much anything you hand her way. Her discovery of "real" food was sparked when she found someone's chocolate Santa at christmastime and proceeded to devour that thing before anyone was the wiser. Since that day, if I hear lip smacking sounds coming from behind a chair or under a blanket, I know it's Charlotte enjoying some treat her siblings left behind. She cracks me up. :)

I can't believe it has been a whole year. I want to scoop her up and love her all day!

I know that Charlotte has A LOT of little birthday buddies today, including a new cousin who was just born this morning! So Happy Birthday to all of the March 1 babies out there! Charlie was the first of our children to be born on her actual due date...and...you know the story. It's a great day for a birthday. :)

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Rose! We love you...and I promise I'll give you some cake later, my beauty!

Hope you all have a great day - and happy March to all. Spring is coming...woot!


Heather said...

She is just so darn adorable. I'm trying to decide which one of her older siblings she looks like....but I really think she has a look all her own! Happy Birthday!

Adrien said...

Oh, I totally agree! Sometimes I'm jealous of families where everyone looks the same and the relation is undeniable, haha. I think they all look different! :)

Sara Simpson said...

Such a little cutie & beauty!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Cassie said...

happy birthday pretty little lady. you make me want five more as well! lol.
give me all the babies!


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