Monday, March 21, 2016

Charlotte's Golden Birthday Party

We were finally able to celebrate Charlotte's golden birthday this weekend with an appropriately themed Little Golden Book birthday party, fit for a princess. :) It was just a small gathering of family, but I really enjoyed putting this one together for our youngest daughter.

I had so much fun repurposing old books to make many of the decorations. Such an easy way to do almost any birthday or even baby shower theme! If there has ever been a book made with the theme or characters your child loves, then you can easily do this, too!

^ I searched high and low for this particular book, and I definitely didn't cut this one up! Apparently it's super popular and out of print...thank you, eBay. Hold on to those classic Little Golden Books...some of them are worth a little something. :) We managed to track down an original copy from 1972 to display. Now I treasure it!

The birthday girl's birthday throne.

Book page wreaths are very popular on etsy (and are not cheap!) but they are easy enough to make yourself. I loved doing this project!

So many things you can do with the pages of old books! From banners and wreaths to posters and pinwheels. I used title pages from some of the classics to make this banner, which sat above our drink table. Use your imagination and I think you could do just about anything. :)

Unfortunately, the birthday girl wasn't always feeling it....


Charlotte had been so crabby for several days prior to this, and she is super clingy to me right now...even more than usual. We suspected she might be getting some teeth. Sure enough, the day after this her first little tooth came popping out of the bottom of her gummy mouth! I think it must have been waiting for us to have her party. ;)

We just told her it was her party, and she could cry if she wanted to. Haha.

Once again we kept the menu very simple with just a few snacks and an order of pizza, wings, and breadsticks. It's fairly crowd pleasing, especially for kids, and it couldn't get any easier.

And once daddy showed up, Charlotte perked up big time! She has really grown attached to Eric lately, missing him terribly when he has to leave us during the week to travel. His homecomings are especially sweet. ;)

Too bad it's blurry, but you can finally see her little smile. :)

The big kids had fun running around and playing in the bounce house. :)

And I did manage to sneak a couple of photos of Charlotte...not screaming. 

She refused to wear the headband, and chose to make it a bow-tie instead, haha.

Soon it was time to sing Happy Birthday, and Charlotte decided to swipe some icing a little early. She enjoyed it while we serenaded her.

She got some help opening up all of her birthday presents....

Because this is pretty much what she felt about all of that....


For all of the fussy faces she's making in pictures, I do think Charlotte enjoyed her day...even if those darn teeth were bugging her. I know our kids sure had a good time! It was a sweet little party for a sweet little girl. :)

And here's a zoom out of part of our birthday area...have you ever tried to make a gym look cute? Haha. It's not easy, but we tried!

There's something special about first birthdays, and I thought that this one would be the very last that I would ever have to plan. We all know how that turned out! Looks like there will be one more around the corner for this mama. And speaking of the very youngest of the Roberts, we are taking another peek inside this afternoon to check on Lincoln.

I cannot believe we have reached the halfway point already! This summer is going to be super busy for us as well, and I have a feeling this entire pregnancy is just going to fly by. :)

Thank you so much for checking out Charlotte's Little Golden Book first birthday! We love you, friends!


Heather said...

What a cute idea for a birthday theme! I love it!!

Stefanie said...

Lovely! Such a sweet theme!

Adrien said...

Thanks! :)


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