Monday, March 7, 2016

Finally House Hunting!

House hunting is EXHAUSTING.

Fun, but exhausting! After going to church yesterday morning Eric and I spent the entire day attending open houses and driving through the neighborhoods of homes we have earmarked as potential buys for us. We learned some my favorite house in listings is in the WORST location ever....we didn't even bother going inside. We learned that nothing is funnier after a long day than reading street names like Dingledine and Crested Butte.

We found our DREAM location, where several of the houses we had already picked out from online listings reside. We turned the corner from the neighborhood to find all of the shopping we already love and Eric said, "If only there were an Aldi right here, it would be perfect!" We're such nerds.

It was just then that I looked to my right and screamed, "Oh my gosh, there's Aldi!!" Haha. I think we may have found heaven on earth. :) What am I going to do with all of my free time when all of our preferred shopping and entertainment is five minutes from our house? Everyone in rural USA knows you have to drive an hour to get to those things. That's half of date night. :D

Our open house flyers started stacking up!

We were in good company everywhere we went. Charlotte joined us and lots of other families with babies. One of the realtors commented, "This time of the year everyone either has really little ones or is pregnant!" Yes. We come out of hiding in the spring searching for new shelter. 

We're probably one of the few younger families who find homes with pools to be somewhat of a deterrent. I am really snobby about houses that don't have soaker tubs. Eric is equally snobby about the size and look of showers. Haha. But in reality we're willing to concede on a lot of things to get a great location. Weird wallpaper? Tacky texture? Disgusting carpet? If the price is right - bring it. :) We're finding that in the area we are moving to, and with the size of home we need, we will either find our absolute finished dream home or one that needs a lot of cosmetic projects. We prefer neighborhoods with character over newer developments. All of this is to say...I have NO IDEA what we will actually end up with. We haven't committed to anything yet. We have realtor meetings this week to help us narrow things down. And those lovely realtors have reminded us that in our situation we shouldn't rule out building something, so...who knows! It was a very productive day yesterday, though. We have a much better idea of things. 

The only thing we don't have is the ability to pack up our parents and bring them with us. I mean...they could totally move their entire lives to be near us if they wanted, that's fine...hint pressure. :) We will miss grandmas and grandpas being just a stone's throw away. It's going to be a huge adjustment when we move, that's for sure. We won't talk about changing schools and churches and doctors and...yeah...let's not talk about it. We'll just accentuate the positive, like more space, more to do, and less commutes. Also, dirt cheap property taxes, we cannot forget that. :)

You can bet your boots we'll keep you posted!

Our weekend isn't technically over yet thanks to Mr. Casimir Pulaski. If you're not from Illinois...don't worry about it, haha. But the kids have been having SO much fun with grandparents this weekend. Visiting parks and going to special events and hanging out. They've stayed busy busy busy. And I'll throw in a couple of pictures from their Kids for Christ closing program this past Thursday.

Grace got to go this time, too. She loved it! All of the kids seem to really love it. It's a great after school program for those that have kiddos in our area. :)

I got to spend a couple of hours this morning being transformed into a new woman. Aka: I got my hair done. Hadn't seen the inside of a salon (for myself) since last June. Holy moly. Thanks, Erin. See you next year! (Just kidding! Maybe. Five kids. Whoa.)

And that's what is happening around here. I have a real estate homework assignment to complete and send to my husband, and these kids are getting ready to head out the door once again, so this is where I say peace out! 

Peace out.


Heather said...

I am sooooo so so so so sooo jealous of your house hunting. I would love to be about 5 minutes away from a book store, a Target, an Aldi, a good sushi restaurant, and a grocery delivery service. That's all :)

Adrien said...

A grocery delivery service - yes, I would do anything for that! I just wish we could pack up the people in our life and take them with us. So bittersweet!

Cassie said...

i feel like i have been where that first picture was taken. st. charles/st. peters area. we have a few friends who live out that way. small world if you all become neighbors!

so excited for you guys and your big move!!


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