Tuesday, March 15, 2016

House Stuff :)

I am pleased to say that the bubble guns that we recommended last year are still going strong at our house! The kids LOVE these things.

I believe they are called "Bubbles Inside Bubbles Sticks" and we found ours at Walmart last year. I haven't looked to see if they are out again, but if you can find them, I still highly recommend these for warm weather fun. They make the perfect Easter basket stuffer!

But that's not the real reason for the check in today. House news!

We just wanted to let our friends and family know that we have officially put in an offer on a house...it's been accepted...and we're excited to start the inspection process! That was...much quicker than we expected, haha. Signed everything electronically just last night.

So...you wanna see it?

It's cute. We're happy with it.

It's just the right mix of good bones with little things that are begging to be updated to our own personal touches. We fell in love with the neighborhood, it has a great yard, a walk out basement, and it checks all the boxes we wanted. It's not our dream home from day one, but it's a great little house. :)

Okay, so here it is...from the outside!

Update: I swiped some pictures of the back of the house, too. :) We were very happy with the size of the yard compared to similar homes in the area. It was a big selling point!

Thanks to some wonderful relationships that have been made through the radio station, we are friends with home builders and designers and landscapers and all kinds of people, some of who are going to descend on this place like a home buying SWAT team before we officially decide if we take the keys. Haha. That all takes place next week!

If all goes according to plan we will spend about a month updating a few things before we move in just after the school year. We'll see!

Also this week we are finally gearing up for Miss Charlotte's first birthday party. She is probably the tiniest one year old I have ever had. Just a little squirt! I'm excited to celebrate her...and here she is enjoying a cupcake on her actual birthday.

Yummy. :)

Okay! Gotta run! Sending Eric off to Washington D.C in about 15 minutes. Speaking of...we voted this morning. Woot. God Bless the USA. Go and vote, local friends!

Okay bye for real.


Cassie said...

it is gorgeous and totally not little by any means!
i am so happy for you guys!!

sblind2 said...

YAY! congrats!!

Adrien said...

Thanks! :)

Sara Simpson said...

Looks wonderful!!!!

Garima said...



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