Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fourteen in Sixteen!

Most married people look back on the day they said "I do" and consider that one of their most meaningful anniversaries to celebrate. For whatever reason, it seems that Eric and I get more excited and look more forward to April 6 every year - the day that we started dating fourteen years ago.

While September 13 (our wedding date) will always be a super special date to us, we both agree that it was April 6, 2002 when our lives took a dramatic turn. We wake up every single year on this day and say things to each other like, "What would life look like right now if you hadn't asked me to be your girlfriend?" "Where would I be if you hadn't said yes??" Eric and I agree that neither of us would be any good at dating as adults, and that we found each other at just the right awkward times in both of our lives, haha.

This year is extra special, because Eric officially reached the "half of his life" mark with me. :) He is 28 years old, and we've now been together for half of his entire life. If this is sounding like a totally dorky thing to keep track of, that's because it is, but these are the things we think and laugh about. We haven't been together for years and years like so many wonderful couples we know and admire, but I can honestly say that this guy still gives me butterflies for real, even more than he did fourteen years ago.

These pictures still make me chuckle. :)

It's hard to know if we get along so well because we agree on so many things, or if we agree on so many things because we were forming our opinions together during some pretty formative years. :) We eerily agree on just about everything. I have started noticing that we have begun finishing each others thoughts and sentences regularly. We read something and get excited to share it, only to discover the other one just read that same thing, too. Even when we're apart we are operating on the same wavelength. It's like twins who were separated at birth, but not. He is truly my best friend, and I am so thankful for him.

Eric knows exactly how I feel about him. I definitely don't feel a need to proclaim my love for him publicly all of the time, but there are just some days that I want to SHOUT about how much I love this man. Today is one of the those special days for us, so I'm proclaiming it.

I love you, Eric Robert! Thank you for making life so great!

 We got married and had a baby!

And I was pregnant with Gracie here. :)

We've done a lot of cool stuff together!

There are no "secrets" to a successful relationship, if you ask me. People are just too different, and everyone has different priorities. No one has asked so I'm not going to dole out unsolicited marriage advice today, but I can say that WE work because we communicate constantly, stay faithful to each other, we invest in each other, we have goals together...we're a team! I couldn't do what I do without him, and he couldn't do what he does without me. We keep God first, but I don't feel like I come second to anything else in this world. I hope he feels the same! :)

Thank you for making my dreams come true, Eric Robert! God knew what he was doing when he put us together. Love you!!


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You too are so sweet!!!! Happy Anniversary!

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