Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sometimes We Just Can't Win!

I'm pretty sure we bought a house. Like officially...post inspections and haggling and literally waiting until the absolute last minute last night to send over our signatures on the final deal (because our sellers are little bit of a pain in the butt, not gonna lie. Haha.) Closing is May 10! Then the real work begins for us....

So about our last weekend.

On Friday evening we had a great time attending the annual Life Network donor banquet. I look forward to it every year. We have a rotation with this event...I'm either pregnant or with a small baby at the dinner, without fail, every single year. This year we were able to leave Charlotte at home, but I was sporting a little baby bump once again. That's fine, I got to make it through an entire dinner without holding an infant or spoon feeding another human being, and that's a big win for me!

On Saturday we enjoyed a lovely date night, got home with our arms full of groceries, and then we discovered that our refrigerator had gone out.


Eric took the food we had just purchased to his parent's house. We got to spend the entire next morning cleaning out a refrigerator and waiting on the repairman to come. (Thank goodness our landlord found someone to come out on a Sunday! And...uh...thank goodness we didn't have to pay for it. Sigh...there are some things about renting we will miss terribly.)

So on Sunday afternoon we had to go shopping for all of the refrigerated things we had to throw out.  We get to Walmart, and what do we see?

I don't think I really set up the scene properly prior to this, but you have to know that we had just come off of an absolutely crazy week and were mentally preparing for an even crazier this week. The fact that our refrigerator went out was just the icing on the cake...a real, "Of course it did" sort of moment. So when we got to the store and saw these signs posted everywhere, it was borderline TV sitcom comical for us.

We drove home and paid a premium for milk in town. :)

We didn't have time to keep running around, because we had a birthday to celebrate! My dad turned 50 last week, and we enjoyed a BBQ, birthday cake, and kite flying on the glorious afternoon.

Even Charlotte tried her hand at flying kites. :)

You know, the older I get the more the parent-to-child age ratio starts freaking me out a little bit. I mean...I'm 30 and my parents are only 50. When I was ten and they were thirty it still seemed totally legit...I was 1/3 their age. But now...I'm 3/5 their age. 60%. I'm 60% my parent's age. And that gap just keeps getting less and less as the years go by.

That's just not right. :)

I had to take this picture of Charlotte singing happy birthday to her Papa. I'm pretty sure she was more excited for his birthday than her own, haha.

We did get a bit of good news yesterday, which alleviates some of the craziness we had been anticipating this week. Eric doesn't have to go to New York! It honestly feels like he's on a surprise vacation now even though he'll still whistle off to work every morning. At least he'll be sleeping in the same state as us all week long...that's something.

And in other news, don't bother trying to get a hold of me via the phone, because you can't. Mine went to phone heaven and we're working on getting a replacement. We're not exactly on a winning streak at the moment so you may want to stay far away from us. Or bring some bad luck repellent if you come over.

But we did buy a house. Even if the sellers were a pain in the butt. So we'll take the good with the bad. :)

I hope you have a very great week!!


Heather said...

YAY ON THE HOUSE!!! I can't wait to see all of the fun pictures!

Adrien said...

:) Me either, I wish I could fast forward time, haha!

Stefanie said...

Exciting!!! And seriously, having your fridge go out is the worst!! My inlaws deep freezer died and they didn't find out for over a week...it.was.gross.


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