Monday, April 25, 2016

This is a fun time, right?

First, if you were planning a Disney World trip this year in the fall and were waiting for free dining dates to be announced, stop reading this NOW and run to the website! Haha. Free dining opened up this morning, and in a frenzy and after about ten heart attacks after booking the WRONG dates for some extended family members, I'm pretty sure we are all booked for our new trip dates. Instead of going in September for the fall festivities as usual, we will be planning to go the last week of November and enjoying some of the Christmas activities for the first time. I cannot WAIT!

I really recommend going online vs. calling if you are booking a trip today. The phone lines will be tied up all day long.

Now we pray that Lincoln is a good and easy baby so we have no reservations about taking him along. :)

So hello! I sometimes lose track of time these days, but once I start getting the "Is everything okay??" messages I know it's probably been a while since I updated the blog. Yes, we are okay! We are in a weird period of transition right now where everything we do pretty much centers around the fact that we are planning a big move and we have a TON of junk to sort through! It really makes for boring blog posts...or I mean, it would if I had actually been posting something.

I would say that we are currently in the calm before the storm (we close on May 10), but I think Eric would lose it if I described his life at the moment as "calm." Work has been absolutely nuts for him. He is literally being pulled in ten different directions and traveling everywhere and being given even more responsibilities (as if he didn't have enough!) and in some ways it's all very good and in other's just crazy. We have to remind ourselves to stop and breath and count our blessings. 

Also considering therapy. 

We can see how God is using a lot of our situation to lay out a future for us that we simply cannot see right now. And we keep getting little confirmations that we are heading in the right direction. 

One of the things I have worried about most in our move is the fact that we are transitioning the kids to a new school and that I would be totally on my own to get them to and from every day. It's hard enough with four kids to get everyone where they need to go, but we are going to have a newborn, likely in the first week that the kids start the school year. It's just going to be a hard time, like it or not. So I fretted over whether or not the girls would be able to ride a bus and how all of that would work out....

Just this weekend I was perusing our new school's website and saw a button I hadn't noticed before for "new families." And through that link, I saw a "school boundaries" page which showed where all of the school's bus stops are. I seriously could have done cartwheels in bed when this picture popped up:

Do you see that?? The little house icon is where we will live, and the bus stop that services our entire neighborhood is right in front of our house! I can literally stand on the front porch every morning and watch the girls get on the bus, which is a huge blessing. We had no clue that the home we chose would position us so perfectly for a situation that I had been really worrying about. We could not have planned that better ourselves. I am no longer stressed about dealing with a newborn and getting everyone in the car every morning. Thank goodness! :) It's the little things, but sometimes those little things can seem very big.

Over the past couple of weeks our kids have been keeping very busy doing lots of fun activities with grandparents, and the girls have started up swim lessons again. They are going to be champion swimmers, let me tell ya. Haha. I have had the pleasure of beginning the long and painful process of sorting our lives, and I'm thinking that, like it or not, we're going to have to have a garage sale before we move. If you are local and have a girl that wears size 4 or 5, you're in luck cause we have lots of great stuff that needs to GO. 

Perhaps a little disadvantageously, we have been simultaneously buying new stuff for the new place. Eric says we have stop though, because we have no place to put it all. :D I've never been able to shop for a home that is ALL OURS before, but I do believe it's time to cool my jets. :)

Our current plan is to hire out some help in getting our house ready to move in as soon as possible. The entire house is being painted, ceilings are being scraped, we are ripping up some carpet and tiling a couple of bathrooms...all of that will take us from a house that was clearly built in the late 90's and bring us up to about builder grade 2016. Haha. We need new appliances, we're changing out fixtures and door handles...lots of little things...and we hope to be all moved in around mid-June. 

I have been without a camera for a while because our charger was lost, but we ordered a new one and now I'm back in business! So hopefully we will be able to share a lot coming up...when there is something to share. :) I definitely want to start vlogging again and stop missing so much of my little ones' little hoods. Charlotte just keeps growing up and she won't stop, the little stinker!

It's going to be a crazy, stressful, panic inducing, busy, but sort of awesome couple of months for us, so I hope you'll stick around for the fun. (Fun! Fun? I'm not sure which!) Over and out.


Heather said...

I know how stressful this is for you...but I am so jealous! I dream about the moment we will have a house that is all ours. I love the updates...keep them coming!

Katie said...

I've been blog creeping to keep updated on your housing situation since you said you all were looking in the St. Peters area. We live in St. Peters! Did you end up finding something out here?! We moved out here when our oldest was 6 weeks old and it was stressful so I can't imagine how stressful it is with 4 kiddos and 1 on the way! It will be so worth it in the end, though! If you are moving out here we'll have to get in touch!

Adrien said...

Thanks for the encouragement, friends! It's a crazy time, haha!

Katie - Our house is in O'Fallon near Dardenne Prairie. :) We should get in touch, I'm super excited about the area. So much to do!


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