Friday, May 6, 2016

2016 Field Trip Fun + Vlog

Both Evelyn and Grace took their turns with school field trips this week. Eric and I divided and conquered. If it were up to us we would both go on every field trip there is, haha. But this year Eric took Evie with her first grade class to the Magic House, and I went with Gracie for her last trip in pre-k to Purina Farms. Spoiler alert: They both had a great time! :)

Obviously I wasn't around to document all of the fun with Eric and Evie. But I have been told numerous times that they had a great daddy/daughter time!

Our family visits the Magic House fairly regularly on our own, so the kids pretty much know every nook and cranny of the place. Evelyn spent a lot of her time in the grocery store....

...serving up pizzas...

...and taking care of babies.

I'm pretty sure I checked in with Eric three times to make sure he was taking pictures of their day, haha. Good job, daddy. :)

When I was asking all about their day, Eric informed me with a grin that the last thing they did was to go to the "bank" and make a budget together. I thought he was joking. He was not. Evie planned out her life and Eric helped her with her finances, haha. Of course they did.

Though, if anyone from the Magic House happens to see this, apparently your budgets need updating. The tax rates are way off, and mortgages for mansions are entirely unrealistic. You're welcome.

Yesterday Gracie and I slid ourselves into a tiny bus seat and bumped our way to Purina Farms.

Grace got to come here last year too, so she was super excited to be able to show me around.

We had a ton of fun and took lots of pictures....

...but I thought it would be more fun to share a video of our day. :)

Hooray - I am so glad to have our camera back! If you have never been to Purina Farms, this should give you a pretty good idea of what they have to offer! It's one of the many FREE family activities you can do in the St. Louis area. (Though, note that you cannot bring your own food in. But they do serve up hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, nuggets, etc. if your tummy starts to rumble!) 

From farm animals to play areas and dog shows, it's a good way to spend a few hours with little ones. Here's a taste of our whole day, wrapped up in about seven minutes. ;)

Going on field trips can only signal one thing, and that's that the end of the school year is fast approaching. Next week is Grace's very last week as a pre-k kid. I can't believe it! Two kiddos in school full-time next year. Boy do I hope we like our new school, haha. 

Happy Mother's Day a little early to all of the moms out there! I'm certainly thankful for the blessing of being mom to our brood, and extra thankful for the special and rare time I get to spend with the kids one-on-one. I hope that you all have a really great weekend!

Next week for us: a final walkthrough, house closings, possible jaunts to New York, pre-k graduation, and more. My week is busy and Eric's is busier, and that's just pretty much the way it is so I should probably just stop mentioning it by now, haha. Come on summer break, we're ready! :)


Heather said...

I've been wondering for a while if my little animal freak would get anything out of this place. Looks right up her alley!

Adrien said...

Uh, yes, Kinley would love it!!


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