Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gracie Says Goodbye!

!yadseuT yppaH !sdneirf teews ,ereht olleh lleW

^ That's me in rewind mode, cause we're backing it all the way up to last Thursday and beyond today!  I haven't been able to sit down and blog, but there is no way I can pass up documenting some of our last few days.

So Gracie. She is done with preschool, for now and forever. I am fine with first things. I don't get super choked up when it comes to new. But you all know me and seeing things come to end. I can't handle it. I think I can. And then I can't. Totally fine one minute, then it hits me that we're NEVER going to do something EVER AGAIN, and I'm done. So it was on last Thursday when I dropped Gracie off for her last day....

Grace was excited for beach day, wearing her flamingo swimsuit under her tie-dye and reveling in the one and only day that she could wear flip flops to school.

My darling daughter was too busy dreaming about pretend flights on airplanes and playing in sand to fully take in and realize the meaning of this day...the fact that it was the last time she would see most of these friends, the last time she would have the teachers she has known for the last two years, the last time she would ever be a student at this school. (That or she's five and doesn't really get it, but you know, haha.) But I realized all of these things. Boohoo!

It's not just any last day of school when you know you are moving away. It was a really final and true last. I walked Grace up the sidewalk in the rain, got in the car, pulled away, and that's when it came. Holy moly. Whimpered like a little baby the whole way home.

Grace had a great day! When I picked her up she said, "I am so full!" Haha. They had lunch and then a little later a snack of hot dog squids, cheese puffs, pretzels, and juice (or so she tells me!) Gracie got to share her beach towel with one of her best pals, Isabella.

Did she get to tell Isabella goodbye? I don't know. She may never see Isabella again. I don't even know who Isabella's parents are. Like seriously, I can't think about this. It's only preschool, Adrien, pull it together. I'm going to be that mom at graduations, I'll tell you what.

And speaking of graduations, that evening Gracie had her pre-k graduation ceremony to seal the deal once and for all. Many of the graduates were in a different class than Grace this year (we stayed with the afternoon group - this mama doesn't do mornings well, haha) so it was fun for her to get to see some old friends again.

The apple dress lives to see another day. Both Evie and Grace have worn this dress on their first and last days of preschool. And even though it's been two years since Grace wore it last, and even though Grace and Evelyn are vastly different builds...it always fits! It's like a magic dress. It's like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants dress. I'm saving it for Charlotte. :)

The evening is always a cute affair with singing and diploma getting. Then of course, cookies and punch...which...I mean, that's a pretty good part, too. :)

Of course I caught some of it on video, and yes, there is another vlog today because those are my favorite. There's a whole bunch of random footage, so you're welcome. I didn't say I was good at vlogging, just that I like it.

Gracie calls herself a kindergartner now, and that she is. She made her dad download abcmouse.com so she can be all studied up over the summer, haha.

While I could sit here and blubber all day, time marches on and we're already moving on to what's next! The kids were able to take a trip with us to see the new house this weekend, and they didn't want to leave. I think Reagan might be a little confused over the whole situation, and when he realized later in the evening that we weren't already staying at the new house forever he was pretty bummed out, haha. They are so ready! And we'll share some more about that tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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Heather said...

Awwww...I almost had a few sniffles reading this myself!


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