Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy May!

It's field trip week for us! Boy I love the end of the school year, don't you? This morning we sent Eric and Evelyn off for a day at the Magic House....


And if my husband looks like he's over dressing the dad role just a little bit for a day spent with first graders, it's because he has to pop into work after, haha. That is actually extremely casual for him on a normal Tuesday. :D

So it's happening! Part of our weekend was spent hauling out some of the bigger things that have been taking up space in our basement for years and years. Lots of furniture was taken to the thrift store...two loads of it. We honestly don't have the time to sell it off piece by piece, so if you are looking to furnish an entire home, you can take yourself to Nice Twice and find just about everything you need there right now.

Seriously, we had TWO living room sets, an entire bedroom set and mattresses, dining set, toddler bed, several little tables and chairs....we could have roomed another family in the basement. Now we actually have space down there to start sorting out everything else!

Yesterday Eric took the day off of work, because I had an early morning doctor's appointment (glucose test...yay) and we had some other things to do in the area. We had a couple of squirrelly kids along with us, so Eric eventually took them out to the car and I snapped this awesome picture of myself waiting 30 minutes for my 5 minute check up.

Really, we were just texting and being goofy, but I'm throwing this picture up there because I don't think I have ever really posted a baby bump photo of Lincoln. What is wrong with me? Can you see it there? Barely? Well, he's there I assure you. I have gained like 35 pounds already to prove it. :) Twenty-five weeks down and fifteen more to go!

We also got to drive by our house and...you know...see if it was still standing and everything. I actually hadn't been since we did our very first walk through. I love it even more now that all of the trees are in bloom! Reagan was able to see it for the very first time, and boy is he excited to move. I can't wait until we are finally able to take the girls.

And then we hung out for a bit at the Fine Arts Festival at the school last night.

Grace might be sending you a subliminal message there, I don't know.

Evelyn is our budding family artist. The girl can draw amazing things! The kiddos had fun doing art projects, eating ice cream, and bleeding their grandma Joyce dry at the book fair. Haha. We ran into my mom and John while we were there! We're going to miss our school when we move, but rumor has it that our new school has an art show, too. ;)

On Thursday Grace and I get to take our turn field tripping, and I'll be packing and cleaning every other day. Speaking of...there's a closet with my name on it right now. Oh, and a wonderful bit of news for us. Our landlord has informed us that he won't be showing our current place until we're all moved out, because he's painting and replacing all of the carpets first. That is uh-mazing...now I don't have to stress about trying to keep a clean house for showings in the middle of packing. That will move things along much more quickly...and we don't even have to worry about cleaning carpets. They are going, going, gone. So if you will be looking for a place to rent in our area soon, I know a great one! Why didn't we ever get fresh paint and carpet?? :)

Alright. Time to do something with my life, for real. Hope you have a great day today, and happy May!


Heather said...

I know someone looking for a rental in Red Bud!

Adrien said...

I think ours will be opening up at the end of June! :)


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