Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Officially Homeowners!

It seems that often when our family has some sort of momentous occasion that the skies open up and bless us with a glorious rain. On our wedding night there was a huge storm with high winds that picked up my parent's trampoline and blew it over their fence and into the nearby school. It rained the morning we were on the Dave Ramsey has been a downpour every single time we've arrived on vacation...and yesterday as we were getting ready to leave to close on our first home, we were blessed with a full on bucket dump. A superstitious person might say we are extremely lucky. I say it's a royal pain in the behind. :)

But we made it! Just in time for our closing yesterday morning. Signed our life away the million papers. Got our keys, and the sun decided to come out right as we were arriving at the house.

Miss Charlotte came with us yesterday and crawled herself silly around the empty place. We had a couple of appointments at the house to meet with some contractors, so I don't have any sort of official tour to give you today. Eventually I will show you all around. :) But I did snap a few pictures of Charlotte being silly, and you can kind of see a little bit of the space in those, haha.

I affectionally refer to our home as the "Home Alone" house at the moment because of all of the rad wallpaper everywhere. Here's Charlotte checking out the stripes in the hallway...and here's how she feels about them....


It was hard to keep the little stinker pinned down yesterday.

She army crawled through the office...

...and she loved the stairs. (Oh brother!)

Charlotte really likes her new room. She was pretty obsessed with the ceiling fan in there. 

But mostly she loves the carpet everywhere. She kept stopping and rubbing her head on it, haha.

There are a lot of big and little projects we have ahead of us. We are finding ourselves having to prioritize things we would like to do now, things we can wait to cash-flow and budget for over the next few months, and things we will be waiting to do until next Spring. To give you an idea...Eric walked around yesterday and counted every single light fixture...every single electrical outlet...every single doorknob. Haha. It's all being replaced.

I'm very curious about the quotes we will be getting back from the contractors over the next few days! The less we have to do ourselves the better. I actually don't mind painting and stuff like that, but...I'm pregnant. And it's a big job. And we currently live over an hour away, so finding time to do it all is a challenge. So as much as I would love to peel wallpaper, someone else can have the's fine. ;)

Our hope is to finally get the rest of the kids here this weekend to see the place. They have been waiting patiently! I loved moving when I was a kid, and none of our own kids remember living anywhere but where we are now. It will be a big change for them!

So are you ready for a little change of scenery around here? I sure am! :) I can't wait for all of the new memories ahead.

Oh, and Eric - we did it!!


Heather said...

I am so stinking happy for you!! That house looks amazing. And HUGE! Congrats to both of you...I know it was a long hard road for you, but man...that payoff looks amazing!

Melissa said...

Fairly certain your new home is a stones throw away from my old house. That is a great area, super convenient (although not to Red Bud)...and the people are real. Which is also very refreshing. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. Be very proud.

Adrien said...

Thank you, thank you! :) I do think the house looks bigger in pictures, haha! But it is a vast improvement from where we are now, that's for sure. No more two bedrooms for six people!

The location is definitely what sold us, and especially this neighborhood. I'm excited! (We're in O'Fallon *just* within the Dardenne Prairie limits.) Thanks! :)

Stefanie said...

So exciting!! Congrats!! Enjoy making it your own! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

Sara Simpson said...

Congrats to your family! Such an exciting time!!!! Can't wait to see all the changes you make and how you make it your own.


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