Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our House is...a Mess. :)

I'm trying not to lament the fact that Eric and I are supposed to be on a plane to California right now and we're totally not. We had planned a trip for a long time to visit Mickey Mouse, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Nixon this week...but alas, we ultimately decided there was just too much going on right now for us to up and leave the premises. Gosh darn it! So long, California adventure. I'd like to say that we will reschedule when life dies down a little bit, but I'm having a baby in August, so good luck with that one. It will probably be another year before we can consider going, haha.

But it's cool. It's cool. Doing the adult thing, you know. And it's all for the house cause. Gotta watch our time and our budget at the moment! That is, of course, what we're chatting about today. House updates!

When we walked into the house this weekend, I was a little surprised by the upheaval! I mean...I don't know what I was expecting...but it is definitely no longer a kid-friendly zone. There are power tools, boards and ladders and screws laying around e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. I quickly learned that an exposed electrical outlet is much more tempting to little fingers than a regular one. There isn't a single door on it's hinges (including bathroom doors, so good luck there!) I knew that the wallpaper removal and trim paint were being started last week, but I didn't think through how much prep that would require!

No more stripes!

Many of the downstairs rooms are already looking so much fresher without the wallpaper everywhere. In our living room the entire back wall behind the fireplace was wallpaper. Now I can picture it much better with our paint color.

The two-story stripes are long gone, and I can't wait until there is some color up on those walls!

Reagan's bedroom used to have a Cardinals border and BRIGHT red paint on the bottom. Now you would never know....

Back downstairs the powder room is being prepped for paint, and there is no longer a grapevine border in the breakfast area or above the kitchen cabinets.

Here we have Charlotte climbing on some doors in the master bedroom....

I like to use this blog to show off my awesome parenting skills. Truly, you'd never see it in pictures but the loose screws here there and everywhere have to be the worst part of bringing a baby along, haha. Think we might have to arrange some babysitting in the future! This was just about the only "safe" place  I could plop my kid down.

On top of our tub of winter coats. 

Aside from checking the progress, there are usually a couple of small things we try to accomplish ourselves on the weekends. This week's mission was to remove some kitchen cabinets that we are not fans of...at all. Eric's dad came over to help get the obtrusive things out of our way. 

Normally getting rid of cabinet space would make me cringe, but I'm not sad to see these things go! They weren't super practical anyway, as they were really shallow. I'm not even sure you could fit a full size dinner plate inside. And we'll be replacing these with another cabinet along the wall eventually, so I'll get a little bit of the storage back. Mostly I'm happy for an unobstructed view between the kitchen and the living room.

So much better! Now we can stand on either side of the counter and not be talking to headless humans. We had toured other homes with the exact same floor plan as ours, and we already knew we preferred the ones without the cabinets there. Now there's a nice empty space on the wall for a new cabinet to go. And those cabinets will not go to waste...we're going to reinstall them in the laundry room. The plan is to eventually add lighting above the countertop where the cabinets once were.

Yes, the place is a mess, and it's only going to get messier. Every cabinet and vanity in the house is being stained. The master bath is getting an overhaul, and there will be some tile work in there as well. This is all in phase one of the remodeling process. Phase two will come next spring, when we'll redo the floors, countertops, add some trim work, install french doors...there will still be plenty to do. You all know how conservative we are with our finances, so we have to let the budget breath a little bit to stay within our comfort zone, haha.

We are SO thankful for our contractor Mario. He works alone and did so much work for us in just 2.5 days last week. Every time we throw something new and unexpected at him (isn't that how remodel projects always go?) he is totally game. When Eric saw the nice new white trim next to all of our interior doors he decided all of the doors needed new paint to match, too. So we texted Mario, he shot us a price, and that's that. We've only done that about half a dozen times so far. Eric, have we told him we want the banisters stained yet? Haha.

Some of our children are getting a little tired of spending so much time at the home improvement store. When we pulled up this weekend Reagan said, "Not here!" Haha. This was round one of paint pick up last week...we stopped this weekend and got twelve more gallons. If you are looking into doing a paint project of your own, The Home Depot is currently offering a $10 rebate per gallon - good through May 30. It just so happened that this sale started on the day we needed to start buying paint...woohoo! We're not done with our paint purchasing yet - those doors you know. Sheesh! 

And that is the story of why I am not currently in sunny California, checking out the libraries of deceased presidents and whooping it up on the teacups with a dole whip float. It's because our every last free moment and penny can be found at the bottom of a paint can. :) 

Thanks so much for following along with our house project. I'm sure some day I'll be glad to be able to look back on the progress...but for now, it's a mess!

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