Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Come Shopping With Us!

We just sent Eric off to work after a wonderfully long weekend...neither of us was ready for it end. I'd press the rewind button on this one if I could! It was one of those weekends where last Friday feels like two weeks ago, haha. We were busy busy, constantly on the go. We got a TON done, and what we did looked like this just about every day:

When we weren't shopping (rare) we were cleaning blinds (suck) enjoying family barbecues (woot) and checking up on the baby (awe). I'm 29 weeks along! And I'm tired, achey, and short-tempered already, so this should make for one very interesting summer. :)

We were able to take the kids back to the house on Saturday evening and let them check out their new rooms. The house is really coming along nicely - I'm pleased with everything so far! And it's much more fun to spend our time there fixing things up than thinking about all of the packing and cleaning that still needs to be done here at our current location, haha. 

At the end of the day, Eric and I were able to just hang out and spend a lot of time together, which isn't something we feel like we get to do very often these days. The kids got to spend lots of time with grandparents, even having a sleepover one night....which they had been looking forward to with the end of school! So...even if I had to stand for an hour looking at electrical outlets and even though I never want to hear the words "bullnose tile" EVER again, I'm ridiculously thankful for the time we had. 

Today I'm throwing in a little bit of an update on some of the finishes we have chosen for the house. Paint, tile, cabinets - I think most of the big things have been picked by now. 

After testing a ton of colors, this is the final palette we decided on for the house. We have a combination of blues, grays, and greenish blues, and some brighter colors that the kids picked for their rooms. I know in a small square some of these look nearly identical, but I promise they're not. In fact, some of them that look greige here look downright blue when painted on the walls. The bottom right corner isn't left out, that's just white, haha. We are having some of the rooms prepped for wainscoting and eventually board and batten treatments, so several of the walls will include a bit of white on the bottom. 

One of the biggest transformations in this phase of remodeling will be the master bathroom, and a big part of that involves choosing tile. We are removing the current shower and taking out the wonderful carpet and basically tiling the entire thing. 

A good friend of ours recommended a place where we could find high-end tiles used in hotels and other big projects for the same price or slightly less than the big box stores. So Eric made an appointment to visit one night after work, and we picked tile together over the phone. He sent me pictures of all of the accent tiles he thought I might like that he could also tolerate, haha. Can you guess which one we picked? I don't really have any hints to give you, so just take a wild guess. :)

Out of all of these there was really only one that caught my eye right away. I knew it as soon as I saw it, and I haven't liked anything more at any of the other stores we've looked at. 

We're going with B. 

For the main tiles we prefer large rectangular tiles to square ones, and we found some very neutral white and gray for the shower walls, floor, and around the tub. With our paint color, which is called "Waterscape," this is how it all looks together:

Something like that! I think it will be nice and serene. There's actually a bit more sparkle and shine in the accent tiles that the camera doesn't pick up, and the large white tiles are shiny while the gray are more matte. We stopped at the warehouse this weekend to pick our order up. Eric got a nice workout lifting the massive things, and I'm pretty sure our bathroom is being tiled as I type. :)

The kitchen is also getting a bit of a makeover, though much of it isn't happening right away. To start we are going to stain all of the cabinets. If we like them after they have been stained, we may just keep them and only replace the countertops next spring. If we decide we still aren't super thrilled even after they have been refinished then we may consider just replacing them all together. Trying to save some money!

We decided on a product called Polyshades by Minwax for all of our kitchen cabinets as well as all of the bathroom vanities in the house. When it comes to cabinet colors, I prefer either white or really dark wood opposite ends of the spectrum! Eric really prefers darker woods. So we have been testing colors on extra cabinet doors we have and are currently trying to choose between these two:

They are called Bombay Mahogany and Honey. There's a lot more red in the first and we're still testing the second, so we'll see which one we choose!

One of those "little" things we are doing to the house that will make a big difference overall is changing out all of the hardware everywhere. There are ton of knobs and fixtures that we want to replace. I know this is super exciting, but here are the handles we have chosen for all of the doors. 

Pretty basic, but we'll take builder grade over the nearly 20 year old brass knobs we have now. :)

We've spent more time in lighting aisles than I care to admit. There are so many dang lights to replace...fixtures for the kitchen and dining room, new ceiling fans, bathroom vanity lights...we still haven't picked them all. Oy...ready to be done choosing things. Have you ever had to shop for a bathtub spout? It's dumb. All of the stores have like three to pick from, and none of them will work for our bathroom. 

That's life right now! We are racing the clock to have everything done so we can move by the end of June and be all settled before the baby comes and the kids go back to school. We really don't have the luxury of taking our time with this stuff. But things are moving right along, and I will have updated house pictures to share very soon!
If you are sick of house updates by am I. I'm so ready to just be able to enjoy our summer! For those still hanging in with us - thank you! :) Eventually we'll be back to normal around here, or a new normal at least, and I can't wait!

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