Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up - Birthdays and New Showers

We kicked off our weekend celebrating Eric's 29th birthday on Friday! I love June...we have multiple birthdays to celebrate and so many fun things to look forward to in this month. Our Friday evening was wonderful...Eric had his choice of dinner, salad and hot wings. And we enjoyed his favorite treat - ice cream cake.

For those of you following along with our house showing debacle on Facebook, I took the kids to the playground this afternoon AND we braved the DQ parking lot for this cake, and NO ONE almost killed themselves!! It was great! :)

Reagan insisted on helping his dad blow out the candles. 

There were even some presents later on.
Gracie. Haha. 

It was just a really nice evening, with the kids playing on the front lawn and being all together. Eric said he had a great day. :)

The rest of the weekend was all-consuming with house stuff...which is of course the same story as every other weekend we've had for the last few weeks! With brief intermissions for church and work, we found ourselves in stores and dropping off things at the new house. We were really excited to be able to visit the house on Sunday afternoon to check out the progress in our master bathroom.

It's coming along!

Eric is most excited about our new shower....

Out of everything we are doing to this house...and that's pretty much everything...this is the ONE thing Eric cared about most of all. "I just want a really a nice shower." :) We're both happy with it so far! But who knew one shower could take so much work...haha. This one little corner of our house required three different stores and eight different decisions on materials and finishes. We ran around this weekend trying to fix a Home Depot mistake when we realized they sent our contractor home with the wrong shower door. Seriously...we will be so glad when this particular project is finished!

The rest of the bathroom is coming along, too....

The tile floor is down, and next up is tiling around the tub! We had Mario take out the little step that was on the front of the tub. It wasn't really necessary, and when we told him it could go he was super happy, haha. I'm assuming that makes the tiling job a lot easier!

Here's a peek into the kids' bathroom, which is also getting a new tile floor....

It's not finished, because....we ran out of tile. It's a long story. But both bathroom projects have been halted until we are able to make it back to the warehouse to pick up more of what we need. We purchased our tile from a retiring interior designer who has a warehouse full of materials that she is now, of course, trying to get rid of. But she took her monthly trip to New York for 10 days and won't be back until Thursday, so we've been stuck. :)

But this is an excellent example of why our life has been so stupid busy on the weekends. While Mario is doing all of the work through the week on the actual projects, it's still up to us to make all of the decisions, buy the materials, order materials, pick up the materials, and get them to the house so that he has something to work with. This would be fine if we could drop everything on a random Tuesday or Thursday or something to go out and get what he needs, but we can't do that with Eric's crazy schedule during the week (and the fact that he too is in New York sometimes!) So all of our running is condensed into about two half days that we get on the weekends. We never get everything done that we need to get done...ever. So we try our very best to not let things like running out of tile happen, but we didn't get so lucky this time! 

I tried to remember pictures of things I didn't get last week. 

Here's the dining room, now with the entire bottom painted out in white. I can't wait until we can actually do all of our wainscoting! Also, you probably didn't notice something else in this room, which was exactly our point of changing it. There are now white outlets and plate covers on everything (as apposed to a more almond color) and it really does make a big difference. It was worth it to change those out!

I also wanted to get some pictures of our basement color that I was talking about. 

Earlier in the day this color looks more beige, but by the time I took this picture in late afternoon it was looking very gray. I love it!

Some areas in our home continue to get messier before they get awesomer. Like our kitchen, for example. 

The cabinets are being prepped for a refinishing! Grace found this picture to be unbelievable. Like, what is happening to our house?? :) 

We also seriously freaked out our new neighbors this weekend when we dropped off a freezer to be put in the basement.

Apparently it's not a custom here to drive vehicles through the yard? :) Haha, we had to get it down there, and since we have a walkout this made the most sense! We promise not to make a habit out of this though, neighbor lady. But we can't promise it won't happen at least one more time during our move in. Bringing a little bit of hoosier to the neighborhood, that's all.

And that was it! I am BEYOND ready to be done with this stage and to move in. We have one more weekend of running around before the big move in weekend. Left on the checklist is to finish the bathrooms, paint all of the doors and add new knobs, stain every cabinet in the house, change out all of the light fixtures, finish painting and do touch's all in a day's work! Or about two weeks worth, which will keep Mario very busy. :) He continues to be amazing, and we would happily pass on his information to any local friends who need projects done around the house. The only thing he doesn't do? Carpet. And I don't blame him there!  

Thanks again for walking this path with us. Our friends and family make this life so great. We only wish we weren't moving an hour away from some of you now that we will finally have the space to entertain more! But if you would make the drive, we would love to have you!! Later taters.

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