Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yes, I Admit It....

...I am terrified of baby #5.

I'm shaking in my baby booties over this one.

It's not the labor and delivery. The agony of each intense contraction. It's not the very real possibility of getting to enjoy an epidural shot, only to have it fail anyway. (I have a 50% success rate on this one.) It's not the long healing process or the sleepless nights that I dread. That's all normal.

It's the number five. It's an odd number. And any time we have an odd numbered child in this house, all heck breaks loose. It throws off the balance in our family in a weird way. The kids LOSE their minds. It's like the perfect storm of crazy, and I am terrified.  I may have discussed all of this before, I don't know, but it bears repeating in this moment. I'm certain I've shared my personal baby theory with friends and even a few strangers before.

Going from no babies to one baby is a huge transition for any person. Becoming a parent is one of the biggest life changes anyone can go through. We were no exception there. I didn't think Evelyn was a particularly difficult baby, but going from none to one is huge.

Aw...a baby Evie and newbie parents. :)

When we added Grace to the mix, she slid in like she always belonged. We hardly noticed we added another kid. One to two was easy peasy.

Then there was Reagan. If you go back and read the blogs from after he was born (or if you have a superhuman brain and you actually remember) then you know that life was nuts for a while after he came. I thought I was losing it. The words "What have we done??" may have been brandished around. The two older girls were in rare form, I was a complete mess. It took a long time for us to get used to having more kids than parents. Again, he wasn't a hard baby, it was just a really hard transition. Baby three was crazy!

A beautiful but HOT MESS. :)

Next came Charlotte. Baby #4. It was like with her coming we restored a balance to our family that we didn't even know we were missing. Just like Gracie, she joined us and it was like she had always been here. Two kids for each parent - one for each hand. It worked. Four was the perfect number. We thought we were done!

After the longest night of my life! But such a sweet baby. 

And now we're about to bulldoze over our perfectly balanced child life again. Number five. Once again, we are outnumbered in a way. And once again, as we gear up for the birth of our LAST (we mean it this time) baby, the kids are starting to go stir-crazy. I don't know what has been going through their little minds but the amount of messes and shouting and general craziness has been ramped up lately, and I am already dreading bringing a newborn home to the romper room.

I know I'm not alone in this, because I've talked to other moms who have as many kids as we do, and they cite similar experiences. The odd babies are often the toughest transitions. I hope to prove this theory wrong. I hope that we are pleasantly surprised this time. I hope I hope I hope. But I've been bracing myself for the storm. :)

Lincoln, I truly apologize for the things you may see and hear in your first weeks of life. When you look around through your hazy, sleepy eyes all dazed and confused and wonder, "Who are these people?" just remember that it's not your fault. You didn't get to choose to be number five. You didn't cause this single handedly. We are just insane. We love you, and we are insane. (And sleep child, just sleep. If you sleep, you can just ignore us.)

The good news is it doesn't last forever. It's just a few difficult months in the beginning that are a bit shocking, and then eventually we wake up one day and life is not as hard as it was the day before. And slowly but surely we return to a new normal. And balance or no balance we can never imagine life without our newest addition. I LOVE this baby so much already. I'm just terrified of the aftermath of his arrival. :)

A bonus Charlotte.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that, in spite of my fears, I am really looking forward to some baby snuggles soon! 

I felt the need to share this before he comes, because I'm not sure when he will be coming. Unlike the other kids this one feels unpredictable. I thought I knew what having babies was like for us, then Charlotte came along and threw a wrench in that one, and now I just don't know. Will he come on his own? Will we make it to an induction date? I just don't know.

So if I start posting wild and random things or seem like I need some professional help after the baby comes, don't worry too much about me. We predicted this, right? We totally called it. In a way, being abnormal is normal. And to any of Eric's co-workers that may be reading this, for future reference...it's not you. It's him. His life is nutso. ;)

I'm always very curious about others' experiences in this department. I know several friends expecting baby #3 soon, and this isn't meant to scare anyone off, haha. Who knows, maybe the third will be your easiest yet! Jump on the hope train with me and maybe, just maybe, we'll beat the curse of the odd numbered children!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Still Cooking!

Charlotte is in my absolute favorite "baby" stage right now, which is really hovering on the blurred line of baby and the beginning of toddlerhood. She's turned into a little parrot, repeating everything she hears, from sounds to words. I nearly dropped my laptop off of the bed where we're currently hanging out and I said, "Whew!" So she threw in her own little "Whew!" and I died. So cute. But our family favorite by far is when she says, "I love you!" We might tell her how much we adore her a thousand times a day just to hear it back.

It's hard to believe that she is going to be a BIG sister soon. I've been scooping her up for cuddles a lot in recent days, just to make sure I'm getting in all of the time possible before I have another baby that needs to be held. It's exactly like those last days with Evelyn before Gracie was born. If you remember that post then you have been with us for a long time! Charlotte is actually a little older than Evie was then but somehow she seems so much younger to me still. Charlotte has always been a baby baby...taking things slow, developing at her own little rate. I don't know if I'm truly ready for her to be a big sister!

But ready or not, here Lincoln comes! Yesterday evening, not long after joking on Facebook about how our child could come any day, my body gave me one sure sign that labor is near. It sent us into a little bit of a tizzy, realizing we still have things to pack and do around the house before we are truly ready to make our trek to the hospital. So our last hour of the day sent us dashing to pack up a few things and clean up a few things. Now today, I've had nary a contraction - which is odd for me! The calm before the storm, haha.

We actually had a lot happen over the last several days. Evie lost her FIRST tooth - finally!

Losing teeth late was not a surprise here...we are late teethers and losers in my family, haha. But this darn wiggler had been loose for at least 6 months...like, it was ridiculous. Evie has permanent teeth already growing behind her loose ones, so I imagine now that the first one finally decided to come out that we'll have a jack-o-lantern mouthed kid here pretty soon. Well...I mean, maybe not since her permanent teeth are already there. :) Anyway, congratulations Evie!! She waited a very long time for her turn.

We were very happy to finally have our living room furniture delivered on Saturday. Another thing we had been waiting for!

It fits nicely in our living room, and I'm very pleased with it! I love the look of tufted couches, and now we have one. Hoorah. Now all we need are some end tables and lamps...and a million other things, but we're trying to pace ourselves. :)

Charlotte was amazed when she woke up from her nap on Saturday to find a once empty room now filled with furniture.

All of the kids have been enjoying it. Me too! Pregnant ladies need places to sit, you know. It's one more thing I'm relieved about having before we bring home another baby. I was really not looking forward to nursing on our wooden kitchen chairs. :)

We had a very full night of running errands. I must show you Reagan's new prized possession.

His Batman hat. He won't go anywhere without it now. Even tried to sneak it into Sunday School. He sleeps with it. It is his new best friend. Haha, I love boys, I can't wait to have another one.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and I took full advantage of our new schedule to go skipping off to the salon right after. I didn't mean to spend 3.5 hours there, it just sort of happened. I had two people helping me and chatting the whole time. It just flew right by!

I went in to brighten up my hair a bit before baby, and mission was accomplished. It looks/feels much better now! I knew if I talked about it here I would have friends saying, "Well where are the pictures??" so I took one, haha. And then I realized I should probably get the old bump in there before it's too late.

When I got home yesterday afternoon, I found Eric "nesting." :D He was prepping dinner and putting together all kinds of odds and ends furniture that's been sitting in boxes forever. A dining room chair...a table for the patio...a shelving unit for the kids' toys. He was on it! Lucky for him Charlotte took TWO naps while I was out, and I came home to a relatively quiet house. So wouldn't you know when he stepped out for a quick errand a little later, I got to deal with a potty accident, a bloody nose, and a screaming baby all in about 30 minutes time. That is mom luck.

We grilled out once again....

...and it was about this time that the "baby could come really soon" frenzy began. :)

Now I'm trying to get Charlotte down for a nap so I can get some baby prep done, but she's literally smothering me with kisses as I type which is very distracting. I love her. But for real, mama needs to get on it, so it's time to wrap this one up!

Ooh, a contraction.

We'll see how many more posts there are before we are a family of seven! Doctor's appointment tomorrow...I sincerely hope it will be the last one. I'd be happy to go in tonight so long as:

1. I'm fully packed
2. My house is clean
3. Baby gear is washed and ready
4. Some things I'm waiting for are delivered
5. Pre-prepped meals magically appear
6. The kids start acting like little angels....

Yeah, I don't think we'll ever be completely ready. :)  But if just a couple of those things happened, I'd be good. Happy day!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Baby Roulette

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!! Step right up as we play a rousing game of Baaaby Roulette!

Holy baby. Not the christ child, mine.

So it's pretty much a guarantee that Lincoln is not going to be making it to his due date, which is just fine with me. After my last appointment it was discussed that we would likely be inducing him the week before my due date if he doesn't come on his own...which...I'm not counting out because HOLY BABY. I've never had so many signs of impending labor as I've had with this kid. So the whole dragging it out thing is just a royal pain in the behind at this point, and sometimes I do mean that quite literally.

The only problem is that Eric is set to be in New York this week. I seriously feel like I could go any day, just please Lincoln, not Tuesday through Thursday of this week. Come any day but one of those.  Baby roulette is a nerve wracking game. Maybe if I just lay really still and slow my breathing for three whole days my body won't progress and that bun will just keep baking.

Then again, who am I kidding...there's practically a lock on my oven door and this child will likely need coaxing to come out like the first three did.

So this weekend was full of emotional ups and downs, mainly due to my feeling so weird and being so done with this pregnancy. There was nothing bad about it, just my wavering levels of tolerance for the normal shenanigans happening around here. Being asked the same question 15 times is annoying on any day, but in the middle of a contraction...seriously, leave me alone. :D

On Friday night we traveled back to Illinois to pick up the kids at VBS family night. There was the typical bounce houses, hot dogs and nachos, and running around that we've come to expect at these things - fun for all of the kiddos. We were greeted by the children who had been staying with grandma for most of the week by being pelted with water balloons. Thanks kids! That was the start of our weekend and the end of my week of a little peace and quiet around here. :)

We had a checklist of house projects that we wanted to work on, and I'd say we made pretty good progress. And by "we" I mean Eric, because I was pretty much good for laying around and making sure no one burned this place down. (A near failed attempt, as Eric almost did burn the place down while installing some dimmer switches, haha.) One work in progress is our home gym.

Everyone in this house is super excited about this one, including me surprisingly. The kids think we've built them a jungle gym and Eric is so happy that he can work out from home and not cut into our already stretched family time. I'm excited to get rid of this baby weight sooner than later...I hope...I pray.

It's not finished, but it's done enough that Eric can do a work out! A few more rubber mats for the floors, an assembled weight rack, some mirrors, and the all-important American flag and we will have a complete gym. :)

After church on Sunday morning we had an afternoon at home full of work outs, garage cleaning (we can pull both cars into the garage now - woot!) and grilling out. Firing up the grill is quickly turning into a Sunday evening tradition around here. We still aren't used to our new Sunday schedule. We're accustomed to going to church until noon and then grabbing lunch and driving an hour to get to anywhere we need to go to run errands. Our new church gets out at 10:30...it's not even lunchtime yet and we're not sure what to do with all of our free time, haha. It leads our children to say things like, "Our new house is so boring!" They simply do not know what it means to just "hang out." To not be somewhere other than home all day. To just be. I like just being, and in time, I'm sure they will come to appreciate it, too.

It's so nice to sit outside in the evenings, listening to bug symphonies and pretending like the lovely midwestern humidity doesn't feel like a sauna.

Here is a rare siting of a pregnant me. Unlike many women who like to take pregnant selfies and have some sort of glow about them that is completely foreign to me, I avoid cameras like the plague when I'm with child. :) However, I do occasionally say cheese out of consideration for the future Adrien who may regret having no pictures of a much puffier and swollen me. I can't imagine why I would want to remember it, but years of hearing things like "you'll regret that" leave me with the sinking suspicion that I may, indeed, regret that.

So you know those scenes from old cartoons where a character comes zooming out of the ground in a giant drill sort of contraption? I'm pretty sure that's what Lincoln is attempting to recreate right now. He wants out.

Eric, I know you have a lot of important meetings and yada yada yada, but if I happen to send you a text message or call you in the middle of the day this week, do not ignore it. I repeat, do not ignore it. Don't even take my call, just hop those sweet buns of yours on an airplane and get home because it is NOT A DRILL. Unless that's the nickname we're giving Lincoln's head, because as previously mentioned, it definitely applies. The baby roulette wheel has been spun and, well, we've won!

Alright, I'm out of here. I have a million things to do and no energy to do them, so it's time to start mentally preparing to get up and do something. :) Love!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Accentuate the Positive

It's a crazy world we're living in, isn't it friends?

I'm confidant that I'm not the first person in history who has ever said those words, nor are we the first generation of people to feel like the world as we know it seems to be going up in a glorious ball of flames. This isn't the bloodiest time in our history. Our own country fought a civil war for crying out loud. Brother against brother, father against son. In people's back yards. With guns. This is not the most uncertain time in our country's history, either. It's not the most scary. We're not living in a time that's more morally degenerate than other times this world has seen. We're not alone in feeling scared sometimes, though. That's life, and the world really can be a scary place because evil really does exist in it.

As the old saying goes, "Same old devil, same old tricks." He's not very original that's for sure, but he is pretty good at what he does, I'll give him that. Breeding a culture of fear is a favorite trick up the sleeve of bad guys and evil doings. What does set us apart from other generations is social media and a sensationalist media that is on 24 hours a day and which handpicks stories and headlines that stoke fear, because let's be honest...fear sells. Sadly, it sells. So panic spreads even faster than ever before. Aren't we lucky? When people get afraid they get weird and defensive and feel like they have to stand on a "side" of something and it creates divisions and it doesn't leave very much room for that other very popular and necessary-to-life verb (ahem...love), and since LOVE is the opposite of EVIL, well, you can see why stirring up fear is a favorite of the enemy.

I'm only saying this because if you're a parent like I am and have ears and eyeballs, then at some point over the past few weeks you may have said to yourself something like, "What is this world that I am supposed to be raising my child in??" And well, you wouldn't be the first. It's a broken world...and it almost always has been. As parents we should be on our knees praying to the only one who really can do something about it. And in the meantime, we need to raise our babies the best we can and not give into anxiety. If you read the end of the story, you know who wins, so...stay cool. Use your brain about searching for Pokemon in dark alleys at 2 am, and stay cool.

My kids have no idea about what is in the news right now, and I'd like to keep it that way for a while. They were too busy this weekend packing up bags for a few nights away at grandparent's houses! What fun. :)

This week is Vacation Bible School at our old church, and the girls REALLY wanted to go...so off to grandma and grandpa's they went, backpacks bouncing behind them!

On Saturday night they went to a picnic with grandma and grandpa Robert. :)

My kids have never met a blow up slide they didn't love. (Thanks for the pictures, grandma!)

Eric and I took our ONE child and got so much done on Saturday night and Sunday, haha. That included finally ordering our living room furniture over multiple days of negotiation with the furniture store. It's Eric's favorite game...just how low can he get them to go? Pretty darn low, usually.  

We had another nice morning at church and we are meeting so many great people out here. We met up with Mr. Reagan halfway through the day while the girls stayed back in Red Bud to start bible school and have sleepovers with my mom, and then we went to a Pastor's Coffee at church on Sunday evening to meet some more people and get any questions about the church we have answered. Once a month all of the pastors and ministry leaders get together to mingle with all of the new folks...and we're the new folks. That is so weird for us, haha. But everybody is ridiculously nice. You meet someone and literally two minutes later they are holding your baby and taking your other kid off to the nursery to play with their kids so you can be an adult for a few minutes. :D Our kids are adjusting well. I can only hope school is as easy of a transition!

After touring church buildings and lots of small talk we came home to fire up the grill.

I love grilling, because that means Eric is cooking. And any day I am not cooking is a very good day indeed. He made burgers, pork chops, and chicken breasts, and as you can see he had to sample all three, haha....

I told him to take this picture. "...for the blog, because it makes me laugh, and I have no pictures." :) It was all really good, though. Great job, Eric!

It's so quiet around here when even just one or two of the kids are gone! I am SO excited to finally have all of our furniture delivered so we can reasonably have people over to enjoy the evenings with us. Eric will cook. ;)

It was such a great weekend here, and both Eric and I agreed this morning that it felt extra long. It wasn't, it just felt that way! Next up on the house agenda: putting together the home gym in the basement. Eric has been itching to get everything in place and assembled. I think that's in order for this evening. As for me, I am becoming ridiculously uncomfortable in this pregnancy. Yesterday, I seriously thought I might be going into labor for a while there. My back hurts. I can't sleep. I'm setting world records for trips to the bathroom. Two words: contraction action. In other words, I am having every normal end of pregnancy pain right now, and as soon as I order this kid a new bed I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to get this baby out asap. Beds are important you know. I should get on that. (36 weeks tomorrow!)

We're too busy living life to be anxious about things that are outside of our control, and my prayer and encouragement to our friends is to be the same. Fill your life with love and friends who encourage you, and when you start to feel anxious, give it to God because granting peace and comfort is just one of many things He is really good at. We can't do this on our own. You can try, but it's a fruitless attempt. I won't deny that evil is very real and very big, and so we need something equally real and even bigger to deal with it.

In the words of Audio Adrenaline, "A winner is not judged by his small size but by the substitute he picks to run the race, and mine's already won!"

Join the winning team and don't forget to accentuate the positive. :) Love!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our First Fourth of July in Missouri!

Our first Fourth of July weekend in our new home was extremely...wet. :) I don't think there was a single minute here when it wasn't raining, sprinkling, misting, fogging, drizzling, or whatever...it was as if God turned on a sprinkler system and said, "Oh, you needed rain? Well here ya go!" While our trees and lawn said "Thank you!" we definitely had to miss out on a few activities because of our soggy surroundings. Instead of heading out to the festival to enjoy carnival rides and funnel cakes, we had to settle for checking out local pizza places and taking trips to Ikea, haha.

On Saturday evening we drove past the fairgrounds and saw through the trees the faintest blinking lights of a ferris wheel but hardly any people at all. There was a constant drizzle that reminded me very much of afternoons at Disney. On vacation that would mean throwing on a poncho and making the best of it, but back home we decided to check out Monical's Pizza instead. The kids weren't that heartbroken, as you can see. (We told them the carnival must have been canceled, haha.)

There's nothing that a good thin crust, a drive around, and trip to Target can't solve! 

On Sunday we were able to visit our potential new church for the first time, and we really enjoyed it. They have an awesome children's ministry, and the kids had SO much fun. I was shocked that each of them went skipping off to their respective classes with no fear at all, while Eric and I were able to sit through the first full church service we've been to in years without interruption. A miracle! Thank goodness for children's church, haha. I think we hit a bullseye with this one...no "church shopping" for us. One and done! We met so many nice families, some eerily similar to our own. Even met another boy Reagan, which was shocking to both our family and their's. That never happens. :)

That afternoon would have been another attempt at the carnival, but again...rain rain rain. (I felt so bad for the coordinators of the event all weekend. What a bummer!) Instead, we made a run to Ikea and then spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at the home of some friends of ours for a yummy bbq. The Stockdales are wonderful hosts, and we are so thankful for their friendship in our new community!  

One thing we learned about living in the state of Missouri: they take the Fourth of July extremely seriously here, haha. That might have something to do with the fact that fireworks are still legal, and they are EVERYWHERE!! Each night we could open up our bedroom windows and just watch the show. Fireworks as far as the eye could see on the horizon. And the nights leading up to the 4th were nothing compared to last night...but I'm getting ahead of myself!

We made the drive back to Red Bud yesterday to spend time with family and get our first reprieve from the rain in days.

There were lots of little cousins running around, and lots of puddle jumping going on. :)

As usual, we weren't just celebrating the holiday but also my brother Justin's July 3rd birthday. 

There have been a lot of happy birthdays around that table!

I'm so thankful that we were able to spend the day with family. The kids do miss being so close to grandparents, but it's nice that we're still just about an hour away! To them, it's just a better excuse to have sleepovers. :)

We said our goodbyes and made our way back across the mighty Mississippi towards home, just as the sun was setting. That's when it really hit us that Missouri is truly explosive on the 4th! This place definitely earned it's reputation as the "Show Me" state. It was as if the grand ole USA itself asked, "Just how excited are you that we are a free and independent nation?" and every single neighborhood responded back with, "We'll SHOW you!" 

I mean, we were laughing so hard as we drove down the highway and to our house. The fireworks were the equivalent of surround sound, just blowing up all around us. As we pulled into our subdivision we saw many of our neighbors were lighting up the sky, and we ran back to our deck to check out the show. It was surreal just listening to it. I have never, in all my days, heard so many pops and booms and bangs, both close to home and far off in the distance. If I didn't know better, I'd say we had been transported right in the middle of the Battle of Yorktown. Haha. It was CRAZY.

We tried to take a video to truly encapsulate the craziness, but I'm not sure we were able to do it justice. Still, it was too much fun running around the neighborhood last night taking it all in, meeting neighbors, and watching the youngest Robert member (for now) be in awe at all of the pretty lights. Here's our spliced together video of the festivities - starting with our drive into town!

We ended up having a very memorable Fourth of July! We will never forget this first year when we came home to a jubilant war zone of exploding lights and ran around the neighborhood like fools. :) Maybe next year we should host...and no one would have to spend a dime, we could just watch other people blow up their money, haha. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday, too! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Fireman's Festivities 2016

Well I am an ENTIRE week behind this time, but better late than never, right? :D Eventually we will get back into the groove of things.

There are an endless amount of tasks to do in a day at this point still, and every day seems to go by SO quickly here. I blink in the morning, and it's time for lunch! I'm trying to power through being "settled" as quickly as possible, and I feel like we're about halfway there. Life is good though, and I hope it's good for you, too!

We spent a decent part of last weekend enjoying all of the summertime festivities in good ole Red Bud. It made for some very long days driving back and forth, but the kids had a BLAST. In Gracie's words, "It was the best Fireman's Picnic ever!"

I think I have a nearly identical picture with all of my kids and their grandpa Greg. :D 

We share our memories of this weekend year after year, and pretty much the only thing that changes are the kids! Same rides, same games...the pictures serve as more of a measuring stick to how much they have grown in a year. Evelyn is already looking so big on some of the kiddie rides...sniff sniff. This may have been the last year she could squeeze into a couple of them. In my mind's eye I still see the toddler in curly ribbon barrettes spinning around the tracks!

More than ever, games are a highlight of the evening. If they don't bring home at least a dozen new stuffed animals, swords, and blow up thingies then it couldn't possibly be a successful picnic.

Charlotte had to share stroller space with some of the loot. :)

And then later, all of the kids shared car space with yet another load of stuff left behind at the old house. (It is now, officially, ALL moved out!)

A good time was had by all! 

We live further away than ever and stayed later than ever, too. By the time we were walking through our own front door late on Friday night everyone was beat! Welcome to every family get together and holiday from now on, haha.

On Saturday evening we had date night, which isn't really date night anymore at all. It's the night we drag the whole family with us to run errands. Did you know that grocery stores are hazardous to children's health? It's true. According to our daughters they are "dying" their "legs are going to fall off," and they "can't go on" when walking the aisles. I'm pretty concerned about what the fresh produce on display is doing to my kids. We are also learning which restaurants are the best and which to avoid here. So far we have deduced that China King is superior to Happy Wok. "I think there is sauerkraut in this crab rangoon" says Gracie. "Why couldn't you just find a babysitter for us on care.com?" asks Evelyn.

Maybe we will from now on, haha.

Sunday found us up bright and early to drive back to Red Bud for church and the Fireman's parade that afternoon. In all of the craziness of moving we hadn't had a proper Sunday to say goodbye to our church family. There was still some work to do at the other place as well, so it was a full day leading up to firetrucks and parade floats!

Just like last year, amazingly, Charlotte fell asleep right before the parade and slept through all of the loud sirens and about the first thirty minutes of the festivities. I wish I could sleep like that! But the rest of the kids were lined up at the curb and ready to go!

You know it's a long parade when one of your kids gives up on candy collecting halfway through just to hang out with the guys in the back. :)

I love his little freckle lip...just like his daddy's. Haha. 

Charlotte says hello!

I gotta say. I'm not a fan of super hot days that keep us indoors...or bugs...especially the stinging kind...and nobody wants to see this pregnant lady in a swimming suit. But there's just something about sweet summertime. I think it's my second favorite season of the whole year. For many of the same reasons that I love fall, there are just way too many fun events we get to do as a family during this time of the year. Traditional things, and you know what I sucker I am for that! Evelyn would like to tell you that she likes the song that says "In the summertime when the weather is hot..." because it's always on the radio. Haha. She would also like to inform you that she cleaned the basement, so she gets a special treat at the store later. :)

We're loving the extra daylight and the freedom of a much less restricted schedule. Eric's new barbecue grill was just delivered today, so hopefully we'll be out soon enjoying our deck and some delicious summertime meals! That is, when I'm not still unpacking, cleaning, and organizing things. The baby countdown draws ever nearer...the pressure is on!

If the weather holds out we have a very full and fun weekend ahead celebrating the 4th! I hope that you all have a great and safe holiday weekend. God Bless the USA!


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