Monday, July 18, 2016

Baby Roulette

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!! Step right up as we play a rousing game of Baaaby Roulette!

Holy baby. Not the christ child, mine.

So it's pretty much a guarantee that Lincoln is not going to be making it to his due date, which is just fine with me. After my last appointment it was discussed that we would likely be inducing him the week before my due date if he doesn't come on his own...which...I'm not counting out because HOLY BABY. I've never had so many signs of impending labor as I've had with this kid. So the whole dragging it out thing is just a royal pain in the behind at this point, and sometimes I do mean that quite literally.

The only problem is that Eric is set to be in New York this week. I seriously feel like I could go any day, just please Lincoln, not Tuesday through Thursday of this week. Come any day but one of those.  Baby roulette is a nerve wracking game. Maybe if I just lay really still and slow my breathing for three whole days my body won't progress and that bun will just keep baking.

Then again, who am I kidding...there's practically a lock on my oven door and this child will likely need coaxing to come out like the first three did.

So this weekend was full of emotional ups and downs, mainly due to my feeling so weird and being so done with this pregnancy. There was nothing bad about it, just my wavering levels of tolerance for the normal shenanigans happening around here. Being asked the same question 15 times is annoying on any day, but in the middle of a contraction...seriously, leave me alone. :D

On Friday night we traveled back to Illinois to pick up the kids at VBS family night. There was the typical bounce houses, hot dogs and nachos, and running around that we've come to expect at these things - fun for all of the kiddos. We were greeted by the children who had been staying with grandma for most of the week by being pelted with water balloons. Thanks kids! That was the start of our weekend and the end of my week of a little peace and quiet around here. :)

We had a checklist of house projects that we wanted to work on, and I'd say we made pretty good progress. And by "we" I mean Eric, because I was pretty much good for laying around and making sure no one burned this place down. (A near failed attempt, as Eric almost did burn the place down while installing some dimmer switches, haha.) One work in progress is our home gym.

Everyone in this house is super excited about this one, including me surprisingly. The kids think we've built them a jungle gym and Eric is so happy that he can work out from home and not cut into our already stretched family time. I'm excited to get rid of this baby weight sooner than later...I hope...I pray.

It's not finished, but it's done enough that Eric can do a work out! A few more rubber mats for the floors, an assembled weight rack, some mirrors, and the all-important American flag and we will have a complete gym. :)

After church on Sunday morning we had an afternoon at home full of work outs, garage cleaning (we can pull both cars into the garage now - woot!) and grilling out. Firing up the grill is quickly turning into a Sunday evening tradition around here. We still aren't used to our new Sunday schedule. We're accustomed to going to church until noon and then grabbing lunch and driving an hour to get to anywhere we need to go to run errands. Our new church gets out at's not even lunchtime yet and we're not sure what to do with all of our free time, haha. It leads our children to say things like, "Our new house is so boring!" They simply do not know what it means to just "hang out." To not be somewhere other than home all day. To just be. I like just being, and in time, I'm sure they will come to appreciate it, too.

It's so nice to sit outside in the evenings, listening to bug symphonies and pretending like the lovely midwestern humidity doesn't feel like a sauna.

Here is a rare siting of a pregnant me. Unlike many women who like to take pregnant selfies and have some sort of glow about them that is completely foreign to me, I avoid cameras like the plague when I'm with child. :) However, I do occasionally say cheese out of consideration for the future Adrien who may regret having no pictures of a much puffier and swollen me. I can't imagine why I would want to remember it, but years of hearing things like "you'll regret that" leave me with the sinking suspicion that I may, indeed, regret that.

So you know those scenes from old cartoons where a character comes zooming out of the ground in a giant drill sort of contraption? I'm pretty sure that's what Lincoln is attempting to recreate right now. He wants out.

Eric, I know you have a lot of important meetings and yada yada yada, but if I happen to send you a text message or call you in the middle of the day this week, do not ignore it. I repeat, do not ignore it. Don't even take my call, just hop those sweet buns of yours on an airplane and get home because it is NOT A DRILL. Unless that's the nickname we're giving Lincoln's head, because as previously mentioned, it definitely applies. The baby roulette wheel has been spun and, well, we've won!

Alright, I'm out of here. I have a million things to do and no energy to do them, so it's time to start mentally preparing to get up and do something. :) Love!


Heather said...

OMG...How is it time for this baby to be born already?!?! (don't slap me)

Can't wait to see him!!

Adrien said...

Ha - because *technically* he has just under a month to go! But if I have to feel this way for another month I think I'll jump off a cliff. :) I seriously think if we induced today he'd zip out in like 20 minutes, haha.


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