Friday, July 1, 2016

Fireman's Festivities 2016

Well I am an ENTIRE week behind this time, but better late than never, right? :D Eventually we will get back into the groove of things.

There are an endless amount of tasks to do in a day at this point still, and every day seems to go by SO quickly here. I blink in the morning, and it's time for lunch! I'm trying to power through being "settled" as quickly as possible, and I feel like we're about halfway there. Life is good though, and I hope it's good for you, too!

We spent a decent part of last weekend enjoying all of the summertime festivities in good ole Red Bud. It made for some very long days driving back and forth, but the kids had a BLAST. In Gracie's words, "It was the best Fireman's Picnic ever!"

I think I have a nearly identical picture with all of my kids and their grandpa Greg. :D 

We share our memories of this weekend year after year, and pretty much the only thing that changes are the kids! Same rides, same games...the pictures serve as more of a measuring stick to how much they have grown in a year. Evelyn is already looking so big on some of the kiddie rides...sniff sniff. This may have been the last year she could squeeze into a couple of them. In my mind's eye I still see the toddler in curly ribbon barrettes spinning around the tracks!

More than ever, games are a highlight of the evening. If they don't bring home at least a dozen new stuffed animals, swords, and blow up thingies then it couldn't possibly be a successful picnic.

Charlotte had to share stroller space with some of the loot. :)

And then later, all of the kids shared car space with yet another load of stuff left behind at the old house. (It is now, officially, ALL moved out!)

A good time was had by all! 

We live further away than ever and stayed later than ever, too. By the time we were walking through our own front door late on Friday night everyone was beat! Welcome to every family get together and holiday from now on, haha.

On Saturday evening we had date night, which isn't really date night anymore at all. It's the night we drag the whole family with us to run errands. Did you know that grocery stores are hazardous to children's health? It's true. According to our daughters they are "dying" their "legs are going to fall off," and they "can't go on" when walking the aisles. I'm pretty concerned about what the fresh produce on display is doing to my kids. We are also learning which restaurants are the best and which to avoid here. So far we have deduced that China King is superior to Happy Wok. "I think there is sauerkraut in this crab rangoon" says Gracie. "Why couldn't you just find a babysitter for us on" asks Evelyn.

Maybe we will from now on, haha.

Sunday found us up bright and early to drive back to Red Bud for church and the Fireman's parade that afternoon. In all of the craziness of moving we hadn't had a proper Sunday to say goodbye to our church family. There was still some work to do at the other place as well, so it was a full day leading up to firetrucks and parade floats!

Just like last year, amazingly, Charlotte fell asleep right before the parade and slept through all of the loud sirens and about the first thirty minutes of the festivities. I wish I could sleep like that! But the rest of the kids were lined up at the curb and ready to go!

You know it's a long parade when one of your kids gives up on candy collecting halfway through just to hang out with the guys in the back. :)

I love his little freckle lip...just like his daddy's. Haha. 

Charlotte says hello!

I gotta say. I'm not a fan of super hot days that keep us indoors...or bugs...especially the stinging kind...and nobody wants to see this pregnant lady in a swimming suit. But there's just something about sweet summertime. I think it's my second favorite season of the whole year. For many of the same reasons that I love fall, there are just way too many fun events we get to do as a family during this time of the year. Traditional things, and you know what I sucker I am for that! Evelyn would like to tell you that she likes the song that says "In the summertime when the weather is hot..." because it's always on the radio. Haha. She would also like to inform you that she cleaned the basement, so she gets a special treat at the store later. :)

We're loving the extra daylight and the freedom of a much less restricted schedule. Eric's new barbecue grill was just delivered today, so hopefully we'll be out soon enjoying our deck and some delicious summertime meals! That is, when I'm not still unpacking, cleaning, and organizing things. The baby countdown draws ever nearer...the pressure is on!

If the weather holds out we have a very full and fun weekend ahead celebrating the 4th! I hope that you all have a great and safe holiday weekend. God Bless the USA!

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