Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crazy Hair and Lazy Fairies

It's crazy hair day at school today. I pried the girls away from the game they were playing in the basement to take pictures. Have I mentioned yet how much this non-morning person is loving the later school start? :) I love that they had time to play before school while I packed their snacks. A big change from the roll out of bed and go that we used to do. Anyway....

(My children dressed themselves. Parents always feel obligated to share this when their kids go to school in things like pleated skirts with t-shirts and outfits that resemble a gym uniform.)

As per the usual, there were big plans for crazy hair day. Grace was going to be Venellope Von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph and stick candy all in her hair, haha. And then the day rolled around and we ended up just doing ponytails all over, because that's all we ever do. But the girls still get a big kick out of it!

This is all part of the excitement with their school's one and only fundraiser this year. On September 16 the kids and their families are invited to participate in a "Walk for Ostmann." I got the scoop on this event a little early at kindergarten orientation this year when the PTO president shared all of the details. This is the first year that the school isn't selling something but rather is doing an activity with little overhead to raise money. I think it's brilliant.

The PTO worked over the summer to find local business sponsors for the event, and the money raised from the sponsors is what paid for all of the prizes, t-shirts, etc. that were needed to keep the kiddos incentivized and motivated to raise more funds. So that means 100% of every dime donated by the students' family and friends goes straight to the school. Not 30-40% of sales, but every last penny. Here's the girls' link to online donations. I know everyone's kids are selling or raising money for something at this time of the year, but I like to share for those family members especially that we don't see very often! (THANK YOU to everyone who has already pitched in...the girls are working towards earning a neon green shirt to wear during the walk instead of the regular gray ones...that means they each need to raise at least $100!)

Okay, and Grace would really like to win an iPad or an electric scooter. Haha. Evie is okay with just the shirt. ;)

In other news, guess who lost another tooth?

Grace face!

Now the girls are really excited, because they are officially "tooth buddies." Both of them are missing the same teeth. Unfortunately, our family "tooth fairy" sucks really bad at her job. Really really bad.

She falls asleep and forgets all about teeth, and/or didn't realize the first child never got anything for her second tooth loss because said fairy was giving birth that day and was a little distracted...and...incapacitated. And both girls LOST their second teeth before they ever made it into their little tooth fairy music boxes. Evie lost hers in a pool, Gracie's is floating around this house somewhere. 

I think they are both owed a little something extra special in their music boxes tonight. Dang lazy fairy. ;)

The rest of us are just enjoying living life at the moment. Lincoln continues to be a great baby and a great sleeper. Although, the last couple of days he's been extra attached to mommy, and if his eyes are open, he wants to be held...right now. He doesn't use them often, but he has a powerful set of lungs. Most of my children have been blessed like that. It's loud around here. Very loud.

Ah, what the heck, let me snap a quick picture of him....

There he is! Sitting right next me, my little blogging buddy. :) While he's not posing for many pictures awake at the moment, I do believe this one is going to have blue eyes. And if he does keep his blue eyes and dark hair I am going to LAUGH, because I always said that I hoped he would have dark hair and blues eyes. That's the only combination of kid we didn't have. We have blonde hair and brown eyes (Grace), blonde hair and blue eyes (Reagan), brown hair and brown eyes (Evie), red hair and hazel eyes (Charlotte), but we were just missing that brown haired blue eyed baby! No two kids the same.

And these two...oh my goodness....

Lucy. And. Ethel. 
I'll tell you what.

They crack themselves up! Evelyn and Charlotte are total twins born six years apart. They are SO goofy, and no one enjoys their slapstick humor more than they do. Charlotte is totally Lucy with a very fiery side to her personality, and Evelyn is the perfect Ethel...mostly sweet and innocent and will go along with just about anything anyone else is cooking up! They keep us all entertained, that's for sure. 

And for those of you who always pay attention to the details...yes...we did get a start on some early decorating this week, and maybe...just maybe...a sneak peek at tomorrow's blog post. September, say what?! I'm aware that the first day of fall is over 20 days away, as Eric loves to remind me, and guess who doesn't give a care? Me. It's me. I do not give any cares. :D I loooove it.

That's it for today's check in! The very last day of the month...the seasons of fun are right around the corner...can I get a woot woot?

Woot woot!


Heather said...

Well I'm just going to take this as my okay to put up my fall wreath. You rock!

Adrien said...

I will happily enable anyone to bust out their fall decorations at any time! :D


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