Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Extractions

As with many things in their lives, when big sister does something it's not very long before little sister is doing it, too. Gracie lost her very first tooth!

She was tickled pink about it!

Gracie was our one and only baby who actually started getting teeth at the "average" age of six months old, so it's no wonder that she's losing hers sooner, too. Our five year old almost-kindergartner will start the school year just a teensy bit lighter. :)

Unfortunately, continuing another trend, that means Mr. Reagan is wondering why in the world he doesn't have loose teeth of his own. He walked around yesterday afternoon tugging at his bottom teeth and saying, "They aren't coming out!" Poor little brother, haha. And when I took those pictures of Grace he insisted on getting a picture of his own. Well, that I could do for him.

He is SO READY to be the big brother to a little one. I think it will be really good for him!

And that he will be before the week is through. Yesterday was my weekly check up, and boy was I prepared to lay it on thick and beg for this baby to be delivered soon. Turns out that I didn't have to. After discovering I have dilated two more centimeters my doctor looked at me and said, very doctorly like, "We have two options today. I can strip your membranes, or we can do nothing and see what happens."

Well I already know how helpful stripping my membranes seems to be...womp womp. So I said, "Is it possible for us to induce -" I swear I saw a light glimmer in her eyes, " - like, this weekend?"

Never in all my days has a consultation with a doctor ended so abruptly. It was like she was waiting for me to ask. She immediately picked up her clipboard and said, "I'm going to make a call. You can get dressed and meet me up front."

Haha. Wahoo! This wouldn't be the first time that a medical professional has acted this way. When I was in the hospital with Grace my nurse tried dropping all sorts of hints for me to ask for my epidural as soon as possible, but I get the impression that there are just certain things that they can't outright recommend. It had to be MY idea. So within minutes my doctor was asking me if I was available on Friday morning at 7:30, and I said, "YES!"

"Great, they will be expecting you. Make sure to eat a nice breakfast with lots of protein! I know your labors go really fast, but you'll still want your energy."

And that was that. And now we finally have an end date in sight. Lincoln will be born on or before August 12! So unless he decides to pull a Charlotte and come before his induction date, we will be able to blog our experience on Friday the way we did with Grace and Reagan. Hopefully we will be able to give updates here throughout the morning, so anyone interested can ride along in real time! But don't blink, because I honestly don't think it will be a long process. If I am checked in and ready to go starting around 7:30-8:00am, my guess is we'll have a baby by or just after lunchtime. 

I cannot even tell you what a relief it is to know that it's likely we'll be home and getting settled before the school year begins. And did I not just say that I hope this kid comes on Friday? Haha. I'm thrilled! 

Now I can sit back, enjoy the Olympics, pack everyone and get kids where they need to go ahead of time, and just feel prepared for this baby to come. It's turned into a great week. Oh, and to the parents who gave their kid a toy robot for losing his first tooth, thank you so much. Now my second born thinks she has to make a Christmas list for lost teeth. Well, she woke up this morning to a crisp dollar bill, because our tooth fairy is cheap. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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