Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm Not Crazy! Hooray!

I am checking in for a quick update today!  Normally Tuesdays are my days. My days when I go to the doctor to find out WHAT THE HECK is going on with my body. My day to confirm or be let down that all the work my body did throughout the prior week actually produced some physical results. Except that this week it wasn't a doctor who gave me news about my body, it was a random fellow pregnant mama on a message board.

While lamenting all of the signs of labor I have been experiencing for weeks, a fellow mom chimed in and said, "I've been going through prodromal labor too, and it sucks! Hang in there!"

Say what? What is this "prodromal labor" that you speak of?

So I did what any pregnant mom would do, and I turned to good ole google. And that's exactly me. That is ME. That is not just me this time, but me every single time I've ever had a baby, and no one ever told me it had a name.

Basically, prodromal labor is real labor. It's not "false labor" as many expectant moms will experience. It's real labor that starts and then suddenly stops. It sends you into fits of scrambling for hospital bags and questioning, "Do we call the grandparents now??" And it can go on for days or weeks before baby actually comes. The good news? When baby does come, labor goes really really fast, because the body has been preparing so long for it. The bad news? Uh, it's laboring over and over and over again with the same child. Only you don't get a child at the end. Haha. It means a lot of late nights, confusion, aches and pains.

I wish I could go back in time five babies ago and tell past Adrien that I'm not insane and that what my body goes through has a name. It doesn't make the experience any more enjoyable, but geez what giving a name to something can do for a person. In the past I never knew exactly how to describe what was happening to me, so I recall saying things like "It's like my body needs a jump start to get the baby out!" That jump start has usually come in the form of some light drugs in an induction. I've rarely needed much in my inductions to get things really going. And it explains why the one and only time my body actually followed through and gave me a baby that it happened SO quickly.

Here's a random picture Evie took of me this week unexpectedly and with my eyes closed. It's all I've got, so there you go. :)

Poor past Adrien...haha...I can just remember saying things with my other babies like, "If this were 100 years ago I would be one of those women who just never gave birth to my perfectly healthy baby and DIED." But no. I just get to be one of the lucky few who has a trickster for a uterus. A real joker. It's no wonder that I doubted myself and almost didn't wake Eric up the night that Charlotte was born. :)

Now the question is, "How DO I know when it's the real deal?" Well, last time I barely made it to the hospital, so I think it's just really really hard to time and tell. My prodromal labor (it has a name!) can last for hours. Because it's real labor, it starts dull and it builds, the contractions get closer and closer together, I'm thinking it's just about time for the EXTRA hard contractions to send me off to the hospital, and then...nothing. It just stops. Like someone was blowing up a balloon to it's furthest extreme and then decided to let the air out instead of letting it pop. :)

I'm ready to POP gosh darn it. Just let me pop, haha.

So that's my story. That's my update. I am really really tired right now, which is why there is a lack of blogging happening at the moment. I have literally been in and out of labor for two weeks. But I have so many things I want to start and to share once the baby gets here! I appreciate your prayers as we move through this week. We have open houses and kindergarten orientations in the middle of all of this, so there is hardly a "good time" for the baby to come at this point. Unless that day is say, Friday. Friday would be an awesome day to have this child, because then I wouldn't miss school activities this week, and I would be home by the time we are sending Evie and Grace skipping off to their first day of school next week! Let's shoot for Friday. ;)

Thanks for hanging in there with me, friends!!

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Someonesmomma said...

Maybe you can ask to be induced on Friday at your appointment today?

Hang in there! :)


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