Friday, August 12, 2016

Lincoln Theodore

6:20am - Adrien

Good morning! It's baby day!

There was a beautiful purple and pink and blue sunrise this morning BEFORE I got in the shower, but afterwards I barely caught it. Ah well! Eric and I slept in about 30 minutes later than we planned, so we're scurrying around this morning. I just wanted to do our first check in and let you know that you can keep checking back here today for updates on Lincoln's arrival. 

The blog will switch hands between Eric and me all day, and I'll have absolutely no control over the things my husband says or does, so this could be fun, haha. 

It's a good day!

8:15 a.m. - Eric

Adrien is all set up and ready to go! We are doing check in procedures right now. More updates soon...

9:15am - Adrien

Well, the IV is in and we are on our way. :) My doctor has already been in to visit, and the plan is to wait until I'm just a little more dilated so we can call for the epidural and then they will break my water. Just the way I like it, haha.

So hopefully the "good" contractions kick in soon and I progress quickly. We just checked in the with the kids who are staying with grandparents this weekend. Evelyn lost another tooth in the pool already this morning. Life with five kids will never be dull, that's for sure!

It's so now this is all clockwork for us, so I'm just sort of like "Let's get on with it already." I'm not intimated by labor, I just want to hold my baby! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers - so far, so good!

9:45am - Adrien

Well even I didn't expect things to move THIS quickly. My contractions are moderate but very frequent, so the nurse is arranging for the epidural now. There is one person ahead of me, and then it will be my turn!

Oooh wait...contraction....

Hurts so good. :)

This is feeling very much like Grace's delivery did, where I never really felt super hard contractions. I'll take it, and hopefully things continue to move so smoothly.

11:00am - Eric

Alright, everyone, we're getting to go time.

Adrien just got her epidural and her water is broken. If past is prologue, we should be seeing baby Lincoln within an hour or two!

11:10am - Eric

Adrien wouldn't let me post any of the pictures from the last update. She finally approved this one. Here's your proof that the epidural worked:

1:00pm - Eric

Okay, so I went to get a sandwich but the nI forgot my wallet. Came back up to the room, got my wallet, then the line was super long in the cafeteria. After this whole deal, I get back to the room and we're having a baby!

Room is getting prepped. Next update will be the big arrival!


Lincoln Theodore Robert
Born August 12, 2016, 1:19 p.m.
7 pounds, 4 ounces


Heather said...


Charity Wrenn said...

Congratulations! I didn't even know you were expecting again until I talked to your mama a week or so back. Hope all is well, can't wait to see pictures! God bless you & your growing family �� sending lots of love & prayers

Stefanie said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations!


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