Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meeting Lincoln

The last few days have gone exactly as I hoped they would, sometimes better than expected, and I could not be more thankful for this special time in our family. Our life certainly isn't quiet, but there is peace here. It isn't perfect, but it is blessed. And I am so incredibly grateful for our friends and family who have supported us with encouragement, with their helpfulness, and generosity in bringing meals or watching kids. When you start having as many babies as we do, it's a team effort. :) We have a great team. You are a part of our great team. You make me feel a little more sane when I know that life really is insane and we're just trying really hard to pretend that it's not.

Our family is all back together again,'s not...awful. Haha. It's not quite as crazy as I knew it could be - whew! Maybe because we were ready for it this time. :) It's still mass chaos, but it wasn't shocking. Truly though, it's great having everyone together finally so that we can start moving forward with life as we know it. I think Gracie said it best today. "When we wake up tomorrow, it's going to be different isn't it?" Yep. It will never be quite the same. But oh how Lincoln makes it just a little sweeter around here.

I'm going to try to sit down and write Lincoln's birth story as soon as possible, because it's kind of amazing how quickly the little details can slip away from memory. Until then, we're sharing the video of our memories from meeting Lincoln. Our kids love and treasure these videos, and so do we.

Now I have a new baby to cuddle.
Lots of love, from us. 


shannon feldt said...

Absolutely prescious, so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet the newest member of our family!

Stefanie said...

That's the sweetest video! Such precious memories!


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