Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Apple Fest 2016

There are still moments that Eric and I forget that we have five children. Then something will happen that quickly snaps us back to reality, and we look at each like deer in headlights. One of us, usually Eric, then states the obvious: "We have FIVE kids."

This weekend though, it was my turn. As I gathered outfits together for our first real family outing as a family of seven and laid out five little blue hats along the back of the sofa, I saw the long row of clothes and realized that those five hats fit on five heads. It took my breath away for a second.

They are cute little heads though.

We were venturing out to Eckert's annual Apple Fest to officially kick off a season full of family fun! 

Let us now take a moment of silence to remember that we were supposed to be in Disney World this week. I was supposed to be riding Peter Pan yesterday and walking around the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (aka EPCOT) today. Instead, we had a baby. :) And I think that all worked out pretty well. 

We lessened the sting by trading in Dole Whips for biscuits and apple butter, and riding Dumbo for taking a spin in some revolving apple carnival rides....

It was a beautiful day for playing in the Fun Corral and taking strolls through the country store. But first, we had lunch reservations to make!

Lincoln did great this whole day. In all honesty, we probably could have taken our trip this week after all. Linc would have just slept his little life away. Let's hope he's just as easy a couple of months from now!

Charlotte was enjoying all of the yummy food! Since she's still too little to do most of the activities at Eckerts, this was probably her favorite part of the whole day, haha.

I was amazed by how very not busy it was this day. Maybe it was because it was the very first days of the festival. Maybe because people had other plans for the holiday weekend. All I know is, apple season is a great time to visit compared to the extremely packed pumpkin season! Now is the time to go if you just want to play around the farm for a while. :)

I think Charlotte might resemble her grandpa Greg just a little bit.

The big kids loved all of the rides, and Charlotte loved watching them! She was whooping it up. 

There were train rides and lots of jumping in the bounce houses...soon the afternoon began heating up and we all needed to take a little break from the sunshine! Lincoln continued to sleep away, shaded in his stroller and oblivious to it all. Next year he'll be a more active participant in the fall fun, haha.

We stepped inside the country store for a bit to do a little shopping and "pick" some apples. ;) Certainly you can take a wagon ride out to the orchards to pick your own apples, and maybe next year we will. It was just a little much for us this time with a newborn in tow.

If you happen to eat in the restaurant, don't forget to keep your kid menus. There is a coupon for a free candy stick printed on each one. :)

Inside the country store you can sample each of the varieties of apples that Eckerts grows so that you know which ones you like best! 

Gracie liked Honeycrisp the most, and Evie chose Pixie Crunch! We got some of each to take home with us.

Besides making some new family memories, probably the most important take away from our day was the realization that we could indeed venture out with our crew and survive to tell the tale. We don't have to be hermits in this stage of life, after all. Now my mind is reeling with which places we should try next! There are a lot of logistics we need to work out before we pack up for a 16 hour road trip and spend a week away from home. One step at a time. Maybe we should try out the zoo first, haha.

Are we nuts? Probably. 

Oh, and I do exist. Here I am enjoying a delicious honeycrisp from the comforts of our air conditioned vehicle. 

This is what happens when you forget to take a family photo at the beginning of the trip and completely fail at gathering a bunch of people at the end. (Parenting pro-tip: Never ever wait until the end. Get your family pictures FIRST thing, haha.) We know better than this. :D

If you are local and can make it over to Eckerts for Apple Fest, you totally should! We really enjoyed our day hanging out at one of our favorite spots for fall. We're supposed to have a fairly mild season I hear, so there should be plenty of opportunities to get out with little ones and have some fun during this most festive time of year. And just maybe we'll see some of you around the pumpkin patch! ;)

Happy day!

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Stefanie said...

I love this! Their matching outfits are adorable! And seriously, you make 5 kids look easy!


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