Friday, September 16, 2016

Confession Friday - It's Magical!

It's been a LONG time since we've done a Confession Friday around here. And while I have plenty of things I could actually confess about mommyhood and the craziness of our every day life, we're doing it differently today.

I confess that there are a lot of childhood fantasies a part of my adult soul still wants to believe in. A tiny thread of my being still holds on to these thoughts, and if I woke up tomorrow and somehow found out that they were really true I would be like, "Aha! I knew it!" And I would be completely satisfied with life.

So here they are. Five childhood dreams that I'm only 99.2% certain aren't real.


1. Santa Claus. Okay, let's start with a big one here. I love Santa Claus. It's true. Not really just the big guy himself, but the whole North Pole dream with the village of toy making elves and the stables of flying reindeer, and the magic...365's just way too much fun. I could not care less about the tooth fairy and would be mildly impressed if there really were an April Valley where the Easter Bunny lived, but Santa - he's the man. I was one of those kids who just sort of figured it out on my own and point blank asked my mom one day. Even though my senses told me, "Nope, not real," a part of my heart has always held on to the dream. There's a little ache in my soul that there isn't really a workshop hidden in a frozen tundra. least there are a million movies to keep my dream alive. Is it Christmastime yet? :)

2. I'm only 98% sure that toys do not actually come alive when we're not around.  Before Toy Story came on the scene and convinced kids born in the 90's that this was true, there was Raggedy Ann and Andy, and they're the ones that sealed the deal for me. Right this very second I am feeling really bad for a plastic baby doll that is getting rained on because the girls left her on the back porch. Like, I seriously almost ran out in the pouring rain to save her until I came to my senses. Dolls have feelings too, you know.  I mean they don't. Do they? No, no. Not really. Ugh... how can all these little trinkets we have not come alive when we're sleeping? It just explains so many things in my life!

3. Alternate worlds. There has to be another world somewhere filled with all of the mythical and fairy tale people we've always heard about. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass or Virginia in The 10th Kingdom, I'm pretty sure you travel there by mirror. In fact, I had very vivid dreams of this when I was kid. There was a place I visited frequently via mirrors when I drifted off to sleep at night. I always came through in the same place - a backroom in a quaint village that had stone walls and open windows near the ceiling that I could never reach. (Don't ask me!) I usually got into some sort of trouble in this fairy tale world pretty quickly and woke up in a cold sweat as I tried to run my way back to that room and get home again, haha. Yes, I had a wild imagination when I was kid and apparently that didn't stop in my dreams. But were they just dreams? Dun dun dun....

4. Time Travel. Someone out there must really be doing this and we just don't know about it. Right? I mean, have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect?? Look that up. And don't give me "false memories." Are you trying to tell me that everyone is having the same hallucinations and that somewhere deep in my hippocampus that my brain is just making things up? NO. Time travel. There is no other true explanation. Move over Michael J. Fox.

5. Magic School. I love me some Harry Potter, but once again, he wasn't the first. (The Worst Witch, anyone? You can youtube that one, children of the 80's. You're welcome.) There have been stories of kids being shipped off to magic schools for years and years. There have to be magical people living alongside us while we foolish mortals walk around unawares. I mean...there has to be. And in a nod to Mr. Potter, how else do you explain fog?? Haha, okay, so...I probably believe in this one least of all. I mean, Santa - that could be legit. But still...part of me really hopes I get to go to magic school someday. I just hope that 31 isn't too old....

I have a feeling that when I die and learn about some of the things going on in this world that I had no idea about, I'll be knocked off of my feet by more incredible things than what are on this list. But until that time comes, I'm just going to keep swinging on that last thread of hope that maybe one of these could turn out to be true. ;) Adulthood would just be way too boring without secretly thinking I could be whisked away every time I walk by a random mirror or thinking that the toy sprawled out in the middle of the floor didn't just end up there all by itself. Do you remember "The Borrowers?" Yeah, they are probably real, too. Our borrowers like to steal socks and "borrow" my cell phone. A lot. Actually, I know the borrowers exist...and I'm pretty sure their names are Evelyn, Grace, and Reagan.

To all of my fellow childlike thinkers out there...solidarity friends. We're not weird. We're just...very in-tune with alternate reality. In a world where present reality kind of sucks a lot of the time, what would this place be without us? :D Keep dreaming, friends!


Stefanie said...

I am praying for something magical to happen on one or all of my kids 11tg birthdays so I can live vicariously through them! Ha!

Adrien said...

Ah yes, the magical number 11! Haha, me too! :)


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