Monday, September 19, 2016

Dardenne Prairie Days!

Seasonal allergies threatened to creep in and overtake some of our family members this weekend (probably the ONLY icky thing there is about fall) but we managed to push through and keep them somewhat at bay. We shall overcome! Thanks to drugs and neti pots.

We had some fall festivaling to do.

This weekend was Dardenne Prairie Days in our community, and we decided to get out and acclimate a bit to our new city. While we have an O'Fallon, MO address, we actually live in a smaller town called Dardenne literally, we are on the skirts of it.  Our subdivision is the first thing past the city limit sign. :)

So we made our way down to the city hall park with our crew to cruise around and check out the fun.

Gracie was practically coming out of her skin. She lives for stuff like this, and she spent the entire afternoon ticking off all of the things she was going to do. "...and I want to play games, and get my face painted, and play on the playground...." She was pretty happy to be soaking up the festival atmosphere.

Just don't mind younger brother Reagan, who was a complete mess when trying to take a picture. 

I attempted a second shot, and he sneezed right when I pressed the shutter button. :D

Much like the festival we went to in Columbia last year, there were a lot of vendor booths set up for local businesses, which was actually pretty helpful for us. Eric found a possible new chiropractor, haha! They had little games or activities for the kids to do.

The kids' favorite activity was probably making tic-tac-toe games out of stones and little pouches. It was a cute and clever idea!

As usual, Lincoln stayed in the stroller the entire time and just slept away. Thank you son for making my life just a little bit easier! To my surprise, our big kids breezed right past the row of bounce houses that were set up to beeline for the playground. They have come here a few times with their grandparents already, so they know it well!

It was nice to get out as a whole family on our own! Eric looked at me later and said, "See, we can do this." Haha.

There was all of the traditional food and snacks, balloon animals, and family activities that you expect to see at these kinds of things. Eventually we did have to pry our kids away from the fun. Gracie did not want to leave! But we managed to lure them away with a promised trip to the store and some dinner in the air conditioning. :) Saturday night was a success!

On Sunday we did a little more acclimating as Eric worked for the very first time in the children's department at our new church. We plan to take turns serving until Lincoln is a little bit older and we start leaving him in the nursery. We'll be working with first and second graders every second Sunday of the month! Kids are kids wherever you go, and he said it was just like serving at our old church. I'm glad to finally reach a point where we aren't just attending something but becoming an integral part of it. It's good for the soul.

In the afternoon grandparents came for a visit while Eric and I ran errands. Saturday date nights have somehow evolved into Sunday afternoon outings. :) We came home to grill up some grub, and then last night Eric and I filmed a special video that you might just see here tomorrow. For those of you who check out our more day-in-the-life types of posts like this one, thank you, and here's a preview of what we've been up to. You know it's almost officially fall when....

Stay tuned!

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Stefanie said...

How did I not realize that basically everything comes in pumpkin flavors in the fall?!


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