Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Decor Tour 2016

Happy September!! There was beaming sunshine and a hint of crisp in the air this morning at the bus stop - a perfect way to start the month.

Well, I don't know about ya'll, but the time has come for me. It's all fair game starting today. Pumpkins, leaves, apples and cinnamon, twiggy things, berry things, jewel toned things. I can't wait until after Labor Day, and don't even try holding this gal back until September 22, cause by then it's almost time for Halloween stuff. ;) Our house is making the seasons switch, and today we're sharing some of the color we've put out so far to welcome autumn. It is so great to finally have a home of our own to decorate!

Let's start in the living room.

Our fall mantle theme this year is shimmering browns and burnt oranges. I picked up a few new things for our new space, but many of the items I used we've had in the past. I'm loving giving some of our old decor new life!

Glitter pumpkins, copper lantern - Jo-Ann's
Candle- Halloween Night by Party Lite

Fall signs - Dollar Tree
Pillar holder - Home Goods
Candle - Halloween Night by Party Lite
Chevron Pumpkin - Jo-Ann's

Tealight holders - Party Lite
Wreath - Jo-Ann's

By day the mantle glitters and shines as natural light hits all of the sparkly details, but it really comes alive at night!

Beneath the mantle are a few more seasonal touches....

The only way we will ever be able to have fire in our wood burning fireplace is by candlelight. :) Our kids touch the glass too much! But that doesn't bother me a bit. Less mess!

We've only had our decorations out for a couple of days, but already we've enjoyed an evening of sitting in our living room and basking in the glow of candlelight. On the first day, everyone who walked in the room said, "Mm, it smells like pumpkin in here!" Naturally.

There are also a few touches put out in the dining room.

There is only one new thing displayed on the buffet this year, and that would be some of the flowers in the vase. Everything we owned before looks so much nicer here, haha.

Everything but the vase is by Party Lite

The LED pillars are on a timer, and every night they come to life on their own. Once again, it all looks kicked up a notch when the sun goes down!

Those pillars always photograph so yellow, but they aren't quite so yellowish in real life. In another corner of the dining room there is a small table that serves as a catch-all when we first walk in the door. The leaf tray is now the perfect spot to dump keys, sunglasses, or any other small things.

Another LED pillar, and it's all Party Lite, once again. I collected for quite a while in the hopes that, one day, I would have a place to put it. ;) Eric, you've hated all the boxes all these years, but do you even KNOW how much money I saved you from spending this year alone? Ha!

The entryway got just a dash of fall as well.

I'm not quite finished yet! The dining room table isn't done, I have nothing in the kitchen or anywhere else, and there isn't a thing outside yet, either. Maybe I'll do an updated version just for Halloween time! But for now, I simply couldn't wait. The first of September needed to be celebrated properly. :)

We have several mirrors in our living room, and one of my favorite things is walking by and catching glimpses of everything lit up in the reflections. It looks super cool, and makes for some cool pictures, too.

Okay okay, I think you've seen enough. case you haven't...(haha)'s a short video version of all of the shimmering, dancing decor in action. ;)

We just can't get enough!
Happy September!

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