Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Tastes So Good

Although we've been talking a lot about pumpkins around here lately, there is a whole other class of food that deserves just as much, if not more, of our attention this time of year....

Soups, stews, chilis...yum! I have been craving a good stew, and tonight.is.the.night. Pair it with some crusty, buttery, french bread and take me to heaven!

You know, there is only one thing I do not absolutely love about my crock pot. When you stay at home and have delicious aromatic food constantly enticing you, all you want is to snack all day long, haha. My crock pot is convenient, but it doesn't do a diet any favors. Not that I'm on a diet. I love and embrace all kinds of food. All food matters.

Putting the lid on this one and waiting for Eric to get home. ;)

Good, hearty food is just one of the many reasons why I love this season so darn much. This is the time of the year that is just bursting with family activities, and since we've moved there are no shortage of those to go around.

Every month a thick, glossy magazine is delivered to our home that is full of advertisements for all of the events that are happening down the street. This magazine is both a blessing and a curse to me, because on one hand, I know what's going on...on the other hand, I feel this internal obligation to do ALL OF THE THINGS. I flip through the pages of that periodical doing my very best Jim Carrey in The Mask impersonation. "Somebody stop me!"

Eric is, admittedly, not as into all of these random festivals and things, but he loves me so, and he's an enabler. I mean...he's a good sport. So off we go, trucking it (or is it vanning it?) to the next event. This weekend, it was an art show. :)

Our neighborhood family center, where the kiddos like to go to swim, hosted a festival this weekend where local artists could come out to display and sell their work. Our kids were most interested in the bubbles flying everywhere and....

...the sno-cone mobile. :)

My children are given the freedom to dress themselves most of the time, hence the reason Gracie is wearing her Easter dress in September. I mean...it was stinkin hot that day. :)

We bust out the strollers for the little ones and walk around for as long as we can possibly stand it. That is never long enough for Gracie. If we haven't touched every square inch of the place and if we haven't participated in every single activity there is to do, then we are leaving much, much too soon. And we'll hear about it allll the way to the car.

The big kids know they have to share their treats with Charlotte, but Charlotte doesn't think the big kids are fast enough in sharing their treats...so she just helps her little self. :)

Much to Grace's dismay, we had a hot infant and a very sticky toddler on our hands, and we had to bid the art show adieu soon after this. It's character building, daughter of mine. Being one of five is character building. That's what I say. :)

Vacation could be very interesting this year, which, speaking of...it was fastpass morning today. That glorious day of the year where I wake up extra early to make sure our family can ride things and see things two whole months in advance. That also means...60 days to go until I am at my happy place for a Christmas celebration!! And 59 days until we leave - woot! We embark on Black Friday, which gives me a little bit of inner turmoil considering that is also the day that Gilmore Girls premiers on Netflix. I mean seriously. Disney or Gilmore Girls?? That's a hard one. Guess I'll be waiting until we get back - so nobody spoil it OKAY?? :D

I am also in the middle of birthday party planning, and it's like all of life is converging into one glorious ball of fall...all of the things I've been looking forward to are happening right now and it's just a little bit overwhelming, but...at least I get to slow it down and savor my nice bowl of stew tonight.

Well. Who am I kidding? I'll be waitressing to four children and shoveling it in as fast as I can before number five wakes up and the big kids are asking for more. Eric, do we ever get to eat at the same time anymore? Haha.

I think we're all ready for that vacation. ;) Hope you have a great day today!

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Stefanie said...

I made soup for dinner! Seriously, soups are the unsung heros of the fall and winter. Leanne told me when she tried the potato soup- "this is my favor-rite! Can you make it all the days?!" Who needs to win top chef when your kid compliments you like that?!
And I'm crazy sad you have to choose between Disney and Gilmore girls! I'll have my bottom planted in front of my tv drinking all the coffee!


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