Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Married People

Eight years ago, I walked down the aisle and took this hunk of burnin' love off of the market.

There are a few things I would change about our wedding day if I were given a do-over. This was before the age of pinterest. Before everyone and their brother had access to decent DSLR cameras and could get way better pictures than our photographer did without even trying. :) I had no idea what I was doing, and if it weren't for some amazing family members stepping in and working hard behind the scenes for us, who knows what this day would have ended up like!

But oh, we were happy. So so happy. It was a really good day. And believe it or not, even without perfect pinteresty centerpieces and my dream wedding cake and all the bells and whistles, I look back on this day with nothing but fond memories. 

We packed St. Patricks full to capacity and danced and mingled the night away. After the music stopped and our AMAZING DJ bid adieu for the evening, everyone hung around and just kept talking, haha! All who we bumped into said that they just weren't ready for the night to end. We snuck away while our guests hung out and could not believe that finally, after our years as high school sweethearts and making it all the way through college...seven years later we were married. Whew! We made it. :) 

We've had a great eight years as husband and wife. We've built our family, established a home, and laid a foundation for our future together. We don't know all that the future has for us, but we've done all we set out to do in round one. We've reached all of the first goals we made years ago. Now we are ready for a great round two, and I am so thankful!

This weekend we celebrated another marriage. Enter stage left a new member of our family who you will be seeing around here periodically. Meet Tyler, my sister's husband. :)

My little sister went and got herself hitched. She and Tyler are here visiting for the week, and there was a little open house style get together for them on Sunday.

They came to our house to hang out yesterday, and I'm so glad we got to spend a little extra time with them. Our kids are already excited about their new uncle and were sad to learn that they aren't here for good, haha. I think Eric, who has always given Shannon a hard time about boys, gives his stamp of approval on this one. Because Shannon, I know his stamp of approval is extremely important to you, haha!

Aw. Marine love. :) We had a good time hanging out with them! Come back for some more tacos and your daily dose of crazy any time, guys. And congratulations! We hope God blesses your marriage greatly. 

Oh, and....

It's a framer! ;)

September love is in the air! Of course, our life looks a lot different than it did eight years ago. I'll be lucky if I get a shower and don't have to cook dinner tonight. But in some ways, it's as if we've come full circle. We now live in the same area Eric and I moved to right after we were married. It's like we were always meant to be here. We just had to take a brief intermission to move home for a few years while we had a million babies, haha. 

We drive by our old apartment building every once in a while, and that part of our life feels like forever ago. Setting up our first place together, and being sick sick sick while I was pregnant with Evelyn. Yeeeah...I don't miss that. I will happily tuck those chapters away for posterity. 

We've come a long way, and to my love I say, Happy Anniversary! 

Don't let them keep you late at work tonight. ;)

And to any future wedding planners out there, I gotta say, September is a great month for wedding. Just putting that out there for you. :D

Okay, later dudes!


Heather said...

WHAAAAAT??? Congrats to your sister!

And Happy Anniversary!

Stefanie said...

Oh Pinterest makes me dream about what my wedding could have been all those years ago now too!
Congrats to your sister!
Ps. Come check out my blog at www.toraisethemup.com

Adrien said...

Haha, that's what I said too when I first heard Shannon was *thinking* about getting married! :)

I will check it out, Stef!


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