Friday, September 23, 2016

Pumpkin Taste-Off Kidz Vurshun

Whew, Eric has been in Boston and it took me all week to find the time to edit this thing, but we finally present to you the pumpkin taste-off, Robert kid edition. :)

The kids begged and pleaded to be a part of the original pumpkin taste-off, but I promised them that they could do one themselves...IF they were good and quiet and let mom and dad film our own, haha. So on Monday after school they gathered in the dining room and sampled a modified version of what we tried over the weekend.

This video is mercifully shorter than the first, and comes with it's own set of disclaimers. If spit and fart jokes are not your thing, skip it. Because this one shows our kiddos in all of their goofy glory!

It's never a dull day hanging out with this crew! So after all of the taste testing, there were a few items that have *actually* been eaten in this house. The pumpkin spice milk is long gone - the kids devoured that after school days ago. Grace had a pumpkin pop tart for breakfast this morning. I have been throughly enjoying afternoon spoonfuls of pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, and despite her review of it, I'm pretty sure Gracie has been sneaking pieces of the gum. :)

In other news, I have to document here that our Lincoln is six weeks old today! I can't believe we've reached this milestone already, and I'll be going in for my post-baby check up on Monday. I cannot WAIT to get the all-clear to start strength training with Eric and to get the rest of this baby weight off. (Twenty pounds down, thirty to go!) I'd settle with twenty more...I don't need to be pre-baby weight. Just want to fit into most of my wardrobe again so I don't have to buy all new clothes. :)

He's such a cutie pie. I'll happily spend my days with him, and he's worth the poundage! ;) He has started grabbing onto things, like my HAIR, and he does stay awake for maybe a few more minutes every day. He has beautiful blue eyes still, just like his big brother. Just dreamy! He is such a gift to our family.

I think after this weekend we may be in for a cool down around here, and since it's officially fall now, that makes me very happy! Life is grand! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

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