Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Can't Keep Us Away!

Whew, can't believe it's taken this long to put this post up! So here's the quick update: I've had some health issues over the past couple of weeks that have kind of taken me down mentally and physically. There were some concerns brought up at my six week post-baby check up and some irregularities in my healing from Lincoln. It was possible that I might need a surgery, and that was just not sounding awesome to me at all. Finally yesterday I was able to get back to the doctor for an ultrasound, and we were given the all-clear. Everything is now back to normal, and it turns out it just took my body a little longer to bounce back than usual. But added to that for the past few days was a lovely case of mastitis from breastfeeding, leaving me feverish and achey and sore. Thankfully, that too has passed! So now I'm back to normal and feeling much better today. Hallelujah.

Finally, I can get back to regularly scheduled programming. So here we go!

Between our house and Red Bud there have to be at least a dozen pumpkin patches, but we drove over an hour last weekend to spend some time at one of our favorite fall spots - Pumpkin Blossom Hill. Sundays are a great day to visit, with kettle corn and the pumpkin cannon and face painting. We stayed and did it all!

We've been blessed with some great fall weather weekends. Who can resist getting out and doing something festive for the season? I sort of love that so many of our friends have so many of the exact same memories and pictures of their kids as we do.

Same cat.


Same ball pit.

Same corn maze.

It's like we all went to the same party and showed up at different times. :)

I can't lie. My heart ached just a little bit driving through town and out to the pumpkin patch that Sunday. It's a weird feeling going "home" and feeling more like a visitor than a resident. We've decided that when we can't think of anything better to do on the weekends, we're just going to come back and take walks on our old route, haha. We miss it!

We missed this place!

When you can't get the youngest daughter out of the swing, you take a picture around the youngest daughter.

For the first time in a very long time I heard nothing but "Wasn't this such a great day??" all the way home. It was the face painting. That was totally the clincher. Earned one of Grace's Best Day Ever Awards. She gives out about 20 of those a year. :D So for all of the fun activities surrounding us in our new home, Pumpkin Blossom Hill still takes the prize. It's hard to beat!

Of course we couldn't leave without taking a little bit of Red Bud back with us.

Whoops, wrong pumpkin! ;)

With Red Bud pumpkins, O' Fallon never looked so good. ;)

I am so thankful that places like this exist so that families can make priceless memories together. We've been blogging our fun here almost as long as we've been blogging - since we were just a two kid family. Boy does that feel like eons ago! And I hope it never ends. We'll just keep coming back here until our kids are the ones bringing us...haha.

Now that I am feeling better I have a busy week ahead, and I need to get back to it! Hope you're all enjoying fall as much as we are! Love!

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Stefanie said...

Such sweet memories! Glad you are doing better!


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