Friday, October 28, 2016

Confession Friday: Halloween Edition

It's the last Friday before Halloween, so we're adding a little spooky flair to some of our confessions this week. Do dee do do, do dee do have now entered the confession zone.....

I confess that I was asked this week, "What was your best or most memorable halloween costume from when you were a little kid?" and I could seriously only think of two things I ever was. I distinctly remember the year I was a spider with eight connected legs, and then there was the year my mom dressed me up as a "sleepy person." I wore a nightgown and carried a teddybear. Haha. Really, Ma? Clearly we were out of ideas that year! But I suppose it was memorable. :)

I confess I really wanted to dress my kids up in a "theme" this year. Had five Wizard of Oz costumes in carts and ready to go. And then I realized my kids were only agreeing to appease me, and Reagan was only happy because he thought the tin man was a robot, and well... I asked them what they really wanted to be. We're going to be an interesting assortment of characters, but they are only little once!

Plus, I already have a ton of costumes saved up for Charlotte from her big sisters! This year, she's sporting Evie's old peacock costume....

Halloween 2010

I confess that coveted chocolate bars are not my favorite candy to find in a treat bag. I'm a fruity girl. Give me all the skittles, starbursts, and airheads!

I confess that in high school I dressed up as a haunted prom queen and walked around with a friend one halloween, only to be called some very inappropriate names all night long by fellow high school boys. I'd call them out, but I don't agree with public shaming...and some people I know are now married to those little turds. :D

I confess that kid halloween movies are as scary as it gets for this gal, and I can never pass up a good Roseanne halloween special.

I confess that the scariest/creepiest moment of my life was when I came home from cheering at a basketball game one night, and no one was home for some odd reason. A storm had just started rolling in, and the phone rang. I picked it up, and a breathy man's voice on the other end was speaking some sort of eerie nonsense just as thunder clapped and the power cut out. I did NOT stick around to find out what was going to happen next. I dropped the phone, high-tailed it to the neighbor's house, and left our front door wide open! Haha. My parents came home and thought I had lost my mind. I could have been KILLED okay??

I confess that I don't believe in ghosts, as in - great great grandpa didn't stick around to clank around that old house or something. But what I do believe in is probably scarier anyway, so I still don't mess with that junk. :) No Ouija boards for me!

I confess that I absolutely do still run up the basement stairs at night. I mean...nothing is there, right? So why do I FEEL someone on my heels every time??

I confess that, while I don't believe in ghosts, I still hold to this day that something was not right with one of the houses I grew up in. I know other people who have lived in the same house, and they concur. Something really icky must have happened there at one point....

And thanks to Google Maps, I can show it to you!

Looked a little different then. :)

P.S. To all of my Red Bud friends...if you drive by that FS building at night, you will see cast on it's side the shadow of Frankenstein kissing his bride. Really, use your imagination and do it!

I confess that haunted trails literally make me sick to my stomach. No. Thank. You.

I confess that I will never understand why some people enjoy feeling scared. Have fun with that! :)

I confess that watching one too many Dateline specials will leave a person convinced that they are being stalked and/or watched through the windows at all times. That person will begin living a slightly paranoid life, and they will seriously consider just who would sit down for a television interview on their behalf should they mysteriously go missing one day. Don't ask me how I know these things.

I confess that when Eric is gone and the kids get scared of something they heard or saw, I bolster their courage with reassurances and sing them a rousing round of Veggie Tale's "God is Bigger Than the Boogey Man." And then I spend the rest of the night slightly freaked out myself. Thanks, kids.

I confess that when my children ask where all of their candy went this year, I will probably say I have no idea. Was it the switch witch? Is it in landfill land? Maybe in my belly? The world may never know....

I'm sure we'll do a little check in on Monday, but for those of you attending Halloween events this weekend, I hope you have a great time! Stay safe and make some memories. :) We get Eric back late tonight. Thanks to our friend Brianne, I have a few videos of him on the stage from this morning. Great job, Eric! Gracie is like, your biggest fan. :D Alright guys and ghouls, happy weekend!


Heather said...

I am SO seriously excited to go through Kinley's Halloween candy this year. Her first year she was too small, and last year she was with her this year is going to be show down as to who gets the most candy...her sweet tooth is just as bad as mine!

Adrien said...

Gracie is my candy monster! She'd eat it all in one sitting! So...if I take some for myself it's really with her health and well-being in mind. :D


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